Party Making

Party Roles

Life Recovery
Importance: High
Jobs: Healer, Princess

Jobs that can heal other party members' LF are going to need to do this.
Knights can use Cure and Cure II, but their MN is too low for them to be able to keep healing unless they have some way of recovering it. The two jobs that can, ironically, are the Healer and the Princess.
Healing items are rather expensive in this game, Palo Fruit excepting, and it's all but impossible for most parties to go though the game without taking a good chunk of damage.
From mid-game, you'll probably need at least one person who can heal your party.

Mana Recovery
Importance: High
Jobs: Healer, Princess

There aren't many ways to recover MN in the game, and the items that recover MN are even more expensive than ones that recover LF.
If you've got a Mage or a Knight, you'll find that they need to blow through MN to do most of the things they can offer your party. If you've got either of those two, you'll want someone who can recover MN from the beginning of the game until the end of the game.
The Healer can recover MN for the party, but he recovers his own MN slower than he can recover it for his allies. You might be able to have your Healer recover your party's MN while another party member (like a Knight) recovers LF.

Status Recovery
Importance: Medium
Jobs: Healer, Princess

The Princess and Fighter can overwrite some status ailments, but this won't take care of all of them.
Some status ailments are really nasty to get hit with, like Confusion and Charm. If any of those two get on a physical attacker, then you risk a Game Over if you don't take care of it immediately. Both the Healer and the Princess can recover this, and the Fighter can prevent it from happening to himself.
Petrification and Skill Seal are two other nasty status ailments to watch out for.
Status recovery items can be expensive like anything else, and if you're not watching it and use them with reckless abandon, you might drain your wallet to the point that you might not be able to buy decent equipment.
If you have someone who can recover status ailments, this will reduce the need to blow away random encounters for their items, and can save you some round trips from the dungeon to the inn.
However, if your status recoverer gets hit with the wrong status ailment, he won't be able to help you. You'll still need some status recovery items, just not as many.

Importance: Medium
Jobs: Healer

Resurrection items are very valuable and very expensive. You can make do with them, but you might not be able to stock up on many of them.
Having someone around that can get your allies back up after they've been knocked down will reduce the risk of getting a Game Over by quite a bit. You won't have to run back to the inn to do that, either.
You'll breath a sigh of relief when fighting against enemies with instant death attacks, too.
If your Healer reaches 0 LF, he obviously won't be able to resurrect anyone. You'll need a few resurrection items to combat this.

Defensive Support
Importance: Medium to High
Jobs: Knight

Depending on your party, you might need to find some way to reduce the damage you take.
If your party is filled with members with low DEF, then putting a Knight in your party might be a good idea.

Full Party Attack
Importance: Medium
Jobs: Fighter, Mage, Knight (depending on circumstances)

You'll run into random encounters with 3 or more enemies, and by damaging them all at once, you can take them out faster.
The faster you take them out, the less damage they'll do to you.

Field Support
Importance: High
Jobs: Knight, Samurai, Mage, Healer

You can reduce the number of random encounters you face with the Samurai's Demonic Countenance or the Healer's Invisibility.
The damage you take from stepping on Flowers can be reduced and nullified by the Knight's Walk Safe.
Instantly exiting out of dungeons and instantly traveling to portals can be done with the Mage's Exit and Portal Jump. Items can do this, too, and they're not expensive.
You can get through the game without these, but for convenience you might want some of these jobs in your party for these skills.

Party Combinations

Team Standard

  • Fighter: Attack Kill, Element Follower, Meat Eater
  • Knight: Guardian, Walk Safe
  • Mage: Mana Bullet, Mage's Concentrate
  • Healer: Craft Mana, Invisibility

This party is mentioned in the manual as a party aimed towards beginners.
The Fighter deals physical damage, the Mage deals magical damage. The Knight is there to protect your allies, and the Healer recovers LF and MN. It's a very balanced party, and can go through the game without much trouble.
You'll want Craft Mana as soon as you can to help the Mage continue to blast away enemies with spells.
The Knight can pick up other Guard skills like Defensive Shift to help out the weak Healer and Mage.
Regular attacks will usually be up to the Fighter only, however. You can use Craft Mana to get your Mage some MN and have him take all your enemies out with one spell.
Invisibility will help you explore dungeons without many random encounters to take up your time.

Team Angelica Cage

  • Fighter: Element Follower
  • Samurai: Zamba Switch, Rai-Rai
  • Mage: Elemental spells
  • Princess: Scorching Rhyme, Angelica Cage

You won't have Walk Safe, but you'll have a Princess that can heal and use Scorching Rhyme to increase the ATK of your Samurai and Fighter.
This party makes bosses cry. The damage combo you'll use is:
Scorching Rhyme (Princess) + Zamba Switch (Samurai) + Mage's Concentrate (Mage) + Defensive Switch (Fighter) ->
Angelica Cage (Princess) + Rai-Rai (Samurai) + Elemental spell (Mage) + Element Follower (Fighter), repeat the attacks for three turns

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