Descendants of the singing princesses who live in the southern seas.
Their singing voices give their friends encouragement, and steal away the strength of their foes.
With enough time, they can even control the thoughts of all around them.


Universal Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
POW Bonus (POWボーナス) Raises physical attack and defense. - 2 10
SPD Bonus (SPDボーナス) Raises agility and evasion. - 1 10
INT Bonus (INTボーナス) Raises magic attack and magic defense. - 1 10

Holy Voice Songs

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Noble Mastery (ノーブルマスタリー) Increases the activation speed of Holy Voice songs. Required for higher level Holy Voice songs. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10
Scorching Rhyme (灼熱の韻) Increases the attack power of the entire party. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Noble Mastery 1
Solid Rhyme (堅牢の韻) Increases the defense power of the entire party. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Noble Mastery 1
Lullaby of Rippling Waters (細波の子守唄) Puts an ally to Sleep. The ally will regenerate LF and MN until Sleep wears off or is forcibly removed. 5 (lv1~2), 6 (lv3~4), 7 (lv5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 Noble Mastery 3
Song of the Wind and Trees (風と木の詩) Imbues all allies with health regeneration. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv5~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Noble Mastery 5
Song of the Moonlight (月明かりの詩) Imbues all allies with mana regeneration. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv5~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Noble Mastery 10
Angelica Cage (アンゼリカケージ) (EX Skill) Greatly increases the magic power of both allies and enemies. 0 (EX) 3 1 Noble Mastery 10, Unlocked by opening a treasure chest at the top of Divine Marllearie Tower's left tower.

Evil Voice Songs

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Fear Mastery (フィアーマスタリー) Increases the activation speed of Evil Voice songs. Required for higher-level Evil Voice songs. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10
Piercing Scream (絶叫金切り) Stuns all enemies. 3 (lv1-10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Fear Mastery 1
Temptation of Fainting (昏倒の誘い) High chance to inflict Sleep on all enemies. 3 (lv1~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Fear Mastery 3
Temptation of Madness (乱心の誘い) High chance to Confuse all enemies. 4 (lv1~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Fear mastery 3
Temptation of Revenge (報復の誘い) High chance to Curse all enemies. 4 (lv1~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Fear mastery 5
Shriek of Falling Leaves (落葉金切り) High chance of inflicting Bleeding on all enemies. 4 (lv1~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Fear Mastery 8
Demonic Cage (デモニックケージ) (EX Skill) Greatly decreases the magic power of both allies and enemies. 0 (EX) 3 1 Fear Mastery 10, Unlocked by opening a treasure chest at the top of Divine Marllearie Tower's right tower.

Whip Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Training Mastery (調教マスタリー) Increases the ATK of equipped whips. Required for higher level whip skills. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10
Training Whip (調教鞭打) Small damage to a single enemy with a small chance of inflicting Fear. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv5~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Training Mastery 1
Punishment (咎罰鞭打) Deals damage based on how much LF the Princess has lost, with a multiplier dependent on this skill's level. 5 (lv1~5), 6 (lv5~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Training Mastery 3, Fear Mastery 3, Training Whip 3
Request: Suicide (リクエスト『自決』) Tells all enemies currently stricken with Fear to kill itself. Character becomes an internet idol. These enemies will attack themselves with a regular attack. 8 (lv1), 6 (lv2), 4 (lv3), 2 (lv4), 0 (lv5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Training Mastery 3
Request: Betrayal (リクエスト『離反』) Tells all enemies currently stricken with Fear to attack other enemies. 8 (lv1), 6 (lv2), 4 (lv3), 2 (lv4), 0 (lv5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Training Mastery 5
Request: Protection (リクエスト『守護』) Tells all enemy currently stricken with Fear to protect you. These enemies will take attacks in place of the Princess. 8 (lv1), 6 (lv2), 4 (lv3), 2 (lv4), 0 (lv5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Training Mastery 8
Nine Tail (ナインテール) (EX Skill) Large damage against a single enemy with a large chance of inflicting fear. 0 (EX) 3 1 Training Strike 10, Unlocked by defeating an enemy in the forest east of Aizen.

Other Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Provoke (挑発) Switches to Provoke status and increases the frequency enemies attack the Princess. 4 (lv1~5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Noble Mastery 1
Princess Order (プリンセスオーダー) Inflicts a single enemy with the Order status for 5 turns, becoming a target for the Knight's Save the Queen. 8 (lv1), 6 (lv2), 4 (lv3), 2 (lv4), 0 (lv5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Noble Mastery 5
Princess React (プリンセスリアクト) The React status lasts for 5 turns. While the React is active, the Princess gains an extra turn anytime another ally's React gives them an extra turn. 4 2 1 SPD Bonus 5
Cure (キュア) Restores a single ally's health. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 INT Bonus 1
Cure II (キュアⅡ) Largely restores a single ally's health. 4 (lv1~2), 5 (lv3~5), 6 (lv6~7), 7 (lv8~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 INT Bonus 5
Teachings of the Queen (女王の教え) Passive skill. Increases the amount of experience received from battle. - 2 (lv1), 1(lv2~5) 5 INT Bonus 8


Holy Voice Songs

Shakunetsu no In (Scorching Rhyme)

Increases your party's ATK by +10% at Lv. 1, +35% at Lv. 10. At Lv. 5, the increase is +20%.
This skill sees +1% increases until Lv. 5 and Lv. 10, where the bonus ramps up, so it's best to pump points into it all in one shot to one of those levels.
Of course, being an ATK Up, this will cancel ATK Downs for all your party members.

Kenrou no In (Solid Rhyme)

Increases the party's DEF by +10% at Lv. 1, up to +25% at Lv. 10. At Lv. 5, the increase is +15%.
Again, this one sees +1% increases until Lv. 5 and Lv. 10, where the bonus ramps up. It's better to pump points into this skill all in one go until you get to Lv. 5 or Lv. 10.
Since the damage you take for both physical and magical damage is affected by DEF (magical defense is half DEF, half INT), this will decrease the damage you take from all attacks.
This will cancel DEF Downs for all your party members, so taking just a point of this is still good.

Kaze to Ki no Uta (Song of the Wind and Trees)

Regenerates LF for your party. At Lv. 1, this regenerates 2 LF per turn, and at Lv. 10 it will regenerate 15 LF. At Lv. 7, this regenerates 8 LF.
Just like the last two, this sees +1 LF increases per level except at Lv. 7 and Lv. 10.
Even if the effects last until the battle ends, Cure and Song of the Moonlight is a much faster way of recovering LF and MN.
However, full party cures are valuable. This skill allows the Princess to act afterward without worrying about using it again.
This will be more valuable depending on how you use it, seeing as the amount it recovers per turn is low. At the very least, it will be useful until mid-game.
Combined with a Knight's Front or Back Shield, it can pretty much heal your party on its own.

Tsuki-Akari no Uta (Song of the Moonlight)

Regenerates MN for your entire party. Regenerates 1 MN per turn at Lv. 1, 2 MN per turn at Lv. 3, 3 MN per turn at Lv. 5, and 4 MN per turn at Lv. 7. At Lv. 10, the skill finally regenerates 5 MN per turn.
This lasts the entire battle, so you can use it right as the battle begins and, when you only have one enemy left, defend until your MN is full. Recovering MN also gives the MN needed use healing skills, so this skill can be used to recover everything except EX. If you're willing to wait a minute or so, this can act like a rest at an inn.
At the beginning of the game, you can make do with this at Lv. 7. If you find yourself using skills that cost more than 4 MN, then you may want to raise this to Lv. 10.
Even at Lv. 1, you'll see decent MN recovery over the course of several battles.
This is not affected by EX, so don't waste it on this skill.

Comparing this to Craft Mana, the Princess can just sing this once and be free to act afterwards for the rest of the battle. Healers have to continually use Craft Mana, so if they have to do anything else, they won't be able to recover your party's MN. The recovery on Craft Mana (7 MN) is more than Song of the Moonlight (5 MN) except for the Healer himself (a recovery of 7 MN with a cost of 5 MN leaves 2 MN for the Healer himself).
Against bosses, your party should be full of MN if you've been using this constantly, so you can just have your Princess concentrate on her other support skills or whip attacks during boss battles.

Sazanami no Komoriuta (Lullaby of Rippling Waters)

Inflicts Sleep on an ally and has them regenerate both LF and MN. If you lose Sleep, the Lullaby wears off.
LF Regeneration progresses at 10, 15, 25, 30, to 50 from Lv. 1 to Lv. 5.
MN Regeneration progresses at 2, 3, 5, 6, to 8 from Lv. 1 to Lv. 5.
The Sleep will overwrite Blind, Paralysis, Confusion, and Charm, so this can be used to cure those status ailments even at Lv. 1.
Poison, Curse, Fear, Skill Seal, Bleeding, and Petrification all have higher priority than Sleep, and won't be overwritten. Of course, if your target has one of these status ailments already on him, then this skill won't work.
This regenerates more LF and MN per turn than anything else you can do, but if your target is attacked, the effect will end.
You can use this as your way of LF recovery at the beginning of the game, and from mid-game onwards, this can be used to prevent Confusion and Charm. Both are pretty dangerous to leave on a physical attacker, so putting at least one point into this skill is recommended.
This has some really nice MN recovery on it as well, so it's pretty easy to get into the habit of using it to recover MN for most battles even until end-game. You could say that this is more a strategy for patient players than it is a strategy of skillful players.
This is really like using an inn, down to the sleeping part, so if you want to go around killing dragons at the beginning of the game (when it can be hard to last through many dragon fights), feel free to use this skill.

Angelica Cage

This says it increases magic power for both allies and enemies, but it actually is a dramatic decrease to everyone's resistances.
The effectiveness of all magic and elemental attacks, and the success rate of status ailments will be set to 150%, regardless of what resistances or weakness anyone had before. If any target had any weakness over 150%, then that weakness isn't affected.
This will increase the damage of Mage's spells, Samurai's elemental strikes, Glyph items (which cast Mage spells), and normal attacks that have elemental properties (from an item or the weapon itself, etc.). However, the same goes for all your enemies, so you'll have to be careful when deciding when to use this, and you might end up not using this very often.
The effect lasts for 3 turns. If you use this while everyone's affected by Demonic Cage, then they'll cancel each other out.

Also, while your entire party will be more susceptible to status ailments, your enemies will be too. This can be useful in the Bonus Dungeon if you need to inflict status ailments.
Since your party's in danger while this is up, you'll need to inflict Skill Seal so they can't use their skills, or use your Requests to control your enemies' actions.
You can combine this with the Mage's The End of World and a Fighter's EX Element Follower for a massive, Skill Sealing beatdown on all your enemies.
This also helps in racking up Pain Counters for the Rogue's Triple Kiss (or Ecstasy Kiss, if you're using it).
Noble Mastery Lv. 10 is needed to learn this skill, so you can pick up Song of the Moonlight while going for this.
With all this said though, if the level of whatever skill you're using to inflict status ailments is low, your three turns might go by without the status ailment going off, so this is not a substitute for low skill levels.

Evil Voice Songs

Zekkyou Kanakiri (Piercing Shriek)

40% chance of inflicting Stun on all enemies at Lv. 1, 85% chance at Lv. 10.
Enemies who are stunned act last in the current turn. If they've already acted this turn, this will have no effect.
In other words, any enemies that survive the rest of the turn will get to act.
This skill can be resisted, and enemies might be able to go before the Princess can get this off.
A Princess with lots of SPD bonuses might be able to get this off so that enemies don't ever get to act (if you're going for one turn sweeps), but for the most part other Evil Voice skills can stop enemies from acting better than this can.

Kontou no Izanai (Temptation of Fainting)

40% chance of inflicting Sleep on all enemies at Lv. 1, 85% chance at Lv. 10.
Besides putting your enemies to Sleep, they'll stop acting altogether. This is one of the Evil Voice skills that's easy to use.
Dragons are pretty resistant to this, but this should stop most random enemies in their tracks.
While you will have to act before your enemies, you can stock up on Evil Voice Mastery and SPD bonuses to make this go off faster.
In the latter half of the game, there will be more and more battles where you'll want to stop your enemies from acting, so you can pick this up while going for Demonic Cage.

Konshin no Izanai (Temptation of Madness)

40% chance of inflicting Confusion on all enemies at Lv. 1, 85% chance at Lv. 10.
Enemies will still get normal attacks after being Confused, and some of these might go to your party. If you want to completely stop your enemies from acting, then you might want to look at Temptation to Fainting.
Unlike Sleep, though, Confusion doesn't go away when the target gets hit.
This might not be needed in a party with enough firepower to end random encounters in one turn, but enemies won't use skills while they're Confused. This can stop enemies from using full party Confusion or Charm, and counter skills (i.e. Needle Guard).
Symbol encounters can be affected by this, but they usually have resistance. It might take a few turns even after Balance Kill to get this to hit. Once you've got them Confused, it may be a good idea to keep using this skill in case the Confusion wears off.

Houfuku no Izanai (Temptation of Revenge)

40% chance of inflicting Curse on all enemies at Lv. 1, 85% chance at Lv. 10.
At Lv. 10, this will return half the damage your enemies do straight back at them.
Enemies generally have more LF than your characters and do less damage than your characters. Even at a 1:2 exchange, they'll still have a good portion of LF left.
Curse will go away as turns go by, so normally, using normal attacks will do more overall damage.
Bosses don't tend to have resistance to Curse, though, so it might be useful against them. This also might be the skill to use for racking up Pain Counters for Masked Pain Rogues.

Rakuyou Kanakiri (Shriek of Falling Leaves)

40% chance of inflicting Bleeding on all enemies at Lv. 1, 85% chance at Lv. 10.
Bleeding will siphon away 3% of your target's LF per turn, so this won't see much use in random encounters.
Bleeding won't go away as turns go by, though, so for bosses, you can fire this off and watch them bleed away. In a few turns, they'll have lost a good chunk of health.
Save this for enemies with high LF.

Demonic Cage

Like Angelica Cage, while the game says it reduces magical power for both allies and enemies, it actually increases everyone's resistances.
The effectiveness of all magical and elemental damage is reduced to 75%, regardless of what weaknesses were around before. If anybody had a resistance that bumped the effectiveness against a certain element to less than 75%, then their resistance to that element isn't changed.
If your party relies on physical damage, then this is an easy way to protect against the attacks many bosses can throw out without experiencing any of the downsides this skill has.
Just like Angelica Cage, this lasts 3 turns. If this is used when Angelica Cage is up, then the two will cancel each other out.
Also, while this makes both your party and your enemies more resistant to status ailments, it doesn't seem to be nearly as effective for your party as it is for your enemies.

Whip Skills

Choukyou Mastery (Training Mastery)

+10% to an equipped Whip's ATK at Lv. 1, +30% at Lv. 10.
Otherwise known as Whip Mastery.
In case it's not obvious, whips do Slashing damage.

Choukyou Benda (Training Whipping)

130% damage and a 30% chance of inflicting Fear at Lv. 1, 165% damage and a 75% chance of inflicting Fear at Lv. 10.
The chance of inflicting Fear also depends on the difference of level between you and your target. Against stronger dragons or Emperor Dragons, it has a success rate of around 10% to 20%.
This needs to inflict Fear in order for your Request skills to work, so you could team up with a Balance Kill Axe Fighter.
Paralysis will not overwrite Fear, but Fear will overwrite Paralysis. You won't have to worry about having your Fear overwritten if you have a Fighter that uses Fang Blade or you have a Rogue that depends on Tarantella.
A Holy Voice Princess can pick this up at Lv. 1 to increase her damage.

Togabatsu Benda (Punishment Whipping)

Deals damage based on how much damage you've taken times a multiplier of 200% at Lv. 1, and 400% at Lv. 10. (+20% increases per level until Lv. 10)
Its base damage is (Max LF - Current LF) * (Damage Multiplier). The damage multiplier is dependent on your skill level.
It might be hard to keep your Princess at low LF without a Knight's Guardian. At 1 LF, you'll be able to take out the last boss without any problems at all.
This will hit whatever you're aiming at, even if you're Blinded.

Request skills (Suicide, Disaffection, Protection)

The success rate of these is 100% as long as your target is inflicted with Fear. All enemies with Fear will be affected when you use these skills.
The effects will only last on the turn you use whatever skill, so you'll have to keep using Requests every turn.
Request: Disaffection will make Feared enemies attack their allies (your enemies), including themselves, so this might be better than Request: Suicide and allow you to save points.
Request: Protection more or less needs you to Provoke (and inflict Fear on top of that), so it can be hard to use. However, it can be useful in case you find yourself low on LF. If there's someone else to heal you, or if it can wait until after the battle is over, then this can be used in place of Guard if you've Feared an enemy already.
The MN cost of these skills drop by 2 every level you gain. At Lv. 1, they cost 8 MN, which is pretty harsh. It's a good idea to lower that to at most 4 MN (at Lv. 3) so you can use Requests every turn.

Nine Tail

150% damage with +20 POW and a 50% chance of inflicting Fear.
It doesn't outdamage Training Whipping at Lv. 10, and it doesn't inflict Fear as often either.
Punishment Whipping at Lv. 10 will also do more damage if you're at 1 LF.

Other Skills

Chouhatsu (Provoke)

The chance you're targeted by enemies becomes 35% at Lv. 1, 60% chance at Lv. 5. Puts you in Provoke status.
Pretty much needed if you're going to use Request: Protection. The chance you're targeted stays up even if all the enemies that could protect you die, so this can be dangerous if not used properly.

Princess Order

This is only used in combination with the Knight's Save the Queen. This puts the target in Order status for 5 turns.
Your Knight's damage will increase, so there's no harm in picking this up.
The MN cost reduces by 2 every level you gain. At Lv. 1, it costs 8 MN. With Song of the Moonlight recovering your MN, the MN cost isn't that bad. Feel free to put points in it if you feel like it, though.
Your other skills (Holy Voice or Evil Voice skills) usually take priority over this, so it might be a little late to use this skill by the time you can spare a turn.

Princess React

This is only used in combination with other jobs' React skills. The React lasts 5 turns.
Whenever another party member's React goes off, this React will also go off and give the Princess an extra turn.
This is best used with other Reacts that go off easily. The Rogue's Trick React is probably the easiest.


Recovers around 30 LF at Lv. 1, 130 LF at Lv. 10.
Lv. 5 (for around 70 LF) is usually enough for the cost-performance.

Cure II

Recovers around 70 LF for 4 MN at Lv. 1. At Lv. 5, it will recover around 150 LF for 5 MN and at Lv. 7 it will recover around 210 LF for 6 MN. At Lv. 10, it will completely heal one ally's LF to max for 7 MN.
If you've got Song of the Moonlight, then the MN cost isn't that bad. Time your level ups in this skill with your party's Max LF increases so you don't overcure.
At low levels, this heals around as much damage as Cure Lv. 5, so you might have to pump a few levels into this at once when you decide to get it.

Jyoou no Oshie (Teachings of the Queen)

Multiplies the Exp. you get by 110% at Lv. 1, up to 120% at Lv. 5. It won't work if the Princess has 0 LF.
If you have multiple Princesses with this skill, the effect multiplies. Two Princesses with this skill at Lv. 5 will give your party 144% Exp (120% * 120%).
The Exp. you gain is prorated by their difference in level with your party, so this might not give as much of a boost as you'd think. Flower Seeds will give out lots more Exp, though.


The Princess specializes in supporting the party with her skills.
Scorching Rhyme, Song of the Moonlight, and Angelica Cage are all pretty powerful, and can let you blast through tougher enemies with all your strength.
Angelica Cage with Princess React and a Hiding/Trick React Rogue can let you Fear the entire enemy party so you can get to your Requests.

The Voice skills all fire off quick so you can use them to pin down your enemies with Temptation of Fainting or Madness. With everything to choose from, the Princess can spend a lot of time just using her different skills.
With her MN recovery, you can explore areas without worrying about running back to an inn.
Because she has so many skills that strengthen the party, it might be a bit hard to put them in parties with other characters that can strengthen themselves.

You can use her Training Whip to control enemies, though the damage of the attack itself isn't that great. The Fear lasts for around 3 to 4 turns.
It's pretty hard to get the Fear to hit on bosses, though. Angelica Cage will help with this, and the difference is pretty clear when you try it. If you want to control bosses with Fear, then you could use the Angelica Cage + Training Whip combo.
The Princess might get some free time whenever all her support skills have been activated. She can use this time to start chipping away at enemies with her whip.

Punishment has the potential to be really strong, but it's often hard to use it without endangering the Princess.
You might have to plan your party around your Princess using Punishment if you want to use it.
Princess React can be really useful depending on the other Reacts your other party members pick up.

The Princess has Cure, Cure II, and Song of the Moonlight to cure both LF and MN. She could be used as your healer in case you don't have that job.
The benefits of having a Princess are:

  • Since she has other support skills, whenever you don't need to heal, she can still support the party.
  • From the beginning of the game to mid-game, she has more LF and DEF than the Healer, and can be difficult to damage with Solid Rhyme.
  • Whips deal full damage from the back row, so she can attack from there while having the damage she takes be reduced.

The Princess has great support skills unlike the Healer, who don't have many other skills other than healing skills.
She can increase the firepower of your party and make them harder to damage.
The Princess can use some attack skills if you don't need healing, and if you can't seem to heal enough, she has support skills that will help reduce the need for healing.
She can also choose what skills to use based on the enemies you're facing, so you can change strategies fairly easily.

What you will deeply miss without a Healer, though, are:

  • You can't cure status ailments easily.
  • You can't resurrect allies.
  • You don't have full party recovery of any sort.
  • You can't prevent Surprise Attacks.
  • You won't have Invisibility to lower your encounter rate.

The first two can be handled with items, though you won't get resurrection items until mid-game.
You'll have a lot of money sitting around from mid-game onward, so buy whatever you need to make up for what you don't have.
Full party cures can be handled with Heal Aeros, but since they only do 50 LF each, they might not be able to dig you out of a hole fast enough.
In the latter half of the game, you'll start seeing random encounters fire off full party status ailments, so sometimes you might not be able to cure those fast enough.
There's nothing you'll be able to do about Surprise Attacks, but depending on your party, this might not be so bad.
Lowering your encounter rate can be done with Bamboo Flutes (earlier in the game) or Ronamu Fruits (later in the game). These don't last as long as Invisibility can, though, and can eat up at your inventory space, which might be filled with other recovery items as well.
If you don't have a Samurai in the party, then you'll run into a lot of random encounters. This will make exploring dungeons harder.

It might be a little harder to do things without a Healer, and there are things that a Princess can do that a Healer can't. You can pick whichever you like without much disappointment.

However, running around with a mountain of items can be a pain, and Healers have a way of just making people feel safe that items don't.
If you're really backed into a corner and don't have a Healer, more than likely items won't be fast enough to get you out.
Healers have Dead Man's React and Vessel of Miracles, and can make your entire party better at once with a high level Cure All.

If you have both a Healer and a Princess, then the Princess might not need to take recovery skills at all.
This means you could have some free SP to take more Evil Voice skills or Training Mastery skills.
Of course, while having a Healer is by no means necessary, having a Princess doesn't exactly mean that a Healer isn't needed in the party at all.

Angelica Cage -> Evil Voice skill or Training Whip
The chance of hitting your status ailment will increase dramatically when you use Angelica Cage.

Character Making


First, there's some basic preparations:

Cure Lv. 1 (raise it as you need more) -> Training Whip Lv. 1 -> Song of the Moonlight Lv. 7 (if needed) -> Scorching Rhyme Lv. 1, Solid Rhyme Lv. 1, Lullaby of Rippling Waters Lv. 1

Get Cure early on so that your Princess can do something while she gets her whip skills to a level where they're reliable.
Whenever your Cures aren't healing enough, drop another point into it. Once you get it to Lv. 5, start working on Cure II if you need more healing.
If you don't have MN recovery, you might want to get Song of the Moonlight early, when you gain levels faster.
You'll have to spend a whooping 20 SP on this, though, meaning that mid-game will be made of you building up whip skills.
Scorching Rhyme, Solid Rhyme, and Lullaby of Rippling Waters are all good takes at Lv. 1, and you only need to spend 6 SP (including Noble Mastery Lv. 3) to get them at that level.

From here, there's two ways you can take your Princess. You can go for Training Whip and control enemies with Fear, or you can go Punishment and just pile on the damage.

Training Whip needs to get to Lv. 10 to be reliable (75% chance of Fear), though.
Do this as soon as you can, but if you're willing to sacrifice a bit, you can leave it at Lv. 7 for a while (60% chance of Fear). You can save maxing Training Mastery until you've got most your skills.
When you've got Training Whip at Lv. 5 or so (50% chance of Fear), then take Request: Disaffection to whatever level you feel comfortable with.
Lv. 3 (for 4 MN) is a good level to stop this. This is when Training Whip becomes somewhat reliable.
Request: Protection might be good in case you find yourself in a pinch and just happen to have a Feared opponent.
It can be used in place of Guard until you can get healed by someone else. Of course this means you can't heal yourself, and have to wait for somebody else.
If this isn't a problem, then feel free to spend 4 SP to get this to Lv. 3.
All in all, getting Training Whip and Training Mastery to Lv. 10 with a Lv. 3 Request takes 30 SP. This takes 18 SP if Training Whip and Training Mastery are both at Lv. 7.
If you've taken Song of the Moonlight and are taking Cure, then it won't be until around Lv. 40 that you can start to use this reliably. The rest of the game will be you strengthening whip skills.

However, if you're going for Punishment, then you'll need to get that to Lv. 10 as soon as you can.
In order to keep using Punishment, you'll need a Guardian Knight or a Healer with Resurrection (the closer to Lv. 1, the better).
You'll also want Princess React if you're teamed up with other jobs that have easy Reacts to fire off.
Getting Punishment to Lv. 7 takes 16 SP, and maxing it takes 22 SP. If you're focusing solely on Punishment, then you can leave Training Mastery at Lv. 3.

During all this, if you need Cure II, then you'll need to stop building up your whip skills until you can get INT Bonus Lv. 5 and some levels of Cure II.
The effectiveness of Cure II Lv. 1 is about the same as Cure Lv. 5, so you'll need to get a few levels of Cure II at once.

After you've got Training Whip or Punishment up to Lv. 10, you can take your Princess in whatever other direction you want.
Going for the other whip skill is the most direct thing you can do.
If you've got Punishment, Fear Mastery skills (Temptation of Madness or Fainting) can be a good place to put your skills.
Scorching Rhyme and Solid Rhyme at even Lv. 5 never disappoint, and aren't that hard to get. If you've already taken Song of the Moonlight, those two skills might be easiest to raise.
Princess React is never a bad choice, but needs you to get SPD Bonus Lv. 5.


Noble Mastery Lv. 10 -> Song of the Moonlight Lv. 7 -> Scorching Rhyme Lv. 5 or Solid Rhyme Lv. 5 -> Training Mastery Lv. 1, Training Whip Lv. 1, Song of the Wind and Trees Lv. 10 (if you're going for it) -> Song of the Moonlight Lv. 10 -> Scorching Rhyme Lv. 10, Solid Rhyme Lv. 10 -> Temptation of Fainting -> Training Mastery skills

First, you need Song of the Moonlight to last through long dungeons. Get it as soon as you can and raise it to Lv. 7 so that it's good. Getting it to Lv. 10 can wait until you can spare SP for it.
You might be able to use Lullaby of Rippling Waters to recover MN at the start of the game, but you'll have to get used to sitting around for a while. The upside is that you won't have to devote yourself to just being the MN regenerator, and can use your SP on other things.
Lullaby of Rippling Waters will also overwrite Confusion and Charm, so picking both up won't hurt.
If you've got a Mage in the party, then Solid Rhyme might take priority over Scorching Rhyme. If your damage is mostly physical, then take Scorching Rhyme.
If you're taking a lot of skills, then having those even at Lv. 1 will help, and you can stop there. You can raise it up to Lv. 5, before the MN cost increases.
The Song of the Wind and Trees is a simple skill, but if your party is pretty durable, then you can take it to Lv. 10. It works pretty well by itself if you've got a Knight with Shield and Break skills.
Training Mastery and Training Whip can be raised a level at a time. This will let you deal some damage after you're done with all your support skills.
Evil Voice skills don't have to be fired off all the time, so they're put off until later. You might want to get Temptation of Fainting by mid-game, though, since random encounters will start to use full party Charm or Fear. Putting them to Sleep, or Confusing them, before they can use those skills will let you beat them down with ease.
Angelica Cage and Demonic Cage are really good against bosses. Which one you pick up might depend on your party, and if they rely on status effects or magical damage.

Job Combinations

Princesses have Song of the Moonlight, which regenerates MN with each turn that goes by.
This is one of the only two skills in the game that can regenerate MN, and both are very valuable.
Even if your Princess isn't going to rely on Holy Voice skills, it's a skill you should at least think about getting.

Every physical damage dealer is going to like Scorching Rhyme.
If most of your damage comes from physical damage (i.e. if you don't rely on a Mage for damage), then you can increase your damage with this.

Princess and Fighter

The Fighter, being a physical damage dealer, will benefit from Scorching Rhyme.
Song of the Moonlight will help out more than it already does if your Fighter likes to abuse Rush Edge or Grand Buster.

Character Making
If your Princess is picking up Shriek of Falling Leaves, then you might not need Blood Blade.
The damage for Punishment is not affected by DEF, so Defend Kill will not help this skill. It will help Training Whip do more damage, though.

Balance Kill (Fighter) -> Evil Voice skill or Training Whip (Princess)
Balance Kill will help Whip Princesses inflict Fear and Evil Voice Princesses inflict status ailments.

Scorching Rhyme (Princess) + Berserk and/or Offensive Switch (Fighter)
Take your Fighter's ATK and send it sky high.

Princess React (Princess) + Killing React (Fighter) -> regular attack or Training Whip (Princess) + any physical attack (Fighter)
Princesses are faster than Fighters, so your Princess can go first and soften someone up with Training Whip before the Fighter takes care of the rest.
Of course, if your Fighter can take out enemies in a single strike, then there's no need for the Princess to use Training Whip.

Princess and Knight

Parry Knights really need MN recovery. Both Parrying and Mana Parrying siphon away so much MN, your Knight won't be able to keep defending for long battles.
If you don't have anyone else to recover MN and you have a Parry Knight, Song of the Moonlight will keep him going.

Character Making
Defensive Shift does the same thing that Solid Rhyme does, so you can choose one or the other. If you choose both, then your party's DEF will be pretty immense.

Princess React (Princess) + Guard React (Knight) -> (Knight's React fires) -> Princess Order (Princess) -> Save the Queen (Knight)
Princess Order -> Save the Queen is pretty obvious, but the Princess is usually tied up doing something else. Getting an extra turn with your Knight will give you some free time to use Princess Order.

Song of the Wind and Trees (Princess) + Shield or Break skills (Knight)
Front and Back Shield, along with the Elemental Breaks, can reduce damage enough that it can be healed with the Princess' Song of the Wind and Trees.

Punishment (Princess, at 1 LF) + Guardian (Knight)
Guardian will make the Knight take all the attacks that would have gone to your Princess, who's at less than 50% LF. This helps her stay up so that she can use Punishment.

Princess and Rogue

Song of the Moonlight will help get the Rogue's MN back if he uses Sword Trap a lot. Sword Trap costs 8 MN, which is really steep.

Hiding (Rogue) -> Princess React (Princess) + Trick React (Rogue) -> (Rogue's React fires) -> Punishment (Princess) + regular attack (Rogue), getting Ambushes
As long as the Rogue keeps dealing Ambush attacks, he'll get extra turns. This gives the Princess extra turns with her React, which she can use for Punishment.

Shriek of Falling Leaves (Princess) + Vampire (Rogue)
Shriek of Falling Leaves inflicts Bleeding, which doubles the amount of LF absorbed by Vampire.

Masked Pain (Rogue) -> Evil Voice skills or Training Whip (Princess) + Scorpio or Tarantella (Rogue) -> Triple Kiss (Rogue)
Evil Voice skills and Training Whip inflict status ailments, which give you Pain Counters if your target is in Masked Pain. If you have it, use Angelica Cage to increase the success rate of these skills.

Princess and Samurai

Scorching Rhyme will increase the Samurai's already ridiculous ATK to obscene levels. He can outdamage Mages with this.
Solid Rhyme can increase the Samurai's DEF enough so that his Jinka no React doesn't go off. Be careful with this.
The Samurai doesn't spend a lot of MN unless he relies on Kubi-Otoshi. Song of the Moonlight will keep him brimming with MN.

Princess React (Princess) + Jinka no React (Samurai) -> (Samurai's React fires) -> any attack (Samurai) + Cure spell (Princess)
The Samurai won't have to use his extra turn to use Rentan if the Princess can heal him. He can use an attack instead for some more damage.

Princess and Mage

There's not much a Princess does that can help the Mage.
The obvious healing and Solid Rhyme will help your Mage take a little more damage.
Song of the Moonlight will also help out the Mage. The Mage blows through MN like nothing else, and even Song of the Moonlight Lv. 10 won't keep up with his MN consumption before long.

Princess and Healer

Character Making
Both the Princess and Healer can fill the same role as party healer. Having both might let you shuffle around SP for some more unorthodox combinations.

With both a Princess and a Healer around, you can get Craft Mana or Song of the Moonlight. Having both of those skills might be overkill, though it will make your MN recovery just plain awesome.
It's probably better to have only one of them pick up their MN recovery skill. The other can use her SP on something else.
If your Healer picks up Craft Mana, your Princess can rely on Evil Voice or Whip skills. This can save you 20 SP for both Noble Mastery Lv. 10 and Song of the Moonlight Lv. 7.
If you still want Scorching Rhyme or Solid Rhyme, getting them will be fairly inexpensive - you'll need Noble Mastery Lv. 1, and you don't really need to go higher unless you want Angelica Cage.
If your Princess learns Song of the Moonlight, then she'll probably be a Holy Voice Princess.
Your Healer, though, doesn't need to get Recovery Mastery to Lv. 10, or INT Bonus to Lv. 5, if she doesn't need to. This can save a good chunk of points.

If your Princess is picking up both Cure and Cure II, your Healer might be able to back off a bit on healing skills to pick up some other skills that aren't often used.
Recover I and Recover II can not cure Charm, so the Princess' Lullaby of Rippling Waters might still see some use. It should only cost a few SP to get it, so there's not too much harm.
Your Princess might not need to get Cure II, which is the only skill that she'd need INT Bonus Lv. 5 for. With a Healer, she can just get Cure and leave INT Bonus at Lv. 1.
You also might be able to have your Princess not take any healing skills at all.

Princess React (Princess) + Dead Man's React (Healer) -> (Healer's React fires) -> Resurrection (Healer) + Cure spell (Princess) or Hyupno Crystal (Princess) + Cure spell (Healer)
If Resurrection is still at low levels, or if you feel it doesn't heal nearly as much LF as it needs to, then you can have your Princess pick up the slack with a Cure or Cure II.
If your Princess consistently goes before your Healer, though, you'll have to use a resurrection item (the Hyupno Crystal) and follow up with a Cure spell if you need to resurrect someone with as much LF as you can. The 100 LF that Hyupno Crystals leave you with might not be that good later in the game when your Max LF is really high, and that's when this combo sees use.

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