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Name Region Beginning Condition Reward Description
Shadow That Lies in the Cave (洞穴に潜む影) Kazan Heard at the exit of town after clearing initial 3 quests. 500g, Light-class labor skill A tough monster has appeared in the Nameless Cave near town! Take it out before it does more damage. Take a map from Menas. To get to the cave, head east, cross the bridge and go north to the mountains. Trek east until you see the cave. The monster does decent damage, make sure you characters are ready for him. It should be noted the game doesn't seem to consider the mission finished (for the purposes of unlocking the other prologue quests) until after you accept the next Mission, the Presidents Request. After taking the mission reward, I think you also have to witness a scene in the Guild Building, then go into the Palace.
President's Request (大統領からの依頼) Kazan Speak with president Doris (ドリス). 1000g Go to the Miros royal palace, and listen to what they have to say. They'll give you a map to Rolakka Woods (ロラッカ森林). Talk to the person there. Exterminate the vicious unknown beast (dragon!) within. After this mission, all prologue quests you haven't done will be forcibly terminated, so be careful! After you defeat the Dragon, you'll automatically be back in Kazan. Save if you like, then chat to the Guild Master woman to proceed. After the intro, chat to all in the Miross Palace then return to your room. After this, you'll get the next mission.
Operation: Recapture Kazan! (カザン奪還作戦) Miross Clear "President's Request". After being able to leave the palace, go into the Mission Office and see a scene to begin. None Sneak into Kazan from the Rolakka Mountain Cave (ロラッカ山洞) (which is at the far end of the Rolakka Woods (ロラッカ森林) you've already been to); and overthrow the Emperor Dragon. Along the way, a Dragohammard will try to stop you. (The number you have crushed is in the lower-right of the bottom screen.) There are some nice things in a cave along the way that are missable. To get past the stream of water at the end of the cave you need to push the boulder into it. Hold A to grab it and push or pull it around with the directional buttons. You'd be amazed at how many people didn't know this!
Dead Black Suppression (デッドブラック討伐) Hiyoron Holy Water Cave Listen to what he has to say in the Aizen royal palace, then talk to the soldier at the entrance to the Holy Water Cave. 3000g Suppress Dead Black! Place the True Orb or the Glass Orb the on the pedestal to weaken him and prevent him from using his instant death attack. (The True Orb is the reward from the quest "Empress of Grief" (「嘆きの皇妃」). The Glass Orb is gotten during the quest "What a Fortune Teller Needs" (占い師に必要なもの).) It is, however, possible to kill him without either Orbs. Simply keep your LF above half of your max LF and his instant death attack will keep missing. Bear in mind, he'll revert to his true form in 6 turns if you use the Glass Orb or 10 turns if you use the True Orb.
World Pact (世界協定) Kazan Speak with Menas after clearing "Dead Black Suppression" 1500g Secure an agreement at Pleroma-Nevanplace (プレロマ・ネバンプレス). Speak with Menas. Go to the top floor of Pleroma. Speak to the 1F reception. Clear the quest "Find Faro!" (ファロを探せ!) You now have a boat! To activate it, simply walk into the sea. Ride the boat over to the port city Zeza (ゼザ). Buy "Southern Sea Steering" (南海操舵). Take the boat and head to the Imperial Territory Observation Camp (帝国領・監視キャンプ) (you'll have to cross the Yoba Slippery Sands first (ヨーバー大滑砂越)). Go back to Nevanplace. Speak to the King, and complete the next mission.
King Rushe's Test (ルシェ王からの試練) Nevanplace Must be in the middle of "World Pact". Kill the Emperor Dragon Flame Eater in the De-Vo Desert (デ=ヴォ砂漠). This mission will finish at the same time as World Pact.
Subjugation of the Unknown Emperor Dragon (謎の帝竜討伐) After clearing "World Pact." 10000g Head to 帝国領・バ=ホ (the desert ghost town) and speak with Jekke (ジェッケ). He'll tell you the detectors' locations, from where you end up if you exit the areas, are: 6 steps east, 4 steps south of the Gofa Desert (ゴーファ砂漠), 3 steps east, 7 steps north and 4 steps west of the Joroman Mountains (ジョロマン山岳), and 5 steps west, 2 steps south of the Yoba Great Slippery Sands (ヨーバー大滑砂). Defeat the Emperor Dragon "The Earth" at Joroman Mountains. If he's giving you trouble, destroy each of his body parts located on the mountain to lower his max LF.
Invisible Suppression (インビジブル討伐) Pleroma, etc. After clearing "World Pact." 10000g Speak with Faro (ファロ), and he'll give you a thin disc. You can use that to get to the secret passage in the Rolakka Mountain Cave, which will take you to the ancient ruins Nozan Vesta (ノザン=ペスタ). Find the anti-dragon weaponry "PZ," and get the air parts. Deliver them to Faro. Go to the Feru portal (the one closest to Pleroma) and talk to the guy. Another guy shows up. Talk to the first guy and answer "yes" and you have an air battle with Invisible.
Emperor Dragon "Dreadnought" Suppression (帝竜ドレッドノート討伐) Marlleaire (マレアイア) Speak with the queen, Stace. 10000g Go towards the ancient ruins Marlleaire God Tower (マレアレ神塔). Check the "Ronam"(looks like a crystal bagpipe) on the second floor, and go on to the third floor. In the west tower step on the panels in this order (ЩЙΨЛ) and for the east tower step the panels in this order (ЛΨЩЙ). The center tower, step on the panels in this order (ΨЛЙЩ).*Remember to check the Ronam in each tower.* Fight Dreadnought on the fifth floor of the center tower. Once all three Ronams have been played, you can find the Princess' EX skills on the fourth floors of the other towers.
Emperor Dragon "Flame Eater" Suppression (帝竜フレイムイーター討伐) Kazan Talk to the old man in Nigirios (ニギリオ) 1g You have to defeat the Emperor Dragon Flame Eater in Doma Volcano (ドーマ火山). Killing both of the Magmaroths on the lower floors will remove his regen status. Though its easy to beat him while he has it (Only restores 200 HP). After killing him talk to the old man again. Depending on how you answer his questions depends on the additional reward you'll get(?)
True Emperor Dragons Appear Pleroma (This is not an official mission which you accept at the office, but a series of events that progress the plot) After completing two of the following quests: Puzzle of the Emperor Dragon's Suppression, Flame Eater Suppression, Invisible Suppression Dragon Chronicles (plot item) After completing two of the missions, you will see the a cut scene of Haze's and Niara's arrival, during which we find out something interesting about Emelle, who ends up thrown into jail. Oh dear. Once the cut scene ends speak with everyone in the briefing room, then head to Kazan and talk to Menas. Go to the lower right house in Pleroma and wind your way down to the basement which is the jail. Speak with Emelle who will give you the Map of Somewhere, and Emelle's Brooch. She tells you to go to the Gororan House (ゴロランの館) on the small island South of Kazan. There you will find Aitelle (アイテル) (the red-eyed, blue-haired woman from Doris' death) who will open a portal to the Left-Behind Tokyon. You can get to it from the large center island West of Kazan. Take the portal to Tokyon, then head down to Masukami (マスカミ遺地). Stop by to activate the portal (Edo) which will allow you to get to Edo from any portal in Eden. Once you get to Masukami, speak with Aitelle then head into the maze behind her. To get to the boss fight take the following route - right, up, right, right, down, left, up, right, left, up. Hidden in one of the bookshelves is the Mage EX "End of the Wold". To find it take the following route - up, left, down, up, right, right, down, right, up, left, up, down, right, down, left, down, up, right, up. If at any time you get lost, take this route to get back to the start - right, down, right. Defeat Takehaya and receive the Dragon Chronicles. Go back and report to Menas, then go to Pleroma and talk to Nowari (ノワリー).
Haze Suppression Barolian Great Woods (This is not an official mission which you accept at the office, but a series of events that progress the plot) After defeating Takehaya Doris Sword (plot item) Battle your way through the new Barolian Forest, and defeat Haze at the end. Every five turns, Haze's portrait will shift slightly - you are trying to turn Haze into a weapon. Defeating Haze will instantly generate the Doris Sword, or Faro's Dragon Shifting Technology will fully change Haze on turn 20, ending the battle. If you're looking for a map, you can move the corpse of the one guy to find a map under it.
The Bridge to the Future (未来へのきざはし) Kazan After you defeat Haze and get the Doris Sword Credits The final mission in the game. To complete it, head to the Crimson Spire, which is at the large island on the top of the map. You'll need to kill Tricolored (トリカラード) in order to enter first however. If you do not have the Doris Sword you will not be able to hurt him. Once he's dead you can access the final dungeon! Good luck on defeating the final boss!
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