Noble knights whose sworn duty is to protect others.
Overwhelming defensive power is the main feature of their equipment.
When working in the Huntman guild together with a Princess, a unique power may be attained.


Universal Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
POW Bonus (POWボーナス) Raises physical attack and defense. - 2 10
SPD Bonus (SPDボーナス) Raises agility and evasion. - 1 10
INT Bonus (INTボーナス) Raises magic attack and magic defense. - 1 10

Shield Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Shield Mastery (シールドマスタリー) Increases the DEF of equipped shields. Required for higher level shield skills. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10
Front Shield (フロントシルド) Reduces damage to the front row this turn. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Shield Mastery 3
Back Shield (バックシルド) Reduces damage to the back row this turn. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Shield Mastery 3
Fire Break (ファイアブレイク) Greatly reduces Fire damage to all allies this turn. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Shield Mastery 5
Freeze Break (フリーズブレイク) Greatly reduces Ice damage to all allies this turn. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Shield Mastery 5
Shock Break (ショックブレイク) Greatly reduces Thunder damage to all allies this turn. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Shield Mastery 5
Shield Punish (シルドパニッシュ) Large damage to one enemy and a small chance to inflict Stun. 8 (lv1~4), 9 (lv5~7), 10 (lv8~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Shield Mastery 8, POW Bonus 3
Ultima Guard (アルテマガード) (EX Skill) Improve all allies' resistance to physical damage. 0 (EX) 3 1 Shield mastery 10. Talk to Griff in Miross after the Mission: "Operation: Recapture Kazan" is activated.

Guard Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Guard Mastery (ガードマスタリー) Increases power of guard skills. Required for higher level guard skills. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10
Parrying (パリング) Physical attacks toward the user have a chance to be nullified for this turn. 4 (lv1~2), 5 (lv3~4), 6 (lv5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 Guard Mastery 3
Mana Parrying (マナパリング) Magical attacks toward the user have a chance to be nullified for this turn. 4 (lv1~2), 5 (lv3~4), 6 (lv5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 Guard Mastery 3
Serious Heart (シリアスハート) Increases the Knight's resistance against every physical and elemental type of damage. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Guard Mastery 5
Defense Shift (ディフェンスシフト) Increases all allies' defense against physical and magical damage. 4 (lv1~4), 5 (lv5~8), 6 (lv9~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Guard Mastery 5, Serious Heart 3
Guardian (ガーディアン) Takes damage in place of allies who are at 50% LF or less, and reduces the damage taken from the attack. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Guard Mastery 5, Chivalry Mastery 3
Defensive Arts (防御体術) Passive skill. Occasionally reduces physical damage taken by 50%. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Guard Mastery 5, POW Bonus 5
Toughness Heart (タフネスハート) Increases user's Max LF for 5 turns. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Guard Mastery 8
Ultima Parrying (アルテマパリング) (EX Skill) Nullify all attacks toward user. 0 (EX) 3 1 Guard mastery 10. Talk to Griff in Miross after the Mission: "Operation: Recapture Kazan" is activated.

Chivalry Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Chivalry Mastery (騎士道マスタリー) Increases the ATK of equipped swords. Required for higher level chivalry skills. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10
Knight Blade (ナイトブレード) Small damage to a single enemy. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~10) 10 Chivalry Mastery 1
Save the Queen (セイブザクイーン) Deals double damage to enemies inflicted with the Princess' Order. 4 3 1 Chivalry Mastery 3
Provoke (挑発) Shifts enemies' attention to user. 4 (lv1~5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Chivalry Mastery 5
Knight's Fury (騎士の憤怒) Large damage to all enemies when someone on your team is dead. 3 (lv1~3), 2 (lv4~5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 Chivalry Mastery 8
Clenching (クレンチング) Passive skill. When reduced to 0 LF, there is a chance to self-revive with 1 LF. - 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Chivalry Mastery 8

Other Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Cure (キュア) Recovers one ally's heath. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 INT Bonus 1
Cure II (キュアII) Greatly recovers one ally's health. 4 (lv1~2), 5 (lv3~5), 6 (lv6~7), 7 (lv8~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 INT Bonus 5
Walk Safe (ウォークセーフ) Damage done by stepping of Flowers is reduced. 3 (lv1~5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 INT Bonus 3
Guard React (ガードリアクト) The React status lasts for 5 turns. While the React is active, the Knight gains an extra turn if a Parry or Break skill is successful. 4 2 1 SPD Bonus 5


Shield Skills

This might be obvious, but you need to have a shield equipped in order to use Shield Skills.

Shield Mastery

+10% to an equipped shield's DEF at Lv. 1, +30% at Lv. 10.
A plain, vanilla-flavored Mastery skill for shields. Shields really don't get that great until late-game, though, so don't rely on this getting you massive DEF pumps until then.
The ultimate shield only gets a palsty +7 DEF from this skill maxed.
You won't see increases to your DEF on the Status screen, like any Mastery skill, but take a look at your Character Info during battle (press Y while deciding actions).
The effects of this skill seem to be just the DEF bonus. It doesn't seem like it makes your Shield Skills more effective.

  • Increases to your DEF from a shield will actually be shown as if added to your ATK in Character Info. The numbers are wrong though, so this is thought to be a bug.

Front and Back Shield

Reduces 20% of the damage headed to your front or back row characters (depending on which you use) at Lv. 1. At Lv. 10, this increases to 50%.
You'll see this activating most against full party attacks or multi-target/multi-hit attacks. Shield can only fire once per character per round (hence if the same target gets hit multiple times by the same attack, Shield will only fire once for that character). The Knight can Shield himself, however (obviously most often with Front Shield) and if he does it'll probably make the damage he takes pretty laughable. If you're protecting 3 or more of your party members with this, this becomes quite reliable. This will not fire Guard React.

Elemental Breaks (Fire, Freeze, Shock Break)

Reduces 50% of the damage headed to your entire party from the elemental damage of your choice (depending on which skill you use) at Lv. 1. Reduces nearly 100% of the damage at Lv. 10.
Unlike Front and Back Shield, this (as told in the description) protects your entire party. There's no skill to reduce damage from non-elemental magic.
If you haven't been raising your levels, bosses' full party attacks will hurt you a lot. Use this skill to reduce damage from their nasty full party elemental attacks.
If you're normally much stronger than bosses, though, they won't be able to hurt you much. This might not be needed if you're beating down bosses with ease.
When you guard against elemental damage with this skill, Guard React will fire if it's up.

Shield Punish

150% damage with a 20% chance to Stun at Lv. 1. At Lv. 10, this deals 200% damage with a 42% chance of Stun. This seems to deal Piercing damage.
This is the most powerful attack a Knight can get without something special needing to happen, but the MN cost is really harsh. The cost-performance of this skill is kinda bad.
This is in comparison to the ever economical Knight Blade, which costs a low 2 or 3 MN to use. Knight Blade doesn't do as much damage, though.
If your Knight is just around to get you Walk Safe, and you don't need protection skills like Guardian or Provoke, then you might want to pick this up for some firepower.
Your Shield's DEF seems to count in calculating damage. Your weapon's ATK will contribute as well, even if this is a whack with your shield.
Don't rely on the Stun effect, either. Knights are a bit slow and might be the last of your party members to act, so if you don't take out whatever enemy you attack, they'll still end up acting.

Ultima Guard

EX skill. This will reduce the damage your party takes from all types of damage by 25% for 3 turns, except for non-elemental magic. Blunt, Piercing, Slashing, Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage are all affected by this.
The Knight doesn't really have anything else to spend his EX on, so you can pick this up for the massive damage cut.
You can unlock this skill early in the game, so if you want you can get Shield Mastery to Lv. 10 as fast as you can so you can pick this up. Resist Down effects will cancel this, so be careful.

Guard Skills

Guard Mastery

At Lv. 1, you take 99% of the damage you receive (you reduce damage you take by 1%). At Lv. 10, you take 94% of the damage you receive.
The amount of damage you prevent with this skill is so low at Lv. 10, you shouldn't feel the need to take any more than you need to unlock other Guard Skills.

Serious Heart

When you activate this skill, damage you take is reduced to 90% at Lv. 1, 75% at Lv. 10. This lasts for 3 turns.
You can use this with Provoke to whittle away at the damage you take for the party.
Resist Downs will cancel this skill.

Defense Shift

This increases the entire party's DEF by +10% at Lv. 1, and +30% at Lv. 10. This lasts for 10 turns.
This is more effective than the Princess' Solid Rhyme, but doesn't last for the entire battle. It still lasts for a long time, and you can use it again when it's starting to run out.
You can also use this with Solid Rhyme, and your party's DEF will soar through the roof.
You can have your Knight take the DEF increasing role while your Princess does other things if you'd like.


Your Knight will take damage for party members with 50% or less LF. This also reduces the damage the Knight takes by 20% at Lv. 1, and by 50% at Lv. 10.
To clarify: whatever party member the Knight protects will not take damage. The Knight will take the damage instead.
If your Knight has 50% or less LF, then he will protect himself as well. The only difference will be the damage he takes will decrease.
This will protect against full party attacks (Provoke will not), so if you find yourself backed in a corner, this might give you the breathing space you need to heal everyone.
This will not protect against counter attacks (like Needle Guard).
Guard React will not fire when this skill protects a party member.
If you've got more than one person using Guardian, the party member who will take whatever damage is random.

Toughness Heart

Increases your Max LF by +10% at Lv. 1, +30% at Lv. 10. This lasts for 5 turns.
If you're at Max LF when you use this, your current LF will rise as well. If you've taken any damage at all, your current LF will stay where it is.
This only affects the Knight himself, and needs you to reuse the skill every 5 turns. You have to go out of your way to keep this up, and its effects aren't that great.

Parrying and Mana Parrying

30% of all physical or magical damage (depending on which you use) targeting you is nullified at Lv. 1. This chance increases to 80% at Lv. 5. This only lasts the turn you use it in.
This will fire Guard React, but the MN cost of this is huge.
Even if you nullify the damage, any status ailments that came with the attack might still affect you. Still, pretty amazing on Dragons that like pumping out basic physical attacks, especially combined with a Mage's Veil (Wounded Emperor Dragon did no damage at all to my Artillery Vanguard type party, whilst continually taking an Ice Veil to the face. Ouch.).

Bouei Taijutsu (Defensive Arts)

At Lv. 1, there is a 5% chance that any physical damage you take will be halved. At Lv. 10, this chance increases to 15%.
This is a passive skill, so this doesn't need to be activated. There won't be any special effects that you can see that will tell you when this goes off.

Ultima Parrying

EX skill. This will nullify any damage you take for the entire turn, physical or magical, but will use up 1 EX for each attack you nullify. Unlike Parrying or Mana Parrying, the success rate of this skill is 100%.
This will fire Guard React, and can be used when you really want your Provoke Knight to get an extra turn.
The EX cost on this is really steep, though.

Chivalry Skills

Kishidou Mastery (Chivalry Mastery)

This will increase the ATK of your equipped swords by +10% at Lv. 1, and by +54% at Lv. 10.
This is better than most other Mastery skills, which top out at +30%. The Knight's weapons aren't as powerful, though.
With the ultimate swords of both the Fighter and the Knight, and both jobs' mastery skill maxed out, the Knight can just barely get more ATK than the Fighter. The Fighter can still outdamage the Knight with his skills.
The Fighter's ultimate axe will still have more ATK than the Knight with his ultimate sword.
If you ever feel you need more damage out of your Knight, raise this skill.

Knight Blade

At Lv. 1, this deals 130% damage. At Lv. 10, this deals 165% damage.
While a non-descript skill, you can use this as your mainstay attack. At Lv. 5, before the MN cost increases to 3, this deals 145% damage.

Save the Queen

Deals 200% damage to an enemy in Order status. You can't target enemies that aren't in Order.
You must have a Princess use Princess Order on an enemy before you can use this. Princess Order will put the enemy in Order status.
At just 3 SP, this does as much damage as a maxed out Shield Punish and costs less MN.
Your Princess must use up a turn, though, so you can't use this just out of the blue. Princess Order only lasts 5 turns, too. You might have to save this skill for bosses.
Princesses have skills that are more important than Princess Order, though, so it might be a while before the Princess gets a free turn to set this up.
By the time you can use this, it may be late in the battle, and the extra damage might not end the battle any sooner.
If you're a Provoke/Parry or Break/Guard React Knight, then you might not have the SP to get many attacks. You only have to spend 3 SP for 200% damage with this skill, though.
If your Princess also has Princess React, then she can use Princess Order whenever you get an extra turn from Guard React.
If she's a Punishment Princess, though, you might find it's better to have her use Punishment on her extra turns than spending one to use Princess Order.

Chouhatsu (Provoke)

Puts you in Provoke status. Enemies will target you 35% more frequently at Lv. 1, 70% more frequently at Lv. 5.
This acts like a Switch skill, so this can't be canceled or overwritten. Once you're in Provoke, you stay there.
This will not protect other party members from full party attacks like Guardian does.

If your Knight is in the front row by himself, however, Lv. 1 might well be sufficient here, as he already has a pretty high (70~%) chance of being targetted. Provoke Knights also probably require more speed than their compatriots, since it doesn't automatically activate at turn start/when its needed unlike Shield skills.

Kishi no Fundo (Knight's Fury)

At Lv. 1, this skill's damage multiplier is 150%. At Lv. 5, it is 230%. The damage is also multiplied by the number of party members that have fallen.
Damage is calculated: (Regular attack damage) x (Damage Multiplier) x (Rogues that have used Sacrifice x 1.5) x (Unconscious Princesses x 1.3) x (Other Unconscious party members x 1.2).
The MN cost on this isn't high at all, and it attacks every enemy for massive damage.
The skill is somewhat slow to activate, however. If you plan on reviving your ally on the same turn you use this, you might want to EX this skill.
It seems the damage only counts at most two Unconscious party members in its calculation. Having two Unconscious party members won't do more damage than having three.
Princesses, however, always seem to count. With three Unconscious Princesses, this deals around 850% damage at Lv. 5.
Some parties are made around having an Unconscious Princess at all times.
Even at Lv. 1, this skill can get you out of some pretty nasty corners. If you've got 1 SP laying around, you can put it here.
However, if your Unconscious party member is revived before you can rip this off, then you'll spend your turn doing nothing, so Fury Knights benefit from being fast.
As far as the amount of damage, 2 Knights and 2 Unconscious Princesses can do as much damage as 3 Knights and 1 Unconscious Princess. 1 Knight and 3 Unconscious Princesses will do less than these two.


10% chance to revive at 1 LF from fatal damage or instant death at Lv. 1. At Lv. 5, you have a 35% chance of self-reviving.
Guardian and Provoke Knights take damage for everyone else, so they're more likely to go down than your other party members. This skill can keep them up.
If your party doesn't rely on your Knight for protection, or if you have a Healer, this skill becomes less useful.

Other Skills

Walk Safe

Reduces the damage you take from stepping on Flowers. At Lv. 5, you won't take any damage from stepping on Flowers.
At Lv. 3, this will completely negate the damage you take if your Max LF is less than 100. This is really useful early on, and all Knights should get Walk Safe up to at least this level.
Walk Safe is just a good skill, and the Knight sometimes finds himself in parties just for that skill alone.
There will be no message popping up saying that this skill has run out, so you'll have to constantly check the Status screen for the Boot icon that says it's up.

Guard React

If you successfully protect a party member with an Elemental Break skill, or if you nullify an attack's damage with Parrying or Mana Parrying, the React will fire and give you an extra turn. The React lasts 5 turns.
Many bosses have elemental attacks, so if you have a Break skill, you can still use this. The enemies you can React to will be set in stone, though, and so you'll have to wait until you run into an enemy with an elemental attack before you can React.

Cure, Cure II

Cure heals 24 LF at Lv. 1, 63 LF at Lv. 5, 81 at Lv. 7, and 120 LF at Lv. 10. You get a bonus to the amount healed equal to your INT / 5.
Cure II heals 54 LF at Lv. 1, 144 LF at Lv. 5, 198 LF at Lv. 7, and completely heals a party member of all damage he's taken at Lv. 10. Like Cure, you get a bonus equal to your INT / 5 to the amount you heal.
You can pick this up to heal party members whenever you have spare MN.
If you've got Craft Mana (a Healer skill) or Song of the Moonlight (a Princess skill), then you can take it for some extra healing.
You can use this to heal the damage you take defending the rest of the party against attacks.


Knights have really high DEF, and can attack and heal.
They can fit into many parties with Walk Safe, Defense Shift, Ultima Guard, Guardian, and Provoke.
Knights can keep the entire party safe by reducing the damage they take, or by taking the damage themselves and reducing it. With a Healer, any party can be almost impossible to damage.
They work well with Rogues (Hiding), Mages (Veil spells), and Princesses. If you want to raise other characters in high level areas, the Knight will keep the low level characters safe.

Knights can negate the damage done by Flowers which are everywhere in dungeons. Since you can't really finish dungeons without stepping on them, Walk Safe is almost a must-have.
You'll need to heal less between battles, and you won't need as many items to heal damage from stepping on Flowers.
If you can, you'll want Safe Walk when you get to the dungeon before the game's opening.

Provoke -> Parrying or Mana Parrying
One of the ways you can defend your party is to Provoke. Enemies will attack you more often, so use Parrying or Mana Parrying to nullify the damage that comes to you.
You can add in Guard React for extra turns.

Provoke -> Front/Back Shield
For a pure protection solution. Even if the enemies ignore the provoke, the Knight still gets in the way of squishies. Obviously meant for parties where the knight is by himself in the front (using Back Shield) or everyone is in the front (using Front Shield). For a real chuckle, also throw out Defensive Shift and a Princess using Solid Rhyme.

Serious Heart and/or Defense Shift -> Guardian
Your Knight will be taking all the damage for allies with 50% or less LF, so you can increase his DEF so he can take more hits.
Serious Heart only lasts three turns, though. If you want to use it again, you'll have to heal everyone before it runs out.

Character Making

All Knights

INT Bonus Lv. 3 -> Walk Safe Lv. 3

At the beginning of the game, this will negate all damage your party takes from Flowers. If you need more, you can raise it up to Lv. 5 at around mid-game.

Defensive Type

Guard Mastery Lv. 5 -> Serious Heart Lv. 3 -> Defense Shift Lv. 4 -> Chivalry Mastery Lv. 3 -> Guardian Lv. 5

This will get you Defense Shift and Guardian before their MN cost increases.
If you want to increase any of these skills, then wait until your Max MN increases, or until you get Song of the Moonlight (a Princess skill) or Craft Mana (a Healer skill), so you can take the MN cost.

After you get all this, you can increase your damage by bringing Chivalry Mastery to Lv. 10 while picking up Knight Blade and Save the Queen. Shield Punish needs Shield Mastery to learn, which you're not focusing on. If you want it, you could raise it slowly with levels, or use a skill reset to grab it immediately.

You'll eventually want to get Defense Shift and Guardian to max. This is a Defense Knight we're talking about.

This is probably one of the easiest Knights to use. If Knights don't seem to click with you, then you use this Knight and not have to worry about what skills go well together.

Guardian Type

Another easy set up. When your allies get low on LF, use Guardian to protect them. Get Serious Heart if you want to take more attacks for the party.
If you can keep everyone up, but still under 50% LF, then you'll only need to heal your Knight. Healing only one party member is typically easier than healing everyone.
However, if your Knight goes down, then it's possible that everyone else will be standing around with less than 50% LF. It should be pretty obvious that this is not good.
Guardian won't ever fire off Guard React, either. Don't take it if you're only focusing on Guardian.

Provoke Parry Type

This Knight protects his party members using Provoke to have enemies target him. Provoke isn't that reliable at lower levels, so raise it as quick as you can.
You can use Parrying to reduce the damage you take to 0, but you won't be able to protect your allies from full party attacks.
If you've only got your Knight on the front line, then most attacks will be directed at him. You might be able to get by without using Provoke.
If you've got two or more people on the front line, you can lead off on turn 1 with Provoke. This ties up your Knight for a turn.
You can pick up Guardian and Defense Shift if you really want to be safe.
This Knight can use his React easiest, but Parrying costs a lot of MN. You'll have to find some way to replenish your MN, or to increase it, or you won't be able to keep it up.
With the amount of MN you're burning, your attacks should probably be just Knight Blade.
If you've got a Princess, then you can use Save the Queen. Getting out Princess Order (the Princess skill) is easier if you've got your React.

Shield Type

This Knight is for those who want to reduce damage to their entire party at once.
With your Shield skills, the Princess' Song of the Wind and Trees can be enough to keep your entire party healed.
You'll have to use every turn just defending, and you'll have to decide whether to protect the front row or the back row. You can play it by ear, and protect whichever row needs protection most.
Unlike Parrying, there's no chance that Shield skills won't activate if you use the right one. These skills will reduce damage by a good amount, even if you haven't really raised them that high.
Shield skills are better if you've got more party members in one row than the other. Depending on how much you've raised your Shield, you might be able to keep a Princess or Bow Rogue in the front row.
Figure out where you want your party members to be, and focus on raising that Shield.
You won't be able to defend against non-elemental magic, but you can learn Ultima Guard for that. Ultima Guard is a good skill just by itself, so you might want to pick it up.
The Elemental Break skills reduce damage by 50% at Lv. 1, which is quite a lot, so you can pick those up while going for Ultima Guard. They'll also let you use your React.
The enemies you can use the React against, though, are limited to the enemies that have elemental attacks. Don't rely on Guard React too much.
Shield Punish will be the easiest attack skill you can take. Even if it costs a lot of MN, your Shield skills don't. You should be able to spare the MN for it.

Using Shields together with Defense Shift will make your party really hard to damage.
Shield Knights have to spend a lot of SP on their Shields, though, so it can be hard to raise it.

Attack Type

This probably goes against what the game wants you to do, but Knights can do a good chunk of damage without protecting their party members.
If your party is pretty sturdy without any extra protection, then you can have your Knight be an attacker instead of a defender.
You can pull this off well if you have a Healer or a Princess with Solid Rhyme.
The damage you can deal won't be as much as other front liners, but Walk Safe alone makes the Knight worth it.
If you're still uneasy about having no protection, you can just pick up Provoke and/or Defense Shift. Using both can still protect your party well.
Take Shield Punish or Save the Queen, and just beat up whatever draws near.

Job Combinations

Knight and Fighter

Fighters usually have enough DEF that they don't really need protection from the Knight.
The extra protection, though, will make them extremely resilient. They might not need healing.

Character Making
With the amount of protection a Knight gives, the Fighter might not need Shield Axe.
Defensive Switch is another that can be relied on the Knight, but you might need it for Element Follower.

Attack Kill (Fighter) + Defense Shift (Knight)
Your party just won't take damage. If you've got a Princess with Solid Rhyme and Song of the Wind and Trees, you might be able to go through an entire battle without needing to heal.

Provoke (Knight) + Elemental Veil (Mage) + Element Chaser (Fighter)
Actually a three person combo (with a Mage also). The fact that the Fighter has to go into Defensive Switch only helps even more than usual. But you'll have to wait a turn, so let the Knight fire off Defensive Shift or a Shield Skill or something.

Knight and Rogue

Provoke (Knight) + Replace First (Rogue)
If you really need the Provoke to go off fast, Replace First your Knight.

Guardian (Knight) + Hiding (Rogue, with 50% or less LF)
Any enemy that happens to target the Rogue will have its attack go towards the Knight instead. Your Rogue won't have to worry about being forced out of Hiding.
This can also work with Provoke, but a few attacks might slip past the Knight.

Knight and Samurai

Character Making
The Samurai's React fires whenever they take heavy damage, and their Cloud Counters have to have an attack target the Samurai to fire.
This is at odds with the Knight, who reduce damage or make attacks go to themselves.
A Provoke Knight will make the React and the Counters go off less frequently, so you might not want to have a Provoke Knight if you want your Samurai to use those skills.
Guardian will still be useful with the React, though. If the Samurai gets too low on LF, then getting hit with a heavy attack might be too risky.
Since the Samurai is in the front row, you can use Back Shield to protect the back row without reducing damage for the Samurai or taking attacks away from him.
A Shield Knight might be best to team up with a Samurai.
Most attacks will go target your front row than they will the back row, though. Back Shield will still be useful against full party physical attacks, but you might find that most attacks don't go there.

Knight and Mage

The Knight will reduce damage for the Mage, or take damage for the Mage.
The Mage has really low DEF, so this will stop him from going down as easily.

Character Making
With the increased survivability of the Mage with the Knight, you might not need Craft Shield.

Provoke (Knight) + Elemental Veil (Mage)
Obvious, but whatever. Make use of your Knights brickwall-esq. defence and laugh as the enemies kill themselves. You may not even want to bother with parrying, doing this, since Veils have a pretty good chance of going off (looks to be about 60-70% chance at Lvl 1). Most effective when the Knight is in the Front Row by themselves.

Knight and Healer

Like the Mage, Healers have low DEF. The Knight will take damage for them, or reduce the damage they take.

Character Making
Craft Mana will let your Knight keep defending the party. Parry Knights use the most MN, and this might be needed to keep them going.

Provoke (Knight) -> Parry (Knight) + Resist Element (Healer)
If your Knight doesn't want to spend 5 SP on Mana Parrying, or if you don't want to guess, you can reduce the damage the Knight takes from magic while he negates the damage from physical attacks. The Healer can also use Craft Mana to negate the high cost of using Parry.

Knight and Princess

Character Making
Song of the Moonlight recovers MN. Parry Knights need this to keep Parrying, but any Knight can use it to keep defending.
Solid Rhyme (Princess) and Defense Shift both do the same thing, but Defense Shift has a better DEF bonus. If you want to save some SP, you can have one of them take their DEF bonus skill while the other doesn't.
The Princess' Request: Protection might not be needed if a Knight with Provoke or Guardian is around.

Defense Shift (Knight) + Solid Rhyme (Princess)
Your party's DEF will soar to ridiculous heights. Add Shield Skills or Toughness Heart if you really want to be silly.

Guard React (Knight) + Princess React (Princess) -> (Knight's React fires) -> Princess Order (Princess) -> Save the Queen (Knight)
One way to get your Princess a free turn to use Princess Order. You can do this with any other job's React, but the Samurai's might need the Princess to heal instead.

Guardian (Knight) + Punishment (Princess, at 1 LF)
This will protect the Princess by making the Knight take all the damage that would go to your Princess. You can have your Princess abuse Punishment every turn she gets with this.

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