Party Making

Party Roles

Life Recovery
Importance: High
Jobs: Healer, Princess

Jobs that can heal other party members' LF are going to need to do this.
Knights can use Cure and Cure II, but their MN is too low for them to be able to keep healing unless they have some way of recovering it. The two jobs that can, ironically, are the Healer and the Princess.
Healing items are rather expensive in this game, Palo Fruit excepting, and it's all but impossible for most parties to go though the game without taking a good chunk of damage.
From mid-game, you'll probably need at least one person who can heal your party.

Mana Recovery
Importance: High
Jobs: Healer, Princess

There aren't many ways to recover MN in the game, and the items that recover MN are even more expensive than ones that recover LF.
If you've got a Mage or a Knight, you'll find that they need to blow through MN to do most of the things they can offer your party. If you've got either of those two, you'll want someone who can recover MN from the beginning of the game until the end of the game.
The Healer can recover MN for the party, but he recovers his own MN slower than he can recover it for his allies. You might be able to have your Healer recover your party's MN while another party member (like a Knight) recovers LF.
One of the most important things about this skill is that it is related to the amount of time a party member can stay in the Life Recovery role. If you don't have MN, you can't heal except with items. If you need to heal for a long time, then you'll need MN recovery. By themselves, Knights might find it hard to be the party healer, but with Song of the Moonlight up, they'll have no trouble doing so.

Status Recovery
Importance: Medium
Jobs: Healer, Princess

The Princess and Fighter can overwrite some status ailments, but this won't take care of all of them.
Some status ailments are really nasty to get hit with, like Confusion and Charm. If any of those two get on a physical attacker, then you risk a Game Over if you don't take care of it immediately. Both the Healer and the Princess can recover this, and the Fighter can prevent it from happening to himself.
Petrification and Skill Seal are two other nasty status ailments to watch out for.
Status recovery items can be expensive like anything else, and if you're not watching it and use them with reckless abandon, you might drain your wallet to the point that you might not be able to buy decent equipment.
If you have someone who can recover status ailments, this will reduce the need to blow away random encounters for their items, and can save you some round trips from the dungeon to the inn.
However, if your status recoverer gets hit with the wrong status ailment, he won't be able to help you. You'll still need some status recovery items, just not as many.

Importance: Medium
Jobs: Healer

Resurrection items are very valuable and very expensive. You can make do with them, but you might not be able to stock up on many of them.
Having someone around that can get your allies back up after they've been knocked down will reduce the risk of getting a Game Over by quite a bit. You won't have to run back to the inn to do that, either.
You'll breath a sigh of relief when fighting against enemies with instant death attacks, too.
If your Healer reaches 0 LF, he obviously won't be able to resurrect anyone. You'll need a few resurrection items to combat this.

Defensive Support
Importance: Medium to High
Jobs: Knight

Depending on your party, you might need to find some way to reduce the damage you take.
If your party is filled with members with low DEF, then putting a Knight in your party might be a good idea.

Full Party Attack
Importance: Medium
Jobs: Fighter, Mage, Knight (depending on circumstances)

You'll run into random encounters with 3 or more enemies, and by damaging them all at once, you can take them out faster.
The faster you take them out, the less damage they'll do to you.

Field Support
Importance: High
Jobs: Knight, Samurai, Mage, Healer

You can reduce the number of random encounters you face with the Samurai's Demonic Countenance or the Healer's Invisibility.
The damage you take from stepping on Flowers can be reduced and nullified by the Knight's Walk Safe.
Instantly exiting out of dungeons and instantly traveling to portals can be done with the Mage's Exit and Portal Jump. Items can do this, too, and they're not expensive.
You can get through the game without these, but for convenience you might want some of these jobs in your party for these skills.

Party Combinations

Team Standard

  • Fighter: Attack Kill, Element Follower, Meat Eater
  • Knight: Guardian, Walk Safe
  • Mage: Mana Bullet, Mage's Concentrate
  • Healer: Craft Mana, Invisibility

This party is mentioned in the manual as a party aimed towards beginners.
The Fighter deals physical damage, the Mage deals magical damage. The Knight is there to protect your allies, and the Healer recovers LF and MN. It's a very balanced party, and can go through the game without much trouble.
You'll want Craft Mana as soon as you can to help the Mage continue to blast away enemies with spells.
The Knight can pick up other Guard skills like Defensive Shift to help out the weak Healer and Mage.
Regular attacks will usually be up to the Fighter only, however. You can use Craft Mana to get your Mage some MN and have him take all your enemies out with one spell.
Invisibility will help you explore dungeons without many random encounters to take up your time.

Team Easy Mode

  • Samurai: Demonic Countenance
  • Rogue: Casual Behavior
  • Knight: Walk Safe, Guardian, Front Shield
  • Healer or Princess

With Demonic Countenance (Samurai) and Safe Walk (Knight), you won't have any trouble running through dungeons.
If you've got enough status recovery and resurrection items, you can use a Princess for your fourth party member. If you don't like relying on items, bring a Healer.
The bulk of your damage is going to come from your Samurai and your Rogue. With Casual Behavior, the Rogue will just push out damage like nothing else, and the Samurai's damage is also top class.
You won't have any magic damage, but you can level Casual Behavior (Rogue) and get some good katana at around mid-game. Seeing as the physical damage will just pour like a waterfall, and even outpaces the magical damage a Mage can do, there really aren't too many problems with the lack of spells.
If there's any real weakness, though, it's that there's no real good way to do full party damage with this team. Whenever a dungeon throws multiple enemies at you, you'll just have to suck up the damage and concentrate your attacks on single targets. It's slower to take encounters out that way, which will make you take more damage, so you should shore up your healing with the Knight's Cure or the Rogue's Vampire.

Team Bladed Nightmares

  • Samurai: Iai (Zeppa Uchi, Sente Dachi), Demonic Countenance, Fubuki, Jinka no React.
  • Rogue: Scopio, Vampire, Hiding, Replace First, Casual Behavior, Dagger Fetish.
  • Knight: Walk Safe, Front Shield, Defensive Shift, Knight Blade, Save the Queen, Cure I.
  • Princess: Evil Voice (Temptation to Feinting), Cure I, Holy Voice (Solid & Scorching Rhyme), Princess Order.

A modification of the easy mode team, has the interesting thing of everyone is supposed to sit in the front row and pump out physical damage as quickly as possible. However, it also works well in the long run: the Princess specialises in locking down mobs with Sleep then buffing the party to deal more damage and take less. Combined with Defensive Shift and Front Shield from the Knight, the party should take a fraction of the usual damage. The Samurai can Skill Seal and provide Ice damage if needed, the Rogue can poison etc. Then, obviously you slash away. With all this support, you shouldn't need to worry about the lack of full party damage.

This party comes together very quickly and was found to be effective as early as level 4. The Samurai focuses on Unarmed stuff early on until Katanas show up, of course. Once the Princess has maxxed out Temptation to Feinting, she can probably head up the Holy Voice tree further. She probably won't need Song of the Moonlight, but Song of the Wind and Trees will help.

Team Endurance Fighting

  • Knight: Back Shield, Save the Queen, Walk Safe
  • Princess: Scorching Rhyme, Song of the Moonlight, Princess Order
  • Mage: Mana Bullet, Mage's Concentrate
  • Healer: Craft Mana, Invisibility

This party concentrates on fighting swarms of dragons, one after another. You'll be doing this most of the time in most dungeons you'll walk through, and this party makes this its specialty.
Since you've got both Song of the Moonlight (Princess) and Craft Mana (Healer), your party will be almost fainting from the excess amount of MN they can recover in a single turn. Even with Recovery Springs nearby, you can keep fighting and fighting as long as you use either of the two, or both.
You'll also have Walk Safe to reduce the damage you take from those poison Flowers you'll see everywhere. By the time the latter half of the game rolls around, this party should come together.
The party's damage is a little bit on the disappointing side, though. Your Mage will more than likely be the focus of your offense with Mage's Concentrate.
The Knight, if he can spare the turns, can fire out some damage with some help from Scorching Rhyme (Princess) and Princess Order (Princess). He'll be defending your party otherwise, since he's the only durable member you've got.

Team Endurance Fighting, Number Two

  • Fighter: Attack Kill, Rush Edge, Element Follower
  • Princess: Solid Rhyme, Song of the Wind and Trees, Song of the Moonlight
  • Mage: Mana Bullet, Heaven's Press, Mage's Concentrate
  • Healer: Cure All, Craft Mana, Enemy Sense

Again, in most dungeons, you're going to be running into dragons left and right. This party specializes in taking them on one after another, even if they keep jumping into a fight you're in already.
This trades a Knight for a Fighter for some more damage. You won't have Walk Safe, so you'll be feeling it from Flowers. You'll still have a Princess and a Healer, so as long as you remember to heal everyone every so often, you should be fine. For those times where you get caught with low HP, there's Enemy Sense (Healer).
The Fighter can do damage to multiple enemies with Rush Edge or Element Follower, and will protect your fragile other members by using Attack Kill against whichever enemy does the most physical damage.
And, it might be easy to spot if you're familiar with the skills, but your main damage will come from a Mana spell + Element Follower combo.
This isn't a party that relies on React skills, either. The Healer's Dead Man's React is good to keep your party up, but that's about it.
With both Song of the Moonlight (Princess) and Craft Mana (Healer), you probably won't ever run out of MN.
Once you get Danger Sense (Party Skill), you'll be able to see when you're about to get into an encounter. Remember to heal up before you do.

Team Safe Exploration

  • Knight: Walk Safe
  • Samurai: Demonic Countenance
  • Mage: Portal Jump, Exit
  • Healer: Enemy Sense

Otherwise known as Team Flower Stomping.

The Samurai's Demonic Countenance can lower your encounter rate to zero if you're higher level than any enemy around you.
Safe Walk (Knight) is around so that you don't take damage from Flowers.
In case your Demonic Countenance runs out before you know it and you get into an encounter, the Healer has Enemy Sense.
Once you're nearly out of MN, your Mage can teleport you to safety with Exit and Portal Jump.
This party also has good damage with the Mage and Samurai, good healing with the Healer, and good defense with the Knight. You could make this your main party if you wanted.

Team No Brains

  • Knight: Walk Safe
  • Fighter: Double Attack (a Sword Fighter is ideal)
  • Princess: Holy Voice songs
  • Healer: Enemy Sense

Suited to those players who don't want to think too much.

This doesn't think about skill combos or any crafty tricks to use in battle, and is a straight-forward, beatdown party.
Since there's not much thought involved, you'll be pressing A for Attack against random battles. Against bosses, have your Princess use Scorching Rhyme, and other Holy Voice songs. Then press A for Attack. (That's what the letter stands for, right? There's gotta be an alphabet song for this.)
The only party member who'll be using any MN at all will be your Healer, so be sure to pick up Song of the Moonlight for symbol encounters and bosses, or whenever you're starting to run low on MN.
If your Knight and Princess both learn Cure spells, your Healer can be free to do heal status ailments or something.
This party will see some trouble against enemies that are hard to physically damage.
Aside from this, random encounters can get pretty boring when all you do is mash A. You can get Invisibility (Healer) so that you don't have to bother with them.
It's said Sword Fighters are quicker than Axe Fighters in general, though this might be a feeling people get from the skills they use. Sword skills are faster than Axe skills in general, so if you want to use skills, a Sword Fighter will get your attacks out faster. This means you might defeat an enemy before it can take its turn to do damage to you.
If it starts feeling tough, raise your levels by one or two. Against enemies that soak up physical damage like a sponge, you might want a Mage around at the Guild Office.

Team No Brains 2

  • Knight: Shield skills, Walk Safe
  • Fighter: Attack Kill, Genocide Task
  • Samurai: Tate-Ichimonji, Demonic Countenance
  • Princess: Holy Voice skills

1. Walk Safe (Knight) and Demonic Countenance (Samurai) make exploration easy. The party's attack and defense are about what you'd expect.
2. Get Solid Rhyme (Princess) out, and if you need more defense, use Shield skills (Knight) and/or Attack Kill (Fighter).
3. With Scorching Rhyme (Princess), your Fighter and Samurai will dish out damage like dessert.
4. Song of the Moonlight (Princess), Demonic Countenance (Samurai), and Genocide Task (Fighter) will either save you MN, or regenerate whatever MN you've lost.

You can't get any easier than Genocide Task. You don't even have to mash A. This party's been balanced around that skill, with preference to defense.
You can get by with using Attack Kill and Holy Voice skills while mashing A for Attack (for your other party members), if you'd prefer to do it that way.
You'll even be able to Genocide Task through some dragons.
With your rock-solid defense, you won't really need a Healer. Be sure to have some recovery items with you at all times just in case, though.

Niche Parties

Team OMG MY TURN!!!1!!1!!

  • Princess: Princess React
  • Princess: Princess React
  • Princess: Princess React
  • Rogue: Hiding, Trick React

Your Rogue will be around to get the entire party Extra Turns.
Once you get Hiding up, fire out all your Reacts. Then, let your Rogue go into Ambush and rake in the turns.
Keep in mind, the entire party takes damage about as well as a pack of kittens, and that's just depressing. (Think of the kittens.)
Setting up everyone's Reacts will take a turn, too.

Team OMG MY TURN!!!1!!1!! 2@@!#!

  • Princess: Princess React
  • Princess: Princess React
  • Rogue: Hiding, Trick React
  • Rogue: Hiding, Trick React

Just like the above, except with two Rogues, you'll have two chances to Ambush every turn. You'll get more Extra Turns this way.

Team Terror

  • Princess: Training Whip, Request skills
  • Princess: Training Whip
  • Princess: Training Whip
  • Fighter: Balance Kill

Balance Kill (Fighter) with a barrage of three Training Whips will put an enemy into Fear as fast as you can.
After they're in Fear, hit them with Request skills, and keep them in Fear by using Training Whip more.
If you encounter an enemy that's really resistant to Fear, then use EX for an Angelica Cage.
You can combo Killing React with Princess React if you'd like.

There's a Genocide Task combo you can use, too.
Scorching Rhyme (Princess) + Defense Kill (Fighter) -> Temptation of Fainting (Princess) -> Genocide Task (Fighter)

Team Princess

  • Princess: Training Whip, Request skills
  • Princess: Holy Voice skills
  • Princess: Holy Voice skills
  • Princess

This one's for those out there who just want to have every one of the four different Princesses in a party.
One Princess should be loaded with all the DEF increasing gear you can get, with POW Bonus Lv. 10. It's probably obvious, but put that Princess in the front row, and leave everyone else in the back.
Be sure to have enough healing and Solid Rhyme so that Princess can stay in the front row without taking too much damage.
In the back, have one attacker, and two Princess with different Holy Voice skills. You'll be able to use two songs a turn, and all the Holy Voice songs you have can be out in two turns. You can use this to pull dragons into a random encounter.
Since you don't have Balance Kill helping you out, you'll need Training Whip at Lv. 10 for it to be worthwhile. Training Mastery Lv. 10 will make it come out quicker, so be sure to raise that too.
Everyone here can potentially regenerate lost MN, but when you think about it, you might be using Requests every single turn. If you raise them to Lv. 4 or 5, you'll be regenerating MN while you command your enemies.
Using Requests will pretty much stop your enemies from doing anything to you if they're in Fear, but you'll still need to deal with status ailments. If everyone (or most of your party) has Cure II, and you have a bag full of status recovery and resurrection items, you'll be able to recover from most anything.
With four Princesses, you can combo four Teachings of the Queen, and get more than twice the Exp. enemies give you from battles. This will raise your levels pretty fast, which might make up for some of the weaknesses you might have.

Team Corpse

  • Princess: (0 LF)
  • Knight: Knight's Fury
  • Knight: Knight's Fury
  • Knight: Knight's Fury

First, your Princess takes the role of the corpse. Unconscious Princesses increase the damage of Knight's Fury the most.
Since the damage of Knight's Fury increases with more corpses, feel free to add more corpses to your party. Also, Princesses go well with Knights, so feel free to swap her role with one of your many Knights if you'd like.
Knight's Fury is a really good skill that does full party damage and doesn't cost much MN. Knights also take damage like brick walls, so even if you've only got one left, you'll still be able to put up a fight.

Team Kiss

  • Rogue: Masked Pain, Triple Kiss, Tarantella
  • Princess: Temptation of Revenge
  • Fighter: Balance Kill
  • Healer: Venom

Masked Pain (Rogue) -> Triple Kiss (Rogue) is what you're looking for. You'll need Pain Counters, though, so that's where everyone else comes in.
Use the Fighter's Balance Kill after your Rogue uses Masked Pain, and you'll be able to inflict enough status ailments to get your Pain Counters.
If you don't mind losing your Healer (ouch), you could bring a Samurai instead for Casual Behavior (Rogue). This will increase the damage Triple Kiss will do, and the Samurai does a lot of damage with some chance of inflicting status ailments.
The Princess' Temptation of Revenge works really well in getting Pain Counters. Not many enemies, or bosses, are resistant to Curse, and it hits often.
If you're worried about physical attacks, you might take a Provoke or Guardian Knight with you, or aim for Venom Infector counter attacks.

Masked Pain (Rogue) + Balance Kill (Fighter) -> Tarantella (Rogue) + Temptation of Revenge (Princess) + Venom (Healer) -> Triple Kiss (Rogue)

Team Glass Cannon

  • Fighter: Element Follower
  • Samurai: Zamba Switch, Sakaba-Uchi (with other Zamba skills)
  • Rogue: Casual Behavior (Bow)
  • Mage: Elemental spells, Pharmaceuticals

The Fighter and Samurai have ridiculous attack power, and the Rogue gets his ridiculous attack power from Casual Behavior. With a Mage heading up the magic attack, you'll have a team entirely dedicated to wiping out your enemies before they can do it to you.
The main strategy for this team is simply not to think about support skills at all. Throw out your most damaging attacks from the get go, and blow your enemies away before you start feeling the hurt.
The Mage and Fighter have your full party attack skills covered, and you'll be able to do every single type of damage in the game. There will be no blind spots in your offense, and you'll have everything you need to bypass any resistance your enemies might have.
Even after all that, defense and recovery will really become deadly after a while, especially against status ailments. If anyone other than the Mage gets hit with Confusion or Charm, then you might be Game Overing with all the attack power you've got.
If your Mage takes Pharmaceuticals, then your recovery will be taken care of, but you'll still need plenty of items. Just fill your inventory with them, and try not to cry at your expenses.
You need to take out bosses as quick as you can, so in all honesty, you'll also need either luck or levels if you want to clear the game with this party.
If you take out the Rogue and put in a Knight, you'll take away the main selling point of the party, but you'll have Walk Safe and Cure spells, which will increase your survivability by a lot. If you want to clear the game with a normal party, and not with a specialized party like this, then by all means, bring in a Knight. You'll still have Element Follower for full party damage.

Team Punishment

  • Princess: Punishment
  • Princess: Punishment
  • Princess: Punishment
  • Knight: Guardian

Get your Princesses to nearly 0 LF, and have your Knight use Guardian to protect them.
Your Knight will only be using Guardian. Your Princesses will be beating foes senseless with Punishment.
Since you'll Game Over if your Knight goes down, you'll need to use items or Cure to keep him up.
Also, LF increasing items will increase the damage Punishment does, so be sure to equip them on your Princesses. Your Knight might want Toughness Heart or Defensive Arts to increase the damage he can take.
Watch out for counter skills like Needle Guard, and watch your LF carefully.

Team Normal Punishment

  • Princess: Punishment, Temptation of Fainting
  • Princess: Punishment, Song of the Moonlight
  • Healer: Resurrection, Enemy Sense
  • Knight: Guardian

You'll be able to go through the game regularly with this party.

Lock down your enemies with Temptation of Fainting (Princess), and for long battles, you'll have Song of the Moonlight (Princess) to recover your MN.
Status ailments, surprise attacks, or your Knight going down will wreck your party, so take a Princess out and put in a Healer. This will give you the breathing space you need.
You'll burn through MN like nothing, so for short battles, you might want your Healer to take Craft Mana.

Team React Punishment

  • Princess: Punishment, Princess React
  • Princess: Punishment, Princess React
  • Rogue: Hiding, Trick React
  • Knight: Guardian

Guardian and Hiding. That is all.
With Trick React, your Princesses can get extra turns with every Ambush your Rogue makes.

Hiding (Rogue) -> Trick React (Rogue) + Princess React (Princess) + Princess React (Princess) ->
Regular attack (Rogue), getting Ambushes ->
(extra turn) Regular attack (Rogue), getting Ambushes + Punishment (Princess) + Punishment (Princess)

Team Casual Behavior

  • Samurai
  • Rogue: Casual Behavior
  • Rogue: Casual Behavior
  • Rogue: Casual Behavior

With the Samurai around, your Rogues will deal some massive damage.
If you want Knight's Fury, then take a Rogue out for the Knight.

Team Counter and React

  • Samurai: Cloud Counters, Jinka no React
  • Rogue: Sword Trap, Casual Behavior
  • Healer: Resurrection, Dead Man's React
  • Princess: Princess React

This party deals damage with the Samurai's Cloud Counters and the Rogue's Sword Trap.
If you end up taking too much damage, your Healer and Princess' Reacts will fire, letting you get them back up in a hurry. This works against bosses and symbol encounters.
Against random encounters, your Samurai and Rogue can do a lot of damage with their regular attacks, and the Healer and Princess can take care of recovery for long battles.
Even if you're relying on being attacked to get your damage out, this party is pretty safe.

Team Full Counter

  • Knight
  • Knight
  • Knight
  • Mage: Veil spells

Cast Veil spells on your Knights, and the Veils will counter attack automatically while the Knights take little damage with their awesome DEF. Just have your Knights learn Cure for some recovery.
You could take a Knight out for a Sword Trap Rogue if you want to increase the damage you can potentially do.
As long as your Mage is Lv. 2, he can cast Veils. This party starts coming together pretty early.

Team No Equipment Counter

  • Rogue: Sword Trap
  • Rogue: Sword Trap
  • Healer: Resurrection, Craft Mana, Dead Man's React
  • Healer: Resurrection, Craft Mana, Dead Man's React

Put your Rogues in the front and your Healers in the back.
Sword Trap deals damage based on how much damage you receive, so have your Rogues with no equipment, and as low a level as possible.
If you can increase your Rogues' MN with equipment, do so.

Any physical damage you take will be large, and the Rogues will return this damage with a multiplier with Sword Trap. This party can't do anything against magic and status ailments.
Your Rogues will only be using Sword Trap. Sword Mastery and ATK bonuses won't do anything to increase the damage you do with Sword Trap, so don't bother with them. You will need Sword Mastery and POW Bonus at Lv. 5 to learn Sword Trap, though.
Your Healers will put up Dead Man's React and use Craft Mana every turn. When someone goes down, the Healers will get an extra turn to Resurrect them. If you want to cut down on the MN you'll use for Resurrection, you can use Life Salvation.
For short battles, you can put another Sword Trap Rogue in for a Healer. You might need to combo Healer's Concentrate -> Resurrection with your last Healer.
If you get backed into a corner, use Vessel of Miracles (Healer) to get you out of it.

Team Mage Killers

  • Rogue: Sonic Shot
  • Rogue: Sonic Shot
  • Rogue: Sonic Shot
  • Princess: Scorching Rhyme, Song of the Moonlight

Any enemy that uses ranged attacks will be taken down with this party.
This party could be really useful against dragons that like to bombard your party with full party magic attacks.
A Princess is in for support, but you could put in a Samurai for Casual Behavior (Rogue) and Demonic Countenance (Samurai), or a Healer for Craft Mana and Invisibility.

Team Dead Man's React

  • Healer: Craft Mana
  • Healer: Resurrection, Dead Man's React
  • Healer: Resurrection, Dead Man's React
  • Princess: Song of the Moonlight, Princess React

Leave the Craft Mana Healer in the front as a decoy, and when he goes down, resurrect him immediately in your Extra Turn so that your back row doesn't take full damage.
The Craft Mana Healer needs lots of SPD. Your Resurrection Healers will use their Reacts on the first turn, so giving all your SPD increasing equipment to your Craft Mana Healer will do.
If the Craft Mana Healer gets Petrified, you might be facing a Game Over. If he goes down from Poison, for some reason the React won't fire until the end of the next turn. If you can live through one turn of attacks, you can resurrect your fallen Healer then.
You might be able to pull this off with 4 Healers, or 2 Princess and 2 Healers, but your damage will be lacking, and you might run out of MN.

Team Genocide Task

  • Fighter: Genocide Task
  • Fighter
  • Princess: Song of the Wind and Trees, Song of the Moonlight
  • (Free)

You should probably take Double Attack (Fighter), and other Holy Voice songs (Princess) as well.

After your Princess sings her songs, have your Fighter use Genocide Task. From there, sit back and watch the exchange.
To put it simply, this is another team that has to take out its enemies before they get taken out. Your MN consumption won't be much with the Princess' LF and MN regenerating songs.
This party can't do much against status ailments or enemies resistant to physical damage, so while putting in another Fighter is tempting, you're better off getting a second support member, or a Mage.
Having an Axe Fighter, or a Samurai with Zamba Switch and Shishi-Funjin no Seme would go well with this party.
Attack Kill (Fighter) might help reduce the damage your party takes while they go Genocide Task. Use it while your Princess is busy singing.

Team Genocide Task, Once Again

  • Fighter: Genocide Task, Berserk, Offensive Switch, POW Bonus
  • Knight: Cure Lv. 5, Walk Safe, Chivalry Mastery, Ultima Guard, POW Bonus
  • Rogue: Sword Mastery, Dagger Fetish, Casual Behavior, POW Bonus
  • Samurai: Katana Mastery, Zamba Switch, POW Bonus

The concept for this party is to just use Genocide Task to make it through every dungeon you come across.
If you want as much damage from your Fighter, use an Axe Fighter. If you want the MN Bonus from the ultimate sword, then go for a Sword Fighter.
Each party member can dish out 400 - 800 damage every turn. Yay for brainless whumpitude.

Team Genocide Task, Evolution

  • Fighter: Double Attack, Genocide Task
  • Rogue: Hiding, Trick React
  • Rogue: Hiding, Trick React
  • Princess: Scorching Rhyme, Cure, Princess React

Genocide Task (Fighter) and Scorching Rhyme (Princess) increase your ATK, and you'll be getting Extra Turns from the Rogue's Hiding -> Trick React combo, which the Princess will benefit from with Princess React. It's like their brains are muscles, too.
It goes without saying, but passive skills are the way to go. Level your Mastery skills (Sword Mastery, Dagger Fetish). The Princess might be able to use other Holy Voice skills, too.
For the first two turns, you'll be using Hiding and Trick React. Past this, your Fighter can use Genocide Task and your party can get to beating. You won't even need Exhaust.
This party will feel the hurt against enemies who counter physical attacks.
Against enemies with ATK Downs, Genocide Task won't help at all. With an Axe Fighter, you could switch your strategy to a Masked Pain strategy.
Masked Pain (Rogue) + Balance Kill (Fighter) -> Triple Kiss (Rogue)

Team Genocide Task, Return

  • Fighter: Double Attack, Tidal Wave, Genocide Task
  • Rogue: Hiding, Trick React, Casual Behavior
  • Samurai: Zamba Switch, Jinka no React
  • Princess: Scorching Rhyme, Angelica Cage, Cure, Princess React

This party attempts to take out bosses with Genocide Task, Casual Behavior, and Tidal Wave (for Skill Seal).
The Fighter might take Defend Kill, if you want to get a little more damage every attack.
As always, get your party's passive skills up (Sword Mastery, etc.). Other Holy Voice skills (Princess) wouldn't hurt either.

Against bosses, start the battle off with Angelica Cage (Princess) + Tidal Wave (Fighter) to seal your enemy's skills. Your Samurai will be going into Zamba and your Rogue into Hiding on that turn.
On the second turn, get your Reacts up (except for the Fighter, whose React isn't great at all against bosses), and your slow Fighter will end the turn with Genocide Task.
If you'd like to soften the boss up a bit more, then you can spend some more turns using Defend Kill or skills like Offensive Switch or Scorching Rhyme.

After your done with all your preparations, Genocide Task away and watch your party wail away.

Team Arrow Follower

  • Fighter: Arrow Follower
  • Rogue: Falling Star, Casual Behavior
  • Samurai: Zeppa-Uchi
  • Princess: Holy Voice skills

The combo you'll be using is:
Falling Star (Rogue) -> (wait two turns) -> EX Element Follower (Fighter) + Bow attack (Rogue)

Casual Behavior and Scorching Rhyme will help you increase the damage the combo does.

The Fighter and Rogue will do your damage. With Balance Kill and Angelica Cage will help get Zeppa-Uchi to seal skills, and you can always EX the skill for a better chance for Skill Seal.
Every party member complements each other, and the support this party gives each member is quite awesome to see in action.

If you've got Angelica Cage up when Falling Star is going to hit, then you might aim for Sleep Shot for some extra damage with Arrow Follower.
It also works well with Fubuki and Rai-Rai. They'll do about as much damage as each other with Angelica Cage.

Team Arrow Follower 2

  • Fighter: Arrow Follower
  • Rogue: Falling Star
  • Rogue: Falling Star
  • Princess: Holy Voice skills

This party can use the Falling Star combo twice in a single turn.
By using an EX Element Follower on the turn that two Falling Stars hit, and with two bow attacks with your Rogues, you'll have 4 EX Arrow Followers go out in a single turn, by spending just 1 EX.
The Princess' Scorching Rhyme will increase your damage even more, but if you want more safety, you can use a Healer instead.

Team Sacrifice

  • Rogue: Sacrifice
  • Rogue: Sacrifice
  • Rogue: Sacrifice
  • Mage

A three-man Rogue Bomb for dragon killing. It takes a while to get three more Rogues with Sacrifice to use it again.
You can use your Mage's full party elemental spells while you raise more Sacrifice Rogues.

Team True Sacrifice

  • Rogue: Sacrifice
  • Rogue: Sacrifice
  • Rogue: Sacrifice
  • Knight: Knight's Fury

Like the other Sacrifice party, but this uses Knight's Fury (Knight) for the full party follow up.
On turn 1, your Knight will use Guard React. On turn 2, have your Knight use Ultima Guard and fire the Rogue Bomb. On the Extra Turns he'll probably get, use Knight's Fury.
Knight's Fury will do more damage than the Mage's spells, but raising up more Sacrifice Rogues will be even worse.

Team Magi

  • Knight: Defense Shift, Guardian, Elemental Breaks
  • Mage: Flame, Heaven's Press, Pharmaceuticals
  • Mage: Freeze, Heaven's Press, Pharmaceuticals
  • Mage: Shock, Heaven's Press, Pharmaceuticals

This party leaves blowing away your enemies to the Mages and their spells.
Random enemies will be blasted to nothingness with a barrage of Heaven's Press. Against bosses, your Knight will take up defending your fragile Mages, and your Mages will aim for whatever element the boss is weak against.
You'll need lots of recovery items, though, so you might find your wallet empty more times than you'd like.

Team Artillery Vanguard

  • Knight: Provoke & Parry, Guard Mastery, Back Shield, Safe Walk, Defensive Shift
  • Healer: Cure I, Restore I & II, Ressurection, Craft Mana, Vessel of Miracles, Invisibility.
  • Mage: All three Veils, Shock spells, Pharmaceuticals
  • Mage: Mana Bullet, Heavens Press, Concentrate, Warp and Gate

A slightly different Team Magi, this becomes more survivable due to the Healer showing up. The knight takes the front row by themselves, and Provokes and Parries to attract damage away from the squishies. At the same time, he is covered by Veils from one of the Mages to punish those attacking him…lots. When everyone looks fine, the Healer is crafting mana (as this is a VERY MN intensive party), and then healing when that is needed. Meanwhile, the other mage just bombards everything with Mana Spells (either Concentrate + Mana Bullet or Heavens Press). The party hinges on the Knights survival, so be sure to give him all the best equipment and watch his LF. The team comes together around fully about Level 14-15.

In case it isn't obvious, turn proceedings are:
Turn 1: Provoke + Craft Mana/Thwack + Veil the Knight + Concentrate/Mana Bullet
2 & Subsequent: Parry + Heal/Craft Mana + Shoot Elemental Spells + Shoot Mana Spells
Alternatively: Back Shield + Heal/Craft Mana + Veil the Knight/Shoot Spells + Concentrate/Mana Bullet etc.

Also, if you want, you can swap a Mage (the mana one, probably) for an Element Follow Sword Fighter. If you do, Back Shield should be dropped and Provoke + Parry focused on, as the Fighter will be in the Front. I'm not sure if Element Follower happens after ever Veil Counter. If it does, then this will pump out obscene amounts of damage, especially if you can get the weakness right.

Team Angelica Cage

  • Fighter: Element Follower
  • Samurai: Zamba Switch, Rai-Rai
  • Mage: Elemental spells
  • Princess: Scorching Rhyme, Angelica Cage

You won't have Walk Safe, but you'll have a Princess that can heal and use Scorching Rhyme to increase the ATK of your Samurai and Fighter.
This party makes bosses cry. The damage combo you'll use is:
Scorching Rhyme (Princess) + Zamba Switch (Samurai) + Mage's Concentrate (Mage) + Defensive Switch (Fighter) ->
Angelica Cage (Princess) + Rai-Rai (Samurai) + Elemental spell (Mage) + Element Follower (Fighter), repeat the attacks for three turns

Team Element Follower

  • Fighter: Rush Edge or Grand Buster, Attack Kill, Element Follower
  • Mage: Elemental spells, Mage's Concentrate
  • Mage: Elemental spells, Mage's Concentrate
  • Healer: Recovery spells, Craft Mana

Your standard boss killer party. This party aims to end boss battles quick.
Against random encounters, two full party spells (Mage) and a Rush Edge or Grand Buster (Fighter) will blast them away. Have your Healer use Craft Mana to get back the MN you used.
You could use a Princess instead of a Healer, but most random battles won't last past the first turn, so Song of the Moonlight won't recover any MN. The Healer is a better pick.

Against symbol encounters or bosses, prepare a Defensive Switch for Element Follower (Fighter), and have your Mages prepare a Mage's Concentrate for their spells.
Defensive Switch (Fighter) + Mage's Concentrate (Mage) + Mage's Concentrate (Mage) -> Element Follower (Fighter) + Elemental spell (Mage) + Elemental spell (Mage)

You'll rip off two Element Follows in a single round with two Concentrated spells for some massive damage. Toss in EX whenever you'd like for some real hurt.
Against bosses, you'll be doing the same thing, except you'll need to get Attack Kill off on turn 1 to reduce the boss' ATK. This is the time to use EX on your spells and Element Follower.

Your Healer will be using recovery spells to keep everyone healthy. If he's got a free turn, use Craft Mana.
This party is slow, though. Expect to go after all your enemies have attacked you. Most your party can't take damage well, so be careful of accidents.

Team Element Follower 2

  • Fighter: Rush Edge or Grand Buster, Attack Kill, Element Follower, Berserk
  • Mage: Elemental spells, Mage's Concentrate
  • Mage: Elemental spells, Mage's Concentrate
  • Princess: Scorching Rhyme, Angelica Cage, Cure

EX Element Follower with EX Mage's Concentrated spells, with Scorching Rhyme and more EX for Angelica Cage. This party burns EX like butter for bosses.
Your Fighter and Mages should be able to end random encounters in one turn.
Against symbol encounters, Mage's Concentrated spells with Element Follower should take them down.
Against bosses, you should fire off Attack Kill on the first turn. After that, get out Berserk and Scorching Rhyme.
Your Mages will be free during the first couple of turns while all the preparations are being made, so you can have the use Veil spells and Shield Craft.
Right before you're ready to hand out damage, Mage's Concentrate (Mage) and Defensive Switch (Fighter). The combo you'll be using is:
Scorching Rhyme (Princess) + Defensive Switch (Fighter) + Mage's Concentrate (Mage) + Mage's Concentrate (Mage) ->
Angelica Cage (Princess) + EX Element Follower (Fighter) + EX Elemental spell + EX Elemental spell

After this, if you've got magical attack items, your Princess can use them to fire off Element Follower another time. This can help take out a boss that's close to going down.
Since your preparations are over fast, it might be good for your Princess to take some Evil Voice skills.
Even with Attack Kill, this party can't take damage well except for the Fighter, so watch your LF. Also, Angelica Cage will strengthen your enemies' magic too, so watch out that you don't eat a meaty magic attack.
You can prevent Confusion and Charm with Berserk, but the Bleeding it will give you will be overwritten by Curse, Fear, Skill Seal, and Petrification. Be sure to have some Solmanel to cure them.
With Angelica Cage, even enemies resistant to magic will become weak against it. If your enemies are already weak against the magic you're using, it won't do anything.
You might be able to Skill Seal with The End of World with a higher chance of success, though.

Team Exiled Princess Guard

  • Fighter: Axe, Balance Kill, Purge, Defence Kill, Shield Axe, Defensive Switch
  • Fighter: Sword, Attack Kill, Rush Edge, Fang Blade, Offensive Switch
  • Princess: Training Whip, Request: Betrayal, Whip Mastery OR Evil Voice, Temptation of Feinting
  • Princess: Scorching Rhyme, Solid Rhyme, Song of Wind and Trees, Cure

A rather odd team that goes crazy with the buff/debuff lunacy, allowing:
Defence Kill, Attack Kill, Scorcing Rhyme and Solid Rhyme all at once. In addition, Fighter A Balance Kills allowing Princess A to use her abilities more effectively, Fighter B deals with mobs as required with his offense boosted Fang Blade or Rush Edge. Princess A causes havoc with inflicting Fear and ordering foes to fight among themselves (hopefully with ease due to Fighter A's Balance Kill) OR by sleeping the foe. Princess B buffs and heals the party. Add Song of the Moonlight if you feel it is needed to her repotoire. Naturally the Fighters take the Front Row, and the Princesses sit in the rear.

Team YES my Queen!

  • Knight: Front Shield, Elemental Breaks, Knights Blade, Save the Queen
  • Knight: Provoke, Defensive Shift, Parry, Save the Queen
  • Knight: Guardian, Toughness Heart, Save the Queen
  • Princess: Scorching Rhyme, Solid Rhyme, Princess Order, Whip Mastery, Cure (Song of Moonlight/ Punishment Whipping if you like)

Just for those crazy lunatics who want three knights going balmy over a Princess (gosh her ego must be huge in this party!). The princess can either sit in the front or back at your choice, and the knights just cover her incessantly with every defensive skill in the game until she has time to put up Princess Order and her buffs. Then all three knights should simultaneously charge in an attempt to run them through using Save the Queen. Song of the Moonlight would probably help if the princess is just twiddling her thumbs at the back (with occassional cures), or alternatively, she could wade into the fight with her knights by using whip skills, confident in the fact that no-one will be able to kill her (assuming the Guardian knights are doing their job).

Team Cat Ears

  • Fighter: Attack Kill
  • Samurai: Demonic Countenance
  • Mage: Pharmaceuticals
  • Princess: Holy Voice skills, Cure spells

For those of you who just want to look at four young ladies with cat ears, here are the four classes with female Rushe designs. Would these be the secret guild, the Meatball Attackers?
This is like Team Endurance Fighting 2, except with a Samurai instead of a Healer (but it keeps the Princess), so this team is pretty safe.
Without a Healer, you'll have to rely on items for status ailments and resurrection. This might be a little harsh at the beginning of the game.
You can also overwrite Confusion and Charm with the Princess' Lullaby of Rippling Waters. The Fighter can use Berserk to prevent them.
The Princess' Angelica Cage can increase the damage on your Mage's spells, your Fighter's Element Follower, and your Samurai's elemental techniques. It will also increase the chance you'll inflict status ailments, which makes The End of World more damaging and more likely to inflict Skill Seal.

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