Sub Events

The steps do not occur all at once, you must sleep to be able to see/do the next step. Though this does not apply to every step, so if the next step does not happen that means you must let a day pass (by sleeping).

Name Region Beginning Condition Reward Description
Rival Guild (ライバルギルド) Kazan After Dead Black Supression, Hear a story about the sword of kings from Elan (エラン) Balmunk (バルムンク) 1. In Rolakka Forest (ロラッカ森林), listen to the conversation about the sword of kings from Elan. 2. Go to Rolakka Forest (ロラッカ森林), an event occurs. 3. Speak to Elan again, she will talk more about the sword of kings (it becomes painful to talk about?) 4. Around the east area of Kazan, Genbu (ゲンブ) and Yuuri (ユーリィ) are seen. Approach them to see an event. 5. Speak with Elan again, hear more about the sword of kings (it is difficult to talk about?) 6. Speak to Elan again, there are reports of the sword of kings in フェイドナ小洞. 7. Enter フェイドナ小洞, an event occurs. Engage in battle with フェイドナティラノ. 8. Once the battle is over, speak with Elan to hear the status of Yuuri. Nestor (ネストル) returns to Kazan. 9. Around the east area of Kazan, Nestor and Genbu are seen, approach them to see an event. 10. Speak with Elan who talks about Nestor and his(?) emotions. 11. Go into the Guild Office/Building to see an event. >Sub-event cleared< 12. Once again speak with Elan to obtain Balmunk (バルムンク). -Step 4 occurs once Flame Eater (フレイムイーター) is defeated. Step 11 occurs once 人類戦士タケハヤ is defeated.-
Miross' Queen (ミロスの女王) Miross After Dead Black Supression, Talk to Emerada (エメラダ) Aigis (アイギス), Caliburn (キャリバーン) 1. After defeating the Deadblack(デッドブラック), Emerada (エメラダ) will ask you if she can ask a question, say yes (「はい」). This will happen twice. 2. Emerada says that she wants to see the lower town, but since she can’t you can go and see it for her. Go to the west maze garden and see the events with the knight Motemote (モテモテ騎士), and the twin brothers (双子の兄弟) in the house next to the item store [or the event in the barracks at the top left of town]. After viewing both, return to the castle and speak to Emerada. 3. Emerada wants to hide in your party so that she can explore the lower town with you. Say yes (「はい」). She uses one of your girl characters to sneak off, so you have to have a girl in your party to activate this step. 4. See the event with the man whole lent money and the man who borrowed money (金を貸した男・金を借りた男) [the two guys standing together between the two stores] and the second event with the twin brothers (双子の兄弟), then return Emerada to the castle. 5. Rest at an inn, then talk to Emerada again and she’ll want to go have another look around. Take her to the town entrance and see the event with Voulg (ヴォルグ). 6.Go to the top garden in the castle and talk to Voulg (ヴォルグ). Report back to Emerada, and say yes. Be careful, as saying no will end the sub-quest here. 7.After beating World Pact (「世界協定」) go back to the castle and talk to Griff. He‘ll give you the quest “Lost Knighthood” (「迷える騎士道」) 8.After the appearance of Haze (ヘイズ), speak to Emerada. 9.After defeating TAKEHAYA (人類戦士タケハヤ), speak with Emerada – she regrets what she did. 10. After defeating Haze(ヘイズ) speak with Emerada again. She misses Voulg and wants him to return. Go to Fagotto Mansion and talk with Voulg (ヴォルグ). Event complete… almost! 12.Speak with Emerada (エメラダ) again and she’ll give you the Aegis for your troubles. She also explains if you examine the grave in Barolian Great Woods (バロリオン大森林) three times from the right, and twice from the left you can find the Caliburn (キャリバーン).
Sleeping Lion (眠れる獅子) Aizen Enter the house in the Top left area of Saimon (サイモン) Skanda’s Overcoat (韋駄天の外套) 1. Go into the upper left house in Saimon and see the event . 2.speak with Shion (シオン, blue hair, glasses, pink coat), he asks you to clear Gouga Bamboo forest just to the left of Saimon (ゴウガ竹林) of Frowaro. 3. After clearing Gouga Bamboo Forest of Frowaro, speak with Shion and he will go to the Resistance Headquarters in Aizen. 4. Go to the Resistance Headquarters in Aizen (the lower left house in the poverty quarter) and speak with Shion. 5. After defeating the Deadblack (デッドブラック) return to Aizen and go to the king’s chambers where you will see an event. King Sougen wants to suppress the resistance, but Rikken (リッケン, grey hair, purple and gold coat) doesn’t think that’s the way to go about this. 5. After clearing the World Pact Mission (世界協定), speak with Rikken (take the first right turn after entering the palace and go up the stairs past the guard). He’s convinced that this can be resolved peacefully. 6. Return to Shion in the resistance head quarters and tell him the news. Shion asks your clan to act as a mediator between him and Rikken. He gives you a letter (シオンの手紙) which you will then bring to Rikken. Shion will then say that he’s heading back to Saimon 7. Go give the letter to Rikken, but his room is empty! Speak with the guard outside his room who tells you that he’s gone off to the Todowa Mountains (トドワ山岳), specifically the top of Todowa where you fought the boss, so go there and see an event. Rikken just wants what’s best for Aizhen, and he thinks that Shion might have good ideas. He says that he will go meet Shion in Saimon. 8. Let’s go to Saimon and let Shion know. In our ongoing role as mediators, Shion asks you to observe the meeting. Then there’s noise from outside… Resistance members are attacking Rikken! You run outside to find Rikken beating them up. Shion apologises and offers his life, at which point Rikken explains that he’s still young and it would be better if he continued living and serving the country. Rikken then leaves. After he leaves, Shion proudly declares “Now there’s a king!” 9. Speak with Shion. He’s polishing up his plan for Aizhen, and just needs a little more time. 10. After defeating Flame Eater, speak to Shion again. He wants you to take him to Aizhen , select yes and you will warp there. Shion explains his grand vision: for Rikken to rule! Rikken shrugs it off, but Shion insists he’s serious. Rikken insists he’s not qualified, and Shion leaves, to think up a new plan… kind of. 11. Shion is sulking outside the castle gates. Speak with him. He gives you the quest “The Legacy of The Aizhen Royals” (アイゼン王家の遺産) to complete. If all that’s standing between Rikken and ruling is the qualifications… One of Shion’s ancestors was an aide to the first Emperor of Aizhen and he left something behind which may help us! Let’s go look for it in Todowa. 12. Return to Aizhen and speak to Shion. His ancestor left behind a broken pickaxe? He’s not too sure about this, but Aizhen’s crest does have a pickaxe… He asks you to claim the quest at the office, then go with him to see Rikken. 13. After claiming the quest, talk to Shion again in front of the castle. You go to see Rikken and Shion shows him the pickaxe. He explains that it is his (Shion’s) qualifications, the pickaxe which built Aizhen. Rikken says he understands, thanks your guild for all the help, and gets everyone an audience with the king. Rikken tears into Sougen, how can he call himself a king if he does nothing for the people? He shows him the pickaxe, but Sougen doesn’t understand. Rikken says that Sougen can punish him all he wants, but that’s how it is. Shion jumps in to try and defend Rikken, but Rikken tells him off. Shion finally stands up for himself to RIkken saying he’s not a child and Rikken can’t stop him dying for his country. Sougen realises what he’s done and the three of them are going to work on fixing Aizhen. Sub event complete! 14. Return to the resistance head quarters and Shion will give you Skanda’s Overcoat (韋駄天の外套) for being such a big help.
People of Rushe (ルシェの民) Nebanplace Once Heizu(ヘイズ) appears, speak with Bernard (in Melright) Ukonvasara (ユコンヴァサラ), King Fortress (キングフォートレス) 1 After Heizu appears complete the quest "Heading Towards Armour’s Completion" (鎧完成に向けて). 2 Return to Melright and observe a pushing competition between Bernard and Jekke. 3 Later return to find Bernard flashback to a conversation with Gaion. 4 After defeating Takehaya talk to Bernard to get another Gaion flashback.
Holy Sword (剣聖) Military Village Hyrein (武村ハイレイン) Speak to Zesu (ゼス) Hoshime (星眼) 1. Talk to Zesu(ゼス), he'll tell you to go into the Ice Cave on the same region. Enter collect the 4 Jades and place them on the stands to fight Magical Sword Oudeil (魔剣オウディル). The day ball[Eye] (日) goes on the north west pillar, the melon?[Claw] (瓜) ball goes on the south west pillar, the tail (尾) ball goes on the south east pillar, and the last ball[Wing] goes on the top east pillar. After defeating the boss talk to Zesu again. 2 Talk to Zesu later and get more dialogue (screen pans down to entrance of village). 3. After you defeat TAKEHAYA(人類戦士タケハヤ), talk to Zesu (ゼス) again for another scene (Doris is involved). 4. After defeating Emperor Dragon Haze (ヘイズ) talk to the man in front of Zesu's house. Return to where you fought Oudeil and you'll get the Hoshime (星眼)
Hypnos (ヒュプノス) Pleroma, Masukami Heritage Place (マスカミ遺地) After defeating Heizu(ヘイズ), speak with Emelle (エメル) Caduceus (カドゥケウス) 1 After defeating Haze (ヘイズ) go to the jail in Pleroma (プレロマ) and speak to Emelle (エメル). Go to Masukami (マスカミ遺地) and give her message to Aitelle (アイテル). 2 After telling Aitelle (アイテル), she asks you to get rid of the magical beast in Shiba Forest (シバの森), and gives you the map. 3You can find a map here. It’s kind of confusing, but your goal is to disable two orbs in screens 4 and 6. Use the map to navigate to screen 4, then chose the upper left, lower right, lower right, lower right, upper left, middle, then up orbs. This one will be disabled, so use the orb below to to get back to the main screen. Go to screen 5 then pick the orb to the lower right, down, the one you appear next to, and then the one to the left. This will take you to screen 6 where you navigate around to the orb marked “d” on the map this will disable the second orb, and you can now go to screen 7 and defeat The Space Creature Ruzella (宇宙生物ルゼラ). 4 After you win, go back and talk to Aitelle, and the sub-event is clear. 5 If you return to Masukami (マスカミ遺地) and talk to Aitelle (アイテル) again, she will present you with the Caduceus (カドゥケウス).
New Start for Arietta (アリエッタの新しい始まり) Nigirio Inn Upon entering Nigirio inn ? A dog will run around the inn. 1 Walk around through the trees to the north west. You will find a person unconscious. Choose "yes" to help said person. Back in the inn the person will be conscious. 2 Spend the night and talk to said person. Person will not give name or talk. 3 Later (possibly after defeating Invisible) person will now talk to you and name is Arietta. 4 After completing Flame Suppression Mission (in Volcano) go upstairs in the inn to rescue Arietta again. When you attempt to leave Arietta will stop party. 5 Way later (after Haze appears, may require defeat of Oudeil) Arietta will talk to the party again. Choose yes. It's time to escape! 6 Avoid the line of sight of the pool boys. They can only see three spaces. There are three nice people to talk to who will give you swag while escaping. The guy looking south at the pool, the catgirl looking north in the forest, and the guy looking south as you exit the forest. 7 Arietta is now in your house back in Kazan. Talk to her to get a dragon egg. 8 Talk to her after defeating Takehaya and she will give you a quest (アリエッタの新しい始まり). 9 After completing the quest she offers to sell something for 100G.
Spire and Ren (?) Fagatto Mansion/Korlia Inn Talk to Fagatto. ? 1 Complete the three quests offered by Fagatto: A Dangerous Meeting (危険なお迎え), The Secret of the Ancient Ruins (古代遺跡の秘密), and Something Sleeps within the Ruins (遺跡の奥に眠るのは). 2 Way later talk to Ren at the Korlia Inn and she will give you an item. 3 Go back to Fagotto Mansion and talk to Spire. He'll run off. 4 Return to Korlia Inn and observe conversation between Spire and Ren. 5 Come back later and Ren will be in bed by Spire. Spire will give you the quest Girl of Ice and Snow (氷雪の少女) to complete. 6 After quest completion talk to Ren again. She gives you the highest gathering skill.
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