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Quests not in order of unlocking!

Town names, so I don't have to put them in every "location" field: Kazan (カザン), Miross (ミロス), Aizen (アイゼン), Aizen Noble Quarters (アイゼン貴族街), Pleroma (プレロマ), Nevanplace (ネバンプレス), Marlleaire (マレアイア), Saimon (サイモン), Zeza (ゼザ)

Prologue Quests

Note: The first three quests are mandatory in order to unlock the first mission, but all the other ones must be done before completing the mission "President's Request"! Afterwards, they disappear!

Name Location Beginning Condition Reward Description
The Guild Begins! (ギルド始めました!) Kazan Speak with Novice Rita (駆け出しのリタ) Paro Medicine, Map-Making Skill Speak with the client after the quest is accepted, and look for two members outside of town. Beginner Emily (初心者のエミリ) is in a red forest to the southeast of town. In the Rolakka Mountains (ロラッカ山洞) north of town, you can find Amateur Harris (素人のハリス). Go back to Rita and get your reward!
A Prayer for a Traveller (旅立つ者に祈りを) Kazan Speak with the girl who is thinking of her older brother (兄想いの少女). In the row houses, hers is the westernmost of the 3 row houses. 8g, Traveler's Charm Collect 3 nuts from Masked Nut (マスクナッツ) enemies and bring them back.
The Courier Guild Rides Again Today (運び屋ギルドは今日も行く) Kazan Speak with the courier geezer (運び屋オヤジ). 300g, Speedy Travel skill Speak with the Courier Geezer. He gives you luggage, which you're supposed to bring to the knight Motemote (モテモテ) in Miross (ミロス), the castle town. Go back and talk to Courier Geezer to finish the quest.
Who's Dunnit!? (犯人は誰だ!?) Kazan Speak with the drunk guy in the bar after completing the mission "Shadow that Lies in the Cave". Always 100g. Item different depending on who you choose: Fire Glyph (sleeping guy 居眠り客), Freeze Glyph (patron 常連客), Stonal (Kariyu カリユ), Survival Belt (man in couple カップル男), Sapphio (woman in couple カップル女), Heal Aerosol (Bartender マスター), Shock Glyph (Timid Man 気弱な旅人) Solve the mystery! The prize changes depending on who you pick. Survival Belt is arguably the best choice at this point in the game, giving +10 Life and +10 Mana.
What a Fortune Teller Needs (占い師に必要なもの) Miross Fortune-Teller Fon (占い師フォン) Mana Water The client is asking you to find the "Crystal of the Moon". Talk to the guy in the curio store several times, then go to the storehouse. If you go in the back door of the storehouse, you can find "Crystal of the Moon?" You can end the quest now by giving it to the fortune teller, but the "Crystal of the Moon?" will be removed from your inventory. Alternatively, go speak to the knight around the opposite side of the quest office. Then speak to the boy in front of the building the knight was in. Go to the private house on the opposite side of the fortune teller's building and talk to the mother of the twins. Then go back to the fortune-teller, and you're done! The "Crystal of the Moon?" will remain in your inventory. (The fake Crystal of the Moon may or may not have a use later in the story, so go ahead and take it.)
'Round and 'Round for the Gardener's Scissors (巡り巡って庭師の鋏) Miross Speak with the gardener in the Maze Garden after completing the "Shadow that Lies in the Cave" mission. 300g The man gives you a watering can. Speak with the flower-loving girl (お花好きの少女) to the southwest and she'll give you a flower seed. Speak to Traveler Rushe (ルシェ) on the second floor of the inn and he'll give you a herb. In the building opposite the inn is a woman studying cooking (料理研究家の女性). She'll give you a cookie. The knight's apprentice inside the building opposite the quest office will give you the garden scissors for the cookie. Take it back and you're done!
The Phantom Flower, Blooming in a Meadow (草原に咲く幻の花) Miross Speak to the girl by the southeast flower bed after completing "Shadow that Lies in the Cave". Dagger (Info can be bought from the merchant on the second floor of the inn for 100g, but it's not necessary if you're using this wiki!) Leave Miross and head down the road to the southwest. At the first signboard, stand on the south side of the board and proceed 20 paces south. Your starting point is pace 1. When you get 20 paces, press the use button twice (A A) and choose whether you pick up the flower or not. If you pick up the flower you will fight 2 groups of 5 enemies then you will be prompted a second time to pick the flower. If you choose to pick the flower a second time, you will receive the flower.

Post-Prologue Quests

Quests that Expire

Name Location Beginning Condition Reward Description Required to Clear
Empress of Grief (嘆きの皇妃) Secret chamber in the Emperor of Aizen's room. Speak with the third empress. True Orb (真球) First, speak with the third empress in the secret room (to left of throne room). Then, go speak with the gourmet Jijii's (美食家ジジイ) personal chef. He is in the North Eastern House in the Aizen Noble District. Bring 4x Gutsy Bird's Foot (鳥の肢) (Dropped by Dodos ドードー), 6x Frog Skin (カエルの皮) (Dropped by Jumpers ジャンパー), and 3x Mushroom Tips (キノコの石突き) (Dropped by Mush マッシュ) to the old lady (肝っ玉かあちゃん) in Saimon village (standing outside northern house). Bring "Mommy's Home Cooking" (かあちゃんの手料理) to the Emperor, Sougen (ソウゲン). Then speak with the third empress again. Then talk to the mother who lost her child (子を失った母親). She's in the Easternmost house in the Poverty district. After the mission "Dead Black Suppression", this quest is terminated, so be careful! True Orb is one of the two special items you can place on the pedestal in Hyoron Holy Water Cave (ヒヨロン神泉洞) to weaken Dead Black (デッドブラック), with the other one being Large Glass Jade (大きなグラス玉). Dead Black can be defeated without placing either items on the pedestal. You can sell the Large Glass Jade and/or the True Orb to the wandering merchant on the second floor of Miross inn for 3000g after the mission is over. None

Quests that Don't Expire

Name Location Beginning Condition Reward Description Required to Clear
Collect Fireball Cores! (火球の核を集めて!) Kazan Speak with the Eloquent Fencer (さわやか剣士) after recapturing Kazan. 500g Bring him three Fireball Cores (火球の核). Wisps (ウィスプ) drop them. Oddly enough, I never seemed to find any Cores when the quest was active (fought over 30!). I cancelled it and later fought them again to find plenty. -_-' Perhaps just extreme unluckiness on my part. Who knows? None
Collect Showy Wings! (派手な羽を集めて!) Kazan Speak with the man who is often in town (町によくいる男) after clearing the mission Dead Black Suppression. Kids' Meal (お子様ランチ) Bring him 5x Showy Wings (派手な羽), which are dropped by Mandrafans. (マンダラファン) None
Funeral Sake and Toast (弔い酒と祝い酒) Kazan Speak with the bartender (マスター) after recapturing Kazan. 500g, Fighter EX skills "Hex Spike" and "Tidal Wave". Bring him a bear paw (クマの手) (Dropped by Bugbears バグベア) and three fish eyes (魚の目) (Dropped by Jaxie ジャクシ). You can only fight Jaxies in the south sea. South Sea Navigation skill required.
Letter from Big Brother (兄からの手紙) Kazan Speak with the girl who is thinking of her older brother (兄思いの少女) after completing the mission "Dead Black Suppression". 13g Lucky's is in the Gofa Desert (ゴファ砂漠). If you go there and kill three Antlions (アントリオン), a Mantlion (マントリオン) will appear. Kill it. You'll get a Memento Charm. Go back to the girl, and you're done. *This quest is related to the quest "Amnesiac Man (記憶がない男)". If you want the good ending to it, do this quest first. When the choice comes up, read her letter (少女の手紙を読む), and tell the truth (少女に真実を話す). None
Yearning Huntman (憧れのハントマン) Kazan Speak with Pursuing Penne (追いかけてくるペンネ) after completing the mission "Dead Black Suppression". 500g, Danger Sense skill. Bring three Flowaro Seeds (フロワロシード) to Penne. Flowaro Seeds drop rarely when you trample a Flowaro. Flowaro Seeds are also dropped by many of the dragons. None
Love Hunter's Challenge (ラブハンターの挑戦) Kazan After clearing "Collect Showy Wings", speak with the man who is often in town (町によくいる男). Then Hanoi (ハノイ) will appear. Speak with him. 100g Collect 10 Lovely Flowers (可憐な花) and bring them to the client. You can harvest Lovely Flowers in Barolian Woods (パロリオン大森林). None
Love Hunter's Challenge, ~Second Try~ (ラブハンターの挑戦~再び~) Miross After clearing "Love Hunter's Challenge", speak with the flower-loving girl (花好きの少女) in Miros. Go near the entrance and Hanoi will appear. Speak with him. 500g Step on Flowaro until the prices in Miros become less than 119%. None
Love Hunter's Challenge, ~Evolution~ (ラブハンターの挑戦~進化~) Aizen Noble Quarter After clearing "Love Hunter's Challenge, ~Second Try~", speak with Hanoi in Aizen. 700g Collect one Precious Scarf (貴重な襟巻き) (Dropped by Laughing Shadows ワライトカゲ) and bring it to him. None
Love Hunter's Challenge, ~Relapse~ ( ラブハンターの挑戦~再発~) Pleroma After clearing "Love Hunter's Challenge, ~Evolution~", speak with Hanoi in Pleroma. 500g After taking the quest, go talk to Hanoi in the Rolakka Mountain Cave (ロラッカ山洞). Going in from the Miross side is fine. You can't use the shortcut, but using the bamboo flute to do away with encounters is fine. None
Love Hunter's Challenge, ~Advent~ (ラブハンターの挑戦~降臨~) Nevanplace After clearing "Love Hunter's Challenge, ~Relapse~", speak to Hanoi in Nebanplace. Griddle Rod After accepting the quest, talk to Hanoi again. Then go to Kazan and talk to Kariyu (カリユ) in the bar. When you've exterminated the dragon in Miracle Forest (ミレクーラ森林) and crushed the Flowaro, talk to Hanoi again. None
True Love Hunter's Challenge (真・ラブハンターの挑戦) Marlleaire After clearing "Love Hunter's Challenge, ~Advent~", talk to Hanoi in Marlleaire (after exterminating Dreadnought) 5000g After accepting the quest, talk with Hanoi again. Bring him a water bell (水のベール), brilliant wing (鮮やかなりんぷん), and a small jewel (小さな宝玉). None
Seek It Out! The Shortcut Search Squad (探せ! 抜け道調査隊) Miross Speak with the Investigation Corps Girl (調査隊の女性) after recapturing Kazan. 300g Talk to the client after accepting the quest, before going to Rolakka Forest (you can't find the shortcut if you haven't!). In Rolakka Forest(ロラッカ森林), go to the southwest area. A message should appear, "There is a breeze coming from somewhere…", check the southwest corner of that area and take the path back to the entrance. Note: If you ever get this message in dungeons, that means there is a shortcut nearby. None
Ultimate Choice? (究極の選択?) Miross Talk with the Shady Merchant (闇の商人) 100g, cat or dog or cow Bring either three sharp claws (するどい爪) (Dropped by Nighthawks ナイトホーク) or three sharp tusks (するどい牙) (Dropped by Blue Wolves ブルーウルフ) to the client on the right side of the castle courtyard. You're given a choice. If you pick cat group (猫派), you have to bring claws. If you pick dog group (犬派), you have to bring tusks. In the Kazan Guild Home, a cat or dog will appear. If you say "no" (いいえ) to both cat and dog groups, he'll ask you another question. If you say "yes" (はい) to this, you have to bring both claws and tusks, and he'll give you a cow. It's unknown whether any of them have a use. None
The First Step to Becoming a First-Class Chef! (一流料理人への第一歩) Miross Speak to the girl studying cooking (料理研究家の女性). 100g, can cook at home Bring the home cooking researcher's pupil an elegant jelly (つややかゼリー) (dropped by ice slimes アイススライム), an elastic tentacle (伸縮する触手) (dropped by ropers ローパー), and a precious horn (貴重な角) (dropped by rhinos ライノ). Although the quest is started by talking to the lady in the south west Miross house, to complete the quest you need to talk to the chef in the south east Kazan house. The chef will give you a Furowaro seed. You can now cook in the south east Kazan house. None
Collect a Big Acorn! (大きなどんぐりを集めて!) Miross Speak with the Growing Boy (ませた少年) after completing Dead Black Suppression. Mind Guard, Plant Investigation (skill) Bring him a big acorn (大きなどんぐり). Dropped by Donguri (ドングリ).
Find "That Item"! (「あの商品」を求めて) Miross Speak with the Apprentice Knight (見習い騎士). Heater Shield (ヒーターシールド) When you have the skill "backroom deal", if you go in an out of Gororan's (ゴロラン) house many times, eventually a black market merchant will appear across from it. You can buy "that item" from him for 5000g, and then bring it back to the client. Then, using Backroom Deal, go to the Nigiris (ニギリス) inn and buy something from the Evaluating Noble (品定めする貴族) for 6000g. In order to get north-sea navigation, which is required to get to Nigiris, you need 5000g. Therefore, this quest costs 16000g to complete. Be careful not to get in over your wallet. Backroom Deal (裏取引), North Sea Navigation (北海操舵)
Collect Fairy Wings! (妖精の羽を集めて!) Miross Speak with Jura (ジュラ) (The maid on the second floor of the castle) 3000g Collect 6x Fairy Wings (妖精の羽) and bring them to Jura. None.
Where's That Letter? (その手紙の行方は) Saimon Speak with the Composing Young Man (つづる青年). Hunter's Charm He asks you to find his letter. It's in the tree on the lower right. None
Listen t'my Story! (俺の話をきいてくれ) Aizen Poverty Quarter Speak with the long-winded man (長話のおじさん) 100g, Selling Negotiation (skill) Just…talk to him. None
The World's Three Great Delicacies #1 (世界三大珍味を追え1) Aizen Noble Quarter Speak with Gourmet Jijii (美食家ジジイ) 1000g, Aizo Language (skill) He wants some Zenda Bamboo. You can find it on the northwest part of the second screen of Zenda Bamboo Forest (ゼンダ竹林). Once you have the bamboo, bring it back. Careful, you'll have to fight a boss for it. None
The World's Three Great Delicacies #2 (世界三大珍味を追え2) Aizen Noble Quarter Speak with Gourmet Jijii after clearing The World's Three Great Delicacies #1. 1500g He wants some Mormon Cactus. It's in the Yoba Great Slippery Sands (ヨーパー大滑砂), on the same map as Almanos was. None
The World's Three Great Delicacies #3 (世界三大珍味を追え3) Aizen Noble Quarter Speak with Gourmet Jijii after clearing The World's Three Great Delicacies #2. 3000g In the Kishirima Bamboo Forest (キシリバ竹林), in the first interior part, chase the black llama and kill it. Bring the black llama's meat back to Jijii. North Sea Navigation (北海操舵入手後)
Collect Slime Jelly! (スライムゼリーを集めて!) Aizen Poverty Quarter Speak with the hungry man (ハラヘリ男). 300g Bring him six slime jellies (スライムゼリー). They drop off slimes (スライム). None
Collect Long Beards! (長寿の髭を集めて!) Aizen Noble Quarter Speak with the uppity noble (高飛車な貴族) after clearing Dead Black Suppression. Love-print Mail Bring him a long beard (長寿の髭). They drop off summer tortoises (サマートータス). None
Water of Life (命の水) Aizen Noble Quarter Speak with servant Rushe (ルシェ) after clearing Dead Black Suppression. 500g Bring him Water of Life (命の水) from the Hyoron Holy Water Cave (ヒヨロン神泉洞). It's in the same place Dead Black was. None
Crack the code (暗号を解読せよ!) Pleroma speak with the resigned scholar 2000g

He is on the fourth floor in the western tower.

Then travel or warp to the portal in desert, speak to the npc north west of the tree.

Next step is nebanplace. Enter the town, then walk 17 steps north, 13 steps right, 13 steps north, 8 steps right and inspect the spot you are on. If done correctly there will be a message.

Travel to Saimon, go to the stump north west from the entrance of the village. A npc should be standing next to it.
Inspect it and answer: yes*2; no; yes; no; yes*3; no. The last sentence will tell you if you have done it correctly.

Next destination is mirosu, go to the quest office (top north east building), and speak to the little girl npc.

Finally go to Kazan, inspect the statue, the owner of the guild building will come to talk to you and give you the answer of the code and the quest item.

To finish the quest go back to pleroma and speak again to the quest giver npc.

Help Sort the Books (本整理のお手伝い) Pleroma Speak with the Apprentice Scholar (見習い学士) Ring of Intelligence The book he wants is in the data tower (資料塔) on the fifth floor, in the bookshelf in the room on the left. The title and place are randomly substituted. None
Find Faro! (ファロを探せ!) Pleroma After meeting Emele (エメル), speak to the girl at the reception desk (受付の女性) Paro Medicine Go to the top floor of the data tower (資料塔), and from there go to the research tower (研究塔) and find Faro on the third floor. From there, without chasing him, go back the way you came to the third floor of the data tower. Faro will run down and outside, so chase him. He's inside the lower-left building. Speak to him. None
Collect Scorpion Needles! (サソリの針を集めて!) Pleroma Speak with the Eager Scholar (研究熱心な学士) Physical Guard Get him five scorpion needles (サソリの針), which are dropped by Sand Trap (サンドトラップ). None
Collect Large Flowers! (大きな花を集めて!) Pleroma Speak with the Bright Scholar (明るい学士) Doctor Cap Get him three Big Flowers (大きな花), which are dropped by Death Flowers (デスフラワー). None
Treasure Sleeping in the Ocean's Depths (海底に眠る秘宝) Pleroma Speak with the Ocean Researcher (海洋研究員) after receiving the boat. 500g, Salvager (skill) Pull up a rusted spoon (さびたスプーン) and give it to the client. Sail north from Pleroma until you reach the west of Saimon. The spot you're going for is shining. None
Ripple Castaway (細波の漂流者) Zeza Speak with the Flustered Woman (うろたえる女性) Ronam Flute Can only be done if you have the Marero language skill. Respond: Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Yes, No, Yes. The party will be forcefully "moved" to Marlleaire, so use this to your advantage. None
Amnesiac Man (記憶がない男) Zeza Speak with the Ambiguous Huntman (曖昧なハントマン) Forgetful Beach Ball, Silver Water Accept the quest, then go talk to the Ambiguous Huntman and show him the Memento Charm from the little girl thinking of her big brother. Something about a choice with the quest Letter from Big Brother (兄からの手紙), you either make the choice here or during that quest. See that quest's description for the choices to make so he'll regain his memories. *Clarification: showing him the Memento Charm while Letter from Big Brother (兄からの手紙) is still active will NOT work. First, clear that quest properly; Memento Charm will be removed from your inventory and given back to the little sister. Go talk to the brother and show him all of your rare items (to no avail, not even the fake letter by Luckys). Go back to the little sister in Kazan and borrow the Memento Charm from her. Now talk to the big brother again, and the quest will be complete.* Clearing Letter from Big Brother (兄からの手紙)
Collect Soft Fur! (柔らかな毛玉を集めて!) Nevanplace Speak with the Kind Mother (優しい母親) 500g, Rushe Language Collect two soft fur (柔らかな毛玉) (dropped by Round Horn ラウンドホーン) and bring them to her. None
Collect Blue Manes! (紫紺のたてがみを集めて!) Nevanplace Speak with the repairman (物品整備士) in the castle basement. Mel Gladius Bring him 20 (!) blue manes (紫紺のたてがみ) (dropped by Restive Horses アバレウマ). None
The White-Bearded Man in Red (赤服で白髭の男) Nevanplace Speak with the worrying mother (心配する母親). Mel Skitia Bow After taking the quest, go to the house and speak with the child and the mother. After leaving the house the shopkeeper will tell you about a Reg Froiler that you can get the kid as a gift. Buy a Reg-Froiler (レグフロイラ) from the shop right in front of you, although if you already have one then that's okay too. Then, go to the tower on the right in Pleroma and read the book "Far-off Days" (はるか昔の行事) on the bookshelf on the fourth floor. It will be the only book that propmts you to read it. Then, go get a Bird Meat (バードミート) from some kind of bird enemy, like a Dodo. Then, ask Volg (ヴォルグ) from the Miross council, Pleroma's university principal Emel (エメル), the Melright Atelier guy (メルライト工房のおっさん), or Fagotto (ファゴット) to play Santa. Go back and talk to the mother to give her the present and dinner. You will tell her about Santa, and there will be a sweet cut scene of the kid having Christmas. None
Collect Bird Feathers! (鳥の羽を集めて!) Nevanplace Speak with the cold-sensitive Huntman (寒がりハントマン) General's Medal He wants 100 (!!!) bird feathers (鳥の羽)! You can bring them to him in sets of 10, since your inventory isn't quite that big. Be careful, since if you cancel the quest you have to start again from 1. One good place to hunt for them is Todowa Mountains. Also, the area you need to go to complete the Sleeping Lion sub-event has plenty of battles where you can get some. None
Great Adventurer (大いなる冒険家) Nevanplace Speak with Happagre's wife (ハッパグレーの妻) Hypnos Crystal, Fighter EX skill "Mashing Call" Grab Happagre's news (?). After accepting the quest, go speak with the client, then go to the deepest part of Dahn Cave (ダーン洞) to the east of Aizen to clear the quest. Talk to the man at the entrance. The cave can get complicated, but he will show you the correct stairs to take as you follow him. There's a boss down there, and a chest with the strongest whip. None
Falcon's Eye Hunter (鷹の目を持つ狩人) Miracle Woods (ミレクーラ森林) Take a Rogue along with you to the cabin inside the forest. 500g, Samuel Bow After you take the quest and defeat the boss, go back to the cabin and get the Samuel Bow to clear the quest. (?)
Longing for White Crystals (憧れの白い結晶) Marlleaire Speak with the girl dreaming of snow (雪を夢見る少女) Corlia Roll You'll have to go in and out of Marlleaire a lot, so having a Samurai with Demonic Countenance will make it easier. 1) When you take the quest, speak with the client. 2) After speaking with Ren (レン) in the Korlia (コルリア) inn, examine the snowman outside to get "snow doll" (雪だるま). 3) Taking the snow doll back to your client will make it melt. Speak with her again and hear the story "A smart person~" (「頭のいい人なら~」). 4) Go to the Starry Small Ruins (スタリ小遺跡) and speak to Faro, and get "Kachi-Kochi Spray" (カチコチスプレー). 5) Go to the Korlia inn again, and get the snow doll. 6) Bring it to the client, and you're done! Must have suppressed Flame Eater once.
Congratulations! A Re-Opening! (祝! 新装開店!) Marlleaire Speak with the skillful girl (器用な女性) 500g, Purchase Negotiation (skill) Bring the client 5 snake skins (ヘビ皮). They drop off Nagamono (ナガモノ). None
Collect Swimming Floats! (浮き袋を集めて!) Marlleaire Speak with the girl who's hopeless at swimming (カナヅチ少女) Topazis Collect 4 swimming floats (浮き袋) for her. They drop off Wonder Birds (ワンダーバード), which are in the Nozan Pesuta dungeon (ノザン=ペスタ) and around it. North Sea Navigation
Memories of a Blue Tide (蒼き潮騒の思い出) Marlleaire Speak with the engaged girl (結婚間近の女性) Thorn Whip, Marero language (skill) You can find Star Flower Shells (星花の貝殻) in the sandy soil throughout the town. Bring her one. You can buy a hint in the place you came from for 3000g, and with that you can see where they are. You can save and load to change where they're buried and save money, but it's kind of troublesome. None
A Tune that Clearly Resounds through the Whole Sky (満天に響け玲瓏の調べ) Marlleaire Speak with Aria's Mother (アリアの母) Call Me Queen After suppressing the Marlleaire god-tower emperor dragon, bring her 5 star coral (星の珊瑚) dropped by Manbow (マンボウ). Then, bring along a Princess who knows Ripple Lullaby (細波の歌) and a PT Member (?) to clear the quest. None
The Happiness of a Full Glass (グラス一杯の幸せ) Devo Desert (デ=ヴォ砂漠) In the desert dungeon (where you fought Flame Eater the first time), go south from the entrance, then enter the south west cave. It is a town! Speak with the miner who likes his drink (酒好きな鉱夫と会話). Tomahawk (トマホーク) Bring him 4 Delika Ores(デリカ鉱石) from Jomaron Mountains (ジョマロン山岳). After, if you speak to him with a mage with Freeze in your party, he will give you a Topazis. none

Post-Flame Eater Suppression Quests

The Lost Knighthood (迷える騎士道) Miross Griff (グリフ)(Must be doing Miross’ Queen Sub-quest) 1000G Receive the letter from Griff, then bring it to Voulg (ヴォルグ) in Fagotto Mansion. He will give you one to give back to Griff. This quest does not end the sub-quest, it is just one step. North Sea Sailing (北海操舵取)
The Legacy of The Aizhen Royals (アイゼン王家の遺産) Aizhen Talk with Shion (シオン) in Aizhen (During the Sleeping Lion Sub-quest) 2000G Enter Todowa Mountains (トドワ山岳) from the Miross side. To the right side of the top most block and you will find a short cut (travel through the rocks). Follow the path onto another map, and go all the way to the other side and you will see a grave examine it, and you will find a pickaxe (ツルハシ). Bring it back to Shion in Aizhen Note that this does not end the sub event, this is just a step
A Dangerous Meeting (危険なお迎え) Fagotto Mansion Speak with Fagotto (ファゴット) (ドラゴン幼体) Find Spire in Rolakka Mountain Cave, he’s one map in from the Miross entrance, after the event you will have to fight a Rolakka Wolfe none
The Secret of the Ancient Ruins (古代遺跡の秘密) Fagotto Mansion Speak with Fagotto (ファゴット) after clearing “A Dangerous Meeting” (危険なお迎え) 1000G Go to the entrance screen of Nozan-Pesta (ノザン=ペスタ遺跡) and go through the hidden path at the middle right of the screen. Click in the middle of the clearing and you will find stairs! Go down and get the Secret Document (機密文書) from the treasure chest and return it to Fagotto Must have also beaten Invisible Suppression (「インビジブル討伐」)
Something Sleeps within the Ruins (遺跡の奥に眠るのは) Fagotto Mansion Speak with Fagotto (ファゴット) after clearing The Secret of the Ancient Ruins (古代遺跡の秘密). 1000G, the airship travels quicker!!! When you accept the mission, Fagotto will give you the Stiff Card (硬いカード) to open the big closed door. Traverse the newly opened area of Nozan-Pesta (ノザン=ペスタ) and defeat Versus Dragon PZa (対竜兵器PZα) and receive the Mechanical Doll Core (機械人形のコア) and bring it back to Fagotto. He will upgrade your airship to go faster none
Girl of Ice and Snow (氷雪の少女) Korlia Inn Speak with Spire (スパイル), part of the Spire and Ren sub-event Hell Spike (ヘルスパイク) After taking the quest, go to the room in the middle of the second map in Feidona Small Cave (フェイドナ小洞) You will need to take the here shortcut. Hidden path is in green. Examine and you will find a switch to push. This will open the locked area and you can go through. Examine the pile of bones next to the treasure chest and you will find the Panecea Medicine (パナケイアの薬草) which you can take to Spire to finish the quest. If you speak with Ren after the quest she will also give you the “Heavy gatherer” party skill.
Words hidden in the bookshelf (書架に秘められた言葉) Pleroma Speak with organized/responsible young man (整理担当の青年) eastern 5th Floor hallway 300G After listening to his long speech, go the the eastern room. Inspect the middle left shelf, then the middle right shelf, then the bottom left shelf, then the bottom right shelf. Select "yes" each time. Then inspect the middle shelf on the north side of the room, and select "yes." Talk to the quest giver again and you will be teleported outside the building. This completes the quest. There will now be a girl standing next to the entrance to the building. If you talk to her she will teleport you to the 6th floor. On the 6th floor there will now be a sparkle you can talk to teleport outside the building to the girl. none
Imeppo's Challenge (イメッポの挑戦状!) Pleroma Speak with Imeppo イメッポ) eastern 5th Floor eastern room. 100G

Talk to him again and he will start a trivia quiz. Select the following:
1) No
2) No
3) Yes
4) No
5) No
6) Yes
7) No
8) Yes
9) Yes
10) Yes
11) No
12) No
13) Yes
14) Yes
15) No
16) Yes
17) No
18) Yes
19) Yes
20) Yes
21) No
22) No
23) Yes
24) Yes
25) No
26) No
27) Yes
28) No
29) No
30) Yes
If you don't answer all the questions correctly you can still complete the quest.

Post Haze (Appears but isn't defeated yet) Quests

Heading Towards Armour’s Completion (鎧完成に向けて) Melright Mining Camp Speak with Bernard (バーナード) Knight Cuirass (ナイトキュイラス) Bring him 4 Tough Skins (強靭な皮) which are dropped by Mammoths (マンモス) , kill them with lightning spells to get them none
Intolerable Hunger of the Practitioners (修行者の耐え難き空腹) Hyuro Glacier Speak with the guy in the south east of the second area. Miruromedisu After talking to the guy in the cave accept the quest in the office as usual. Then go to Zeza and talk to an NPC on the east side. He offers to sell you something for 1000G. Say yes. He might try to sell another item for less G but say no to those until he offers the 1000 G item. Go back to the Hyuro Glacier and give the guy the item. none

Post Takehaya defeated Quests

New Beginning for Arietta (アリエッタの新しい始まり) Kazan Speak with Arietta (アリエッタ) who's currently living in your house. 100G, Arietta opens a new store in Kazan Buy a shop for Arietta! 1 Talk to the guy who occupies the top left store space in Kazan. He'll offer to sell his store for 10,000G. Accept the offer. 2 Enter the castle and take the right room. Talk to the Kurou Council. He wants some smooth bark (なめらかな樹皮) so go harvest it from the new Barolian Forest (バロリオン大森林) next to the tomb. 3 After giving it to Kurou Council they will give you quest completion item. 4 Give it to Arietta and the quest is finished. none
A Single Twin (ひとつのふたご) Miross Speak with the older twin, Vee (双子の兄ヴィー) in Miross. Rubilia, Reg-Elem After the event, Vee will be outside the house. Bring him one good-quality wood (上質な木材). It can be harvested in Barolia Great Woods (バロリオン大森林), Gofa Desert (ゴファ砂漠), or Miracle Woods (ミレクーラ森林). None

Post Haze (defeated) Quests

Eternal Rest (永久なる安息) Nevanplace Speak with the Girl who loves to Travel (家族を愛する娘) 500G, Rogue EX skill “Sacrifice” Bring her one Red Wolf Pelt (狼の赤毛) from a Red Wolf (レッドウルフ), and one Crystal Shard (水晶のカケラ) from gathering in Daan cave (ダーン洞), or dropped from Fairy Drake X (フェアリドラグυ) or Griffinus X (グリフィナスυ) none
Kingfisher Tinged Bud of Hope (翡翠色した希望の芽) Imperial Territory Ba-Ho Speak with the standing woman (佇む女性) 2000G Talk to the standing woman after taking the quest, and she explains that she wants to grow flowers in Ba-Ho. Go to Miross and speak with the Castle Gardener (庭師) and he tells you that you need a Cool Jelly (ひんやりゼリー)(Hide Rochitan ハイドロチタン), a Smelly Guts (くさい肝)( Red Fish レッドフィッシュ), and a Thick Fat (分厚い脂肪)(Sibuuchi シブーチ). Go back to Ba-Ho and bring them to the standing woman must have finished Puzzle of the Emperor Dragon’s suppression (謎の帝竜討伐)
The Last of the Collection Series (集めてシリーズ最終回) Military Village Hyrein Speak with The Collection Master in the Room (宿屋に居る収集マスター) Miracle Guard (ミラクルガード), Silver Water (白銀水), never having to do another collect quest Bring him 10 Deep Blue Wings (深青の翼) dropped by Devil Lady(デビルレディ) Only appears after completing all the Collect “x” quests
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