Those who specialize in curing wounds.
From the shadows, they have always supported the Huntmen.
In addition to healing all of a party’s wounds,
they are capable of defending themselves from the enemy.


Universal Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
POW Bonus (POWボーナス) Raises physical attack and defense. - 2 10
SPD Bonus (SPDボーナス) Raises agility and evasion. - 1 10
INT Bonus (INTボーナス) Raises magic attack and magic defense. - 1 10

Recovery Spells

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Recovery Mastery (回復マスタリー) Increases the recovery amount and the activation speed of recovery spells. Required for higher healing spells. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10
Cure (キュア) Recovers the health of a single ally. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Recovery Mastery 1
Recover I (リカヴァI) Cures Blind, Paralysis, Sleep, and Poison. Starting with only Blind, the spell cures another status ailment as you raise it, in that order. 3 (lv1~4), 1 (lv5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 Recovery Mastery 3
Recover II (リカヴァII) Cures Confusion, Curse, Fear, and Petrification, in that order like Recover I. 3 (lv1~4), 1 (lv5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 Recovery Mastery 5
Resurrection (リザレクション) Resurrects an unconscious ally with a small amount of LF. 14 (lv1~3), 16 (lv4~6), 18 (lv7~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Recovery I 5, Recovery II 5
Cure II (キュアII) Greatly recovers LF for a single ally. 4 (lv1~2), 5 (lv3~5), 6 (lv6~7), 7 (lv8~9), 5 (lv10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Recovery Mastery 5
Cure All (キュアオール) Heals the whole party for medium health. 16 (lv1~3), 18 (lv4~6), 20 (lv7~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Recovery Mastery 8, Cure II 5
Craft Mana (クラフトマナ) Recover a small amount MN for the whole party. 5 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Recovery Mastery 10, INT Bonus 5
Vessel of Miracles (奇跡の代行者) (EX Skill) Resurrects the entire party and recovers their LF and status ailments. 0 (EX) 3 1 Resurrection 5, Unlock by talking to the doctor in Kazan after completing the Mission: Operation: Recapture Kazan. In the row of six residential houses in the middle of Kazan, the doctor's house is the middle house on the right half.

Poison Spells

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Venom Mastery (ベノムマスタリー) Increases power of poison spells. Required for higher-level poison spells. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10
Venom (ベノム) High chance of inflicting Poison on an enemy. 3 (lv1~3), 4 (lv4~6), 5 (lv7~8), 6 (lv9~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Venom Mastery 1
Venom Mist (ベノムミスト) High chance of inflicting Poison on all enemies. 7 (lv1~3), 8 (lv4~6), 9 (lv7~8), 10 (lv9~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Venom Mastery 3, Venom 3
Venom Infecter (ベノムインフェクタ) Places a Venom Infecter on an ally, which automatically counterattacks enemies who attack that ally with a chance of inflicting Poison. 1 (lv1~3), 2 (lv4~6), 3 (lv7~8), 4 (lv9~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Venom Mastery 5
Venom Amplif (ベノムアンプリフ) Increases the Poison damage of an enemy already inflicted with Poison. 7 (lv1~2), 8 (lv3~4), 9 (lv5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 Venom Mastery 8, Venom 5

Mana Spells

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Mana Mastery (マナマスタリー) Increases the activation speed of mana spells. Required for higher-level mana spells. - 1 (lv1~10) 10
Resist Element (レジストエレメント) Increases an ally's resistance against Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage. 3 1 (lv1~10) 10 Mana Mastery 3
Healer's Concentrate (ヒーラーズコンセント) During the next turn, any Recover spell or Resurrection will affect the entire party. 5 (lv1), 4 (lv2), 3 (lv3), 2 (lv4), 1 (lv5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 Mana Mastery 5
Life Salvation (ライフサルベージョン) When cast on an ally, there is a chance that ally will automatically revive with 1 LF if brought to 0 LF. 4 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Mana Mastery 5, Resurrection 3
Healing Mana (ヒーリングマナ) Recovers the Healer's Mana by a small amount. 0 3 1 Mana Mastery 8

Staff Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Swing Crush (スイングクラッシュ) Medium physical damage to one enemy. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 POW Bonus 5
Earth Breaker (アースブレイカー) (EX Skill) Extreme physical damage to one enemy. 0 (EX) 3 1 POW Bonus 10. Unlock by talking to the Travelling Maid in each town from Kazan to Nevanplace; the final maid is in the Nevanplace Mission Office (i.e. Northernmost building).

Other Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Anatomy: Small Monsters (解剖学・小) Increases the party's critical hit rate against small monsters. - 1 (lv1~10) 10 INT Bonus 1
Anatomy: Large Monsters (解剖学・大) Increases the party's critical hit rate against large monsters. - 1 (lv1~10) 10 INT Bonus 3
Enemy Sense (敵感知) Prevents Surprise Attacks. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 INT Bonus 1, SPD Bonus 1
Dead Man's React (デッドマンズリアクト) The React status lasts for 5 turns. While the React is active, the Healer gains an extra turn if any ally gets knocked out. 4 2 1 SPD Bonus 5

Field Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Great Worker (グレイトワーカー) Increases the amount of times you can Harvest from the field before needing to rest. - 1 (lv1~5) 5 POW Bonus 3
Invisibility (インビジビリティ) Decreases encounter rate in the field. 5 (lv1~3), 4 (lv4~6), 3 (lv7~8), 2 (lv9~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 INT Bonus 3, Enemy Sense 1


Recovery Spells


It doesn't use much MN, so this is really good at the beginning of the game. The base amount of LF recovered is constant for each level, but you get a small bonus to the amount healed based on your INT and your Recovery Mastery skill level (presumably, the bonus is INT / 5 + Recovery Mastery Lv.). When you see this falling behind your party's LF, you might want to start putting more SP into it.
At Lv. 5, this cures a good chunk of health for a mere 2 MN. It's okay to leave it there without raising it to Lv. 6 or beyond.
EXing this spell will increase the amount healed by +20%.

Cure II

At Lv. 10, this spell will recover all of one party member's LF.
You might find this curing more than you need if you level it up too fast. Cure II at Lv. 5 is needed to learn Cure All. At that point, it will heal around 150 LF, which is good enough to see you through to the end of the game.
Its MN cost falls abruptly to 5 at Lv. 10, so if you find yourself taking more than 200 points of damage in the bonus dungeon, you might want to think about taking this up to max.
Again, like Cure, it gets a small bonus to the amount healed based on your INT and your Recovery Mastery skill level. Compared to other jobs though, the amount they heal is less at the same levels.
Also like Cure, EXing this spell will increase the amount healed by +20%.

Recover I

Each level you gain in this will cancel another status ailment. Starting at Lv. 1: Blind, Paralysis, Sleep, then Poison. At Lv. 5, the MN cost drops to 1 MN (it's 3 MN until you max it).

Recover II

Each level you gain in this will cancel another status ailment. Starting at Lv. 1: Confusion, Curse, Fear, Petrify. At Lv. 5, the MN cost drops from 3 MN to 1 MN.

Having both Recover I and Recover II at Lv. 5 will allow you to learn Resurrection, so you might want to max these as soon as you can.


It might be good enough to leave this at Lv. 1. If you want to get Vessel of Miracles (one of the Healer's EX skills), then you must have this at Lv. 5.

Cure All

At Lv. 1, this heals your entire party for around 30 LF. At Lv. 3, this heals around 50 LF. At Lv. 6, it heals around 80. At Lv. 10, this will heal around 130 LF for your entire party.
This skill's MN cost starts at 16 at Lv. 1. It increases at Lv. 4 to 18 MN, and at Lv. 7 to 20 MN.
Compared to the MN you spend to cast it, the amount you recover isn't all that much. Don't worry much about this one when you're starting out.
If you need to cure your party members and this skill still hasn't been raised that high, then you can use a Heal Aero to heal your entire party for 50 LF.
At mid-game, you can raise this depending on the amount of MN you want to drop casting it.
Enemies in the bonus dungeon can really pile on the damage, so maxing it when you get there won't be detrimental.
You can reduce the MN cost with the Empress Crown, and can recover MN with Craft Mana.
This skill seems to come out slower than the single target Cure spells.
An EX Cure All will heal 20% more than a regular Cure All.

Craft Mana

At Lv. 1, this heals the entire party's MN by 2. At Lv. 5, it heals your party's MN by 7.
If you don't have a Princess, this is the only other skill in the game that will recover other party member's MN. As such, it's a valuable skill.
It does take 5 MN to cast, though, so the Healer himself doesn't get as much MN back (and at lower levels, loses MN since the recovery isn't above 5).
Using EX will double the MN recovered.

Unlike the Princess' Song of the Moonlight, this doesn't regenerate MN every turn - it has to be actively used every turn.
If you don't need healing at any point in a battle and haven't picked up any attack skills or Venom skills, you can bide your time with this.
Healers should always think whether or not to take this skill, and plan accordingly.

Craft Mana will recover MN right as the Healer's turn comes up, and can just be thrown out whenever you feel you can spare it.
The Princess' Song of the Moonlight has to last until the end of a turn to recover any MN, so it won't see much use against really easy enemies.
Craft Mana will also heal more MN at once, excepting the Healer himself, so healing can be done by other party member if there's one that can also heal.
Equipping the Empress Crown will reduce the MN cost to 3, so you can get some extra MN recovery by putting that on.

Kiseki no Daikousha (Vessel of Miracles)

The Recovery Mastery EX skill. This will heal your entire party's LF, revive Unconscious party members, and heal their status ailments. This is a really good skill to have around.
You must have Resurrection Lv. 5 to learn this, but this can get you out of really bad situations by just having your Healer spend 1 EX to activate this skill.
This will heal status ailments that can't be cured by either Recover spell.
This won't heal your entire party to max LF, but it will heal around 100 LF. (Each level you gain heals another point of LF.)
This might seem low, but this is on par with a Lv. 7 Cure or Cure All. It doesn't cost any MN either.

Venom Spells

Venom, Venom Mist

At Lv. 1, these have a 25% chance of inflicting Poison. At Lv. 10, this increases to 70%.
At the same levels, these two have the same effect other than whether or not they're full party or single target.
With Venom Mastery Lv. 10 and Venom Lv. 10, the poison damage you deal is around 145 or so.
Using EX won't increase your poison damage, but it will make the Poison more likely to hit.
Against bosses, the Poison does actually take effect with a fairly good success rate, though level differences will affect how often it's successful.
If you'd like to use this as your Healer's way of damaging bosses, feel free to take this. You'll have to take this to at least Lv. 7 for it to be moderately reliable, though.

Venom Infecter

At Lv. 1, this has a 20% chance of inflicting Poison on whatever enemy attacks the ally you targeted with this spell. At Lv. 10, the chance it inflicts Poison is 60%. The Veil lasts for 10 turns.
This is like the Mage's elemental Veil spells. You target an ally with this spell, and whenever they are attacked, this spell will counterattack with a percent chance to Poison.
Since this lasts for 10 turns, you can cast this on whoever seems likely to get hit by your enemies when you have a free turn, and continue healing or doing whatever after you cast this.
This will overwrite Veil spells from your Mage, and can be overwritten by those spells as well. If you prefer a counter attack of elemental damage, then try not to use this on the same allies you've already cast an elemental Veil on.
The success rate of this spell is relatively low and whoever you cast the Veil on still has to be attacked for this to go off. Using this as your main way of inflicting Poison on your enemies can be a little hard to do.
It's easier to use this on a Provoke Knight. This might be the best way to go about getting Pain Counters for Masked Pain Rogues.

Venom Amplif

Increases the damage done by Poison by 130%. Using it more times will multiply all damage multipliers rather than add them.
Using it twice will increase your Poison damage by 130% x 130% = 169% of the original damage, rather than 130% + 130% = 160% of the original damage.
This works, obviously, with the skills that inflict Poison: the Healer's Venom, Venom Mist, and Venom Infecter, and the Rogue's Scorpio.
This will also increase the time the Poison is active (it will take longer for it to wear off after using this). You can keep using this skill to keep your opponent in Poison.

You can really increase the damage this does by using this multiple times.
After 5 times, your Poison damage will increase by around 370%. Using it 10 times will give you around 1380% damage.
The more you use it, the more damage you get.

Even if the MN cost is pretty harsh, you can use this as the Healer's mainstay for damage.
Raising this skill's level will only increase the extra amount of turns Poison will affect the target, so leaving this at Lv. 1 is fine.
If your Poison is overwritten by another status ailment, though, the effects of the Amplif will be lost. Infecter, which inflicts Poison again, doesn't work well with this.

This only applies to niche parties, but having a Rogue with Scorpio and multiple Healers with Venom Amplif can get Poison damage up to ridiculous levels really fast.
Scorpio inflicts Poison more often than Venom does, though its Poison damage is less. Even with that, pumping up its damage multiple times per turn with your Healers will get you loads of damage. It's a good strategy to use against bosses.

Mana Spells

Resist Element

Increases one party member's resistance to Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage by 10% at Lv. 1, and by 30% at Lv. 10.
Not many regular enemies will have elemental attacks, and those that do usually have full party elemental attacks. Using a Knight's Elemental Breaks might be a better way to reduce elemental damage.
At the very least, you can pick this up at Lv. 1 to cancel Resist Downs that your enemies might use.

Healer's Concentrate

The turn after you use this (and only during that turn), any Recover or Resurrection spell you cast will affect all party members.
You'll usually have to use two turns to get a full party Recover or Resurrection.
The Concentrate starts taking effect during extra turns you get on the same turn you cast this unless all the extra turns from the next turn are over.

Life Salvation

For 10 turns, the ally you cast this on has a chance of reviving automatically at 1 LF if you ever run out of LF. At Lv. 1, he has a 20% chance of auto-reviving. At Lv. 10, he has a 50% chance of auto-reviving.
This can give you some extra breathing space, but if you really want to be sure to get someone who just ran out of LF back up, then Dead Man's React is probably better.
You can use this on your fragile Healer in case he goes down.

Healing Mana

Heals the Healer's MN by 3, and doesn't cost MN to use.
You should probably max Craft Mana instead, unless getting Resurrection to Lv. 5 costs too many SP for what you want to do.

Staff Skills

Swing Crush

130% damage at Lv. 1, 180% damage at Lv. 10.
You don't have a Mastery skill for your staff, so the damage on this isn't as good as it looks until you can get some really good staves.
Healers won't be able to match the damage any other physical attacker can do either. Even if they might be able to keep up with their regular attacks, once a Knight or Rogue uses their skills, the Healer will be handily outpaced.
There's no need to prepare any stances beforehand, though, so if you take this, you can fire it off whenever you have some spare time to do it.

Earth Breaker

+50 to your ATK and 160% damage.
You have to use EX to use this skill, but it deals enough damage to turn your Healer into a physical attacker for a turn.

Other Skills

Teki Kanchi (Enemy Sense)

30% chance to avoid Surprise Attacks at Lv. 1, 99% chance at Lv. 10.
If Surprise Attacks are pretty dangerous for you, this is a skill that you might want to take. It works pretty well at Lv. 1.
Surprise Attacks can get pretty bad for anyone in the bonus dungeon where all the enemies have some really heavy firepower or really nasty full party Confusion. This skill will help prevent those pesky ambushes.
This won't prevent Surprise Attacks from a Symbol Encounter touching you while your back is turned.


At Lv. 10, your encounter rate is reduced to around 1/3.
The encounter rate in this game is on the high side, so this can be convenient for exploring dungeons.
You can buy an item that does this at around mid-game for 400G, though. Pick this one up if you don't think your wallet or inventory space can handle it.
The other skill that does this, Demonic Countenance (a Samurai skill), completely avoids encounters if your party's level is higher than the enemy's.
You might not need this skill if you've got a Samurai with Demonic Countenance.

Dead Man's React

Whenever this React is up, and a party member goes down, the React will fire and the Healer will get an extra turn.
After you've got Vessel of Miracles, this is the best thing you've got to preventing your party from going down.
As long as your Healer survives whatever just whumped the rest of the party, he can EX and use Vessel of Miracles immediately and everyone will be back up.
If you're not going for Vessel of Miracles, then you can still use this to instantly cast Resurrection or use an item that does the same thing.
You'll have to pick up SPD Bonus to get this, but that will speed up your regular healing. Sometimes Healers have to go before the enemy can act.
This is also useful in instantly recovering from any damage caused by a party member with Confusion or Charm. This is never a bad skill to take.

Kaibougaku (Anatomy: Small, Large Monsters)

At Lv. 1, the entire party has a +7% chance to inflict critical hits. At Lv. 10, this bonus increases to +18%.
This might be useful if your party relies on regular, physical attacks.
There are some enemies that aren't affected by either Anatomy skill, though. These are probably medium-sized monsters.

Field Skills

Great Worker

Every level you gain, you can harvest one more time before needing to rest. At Lv. 1, the number of times you can harvest increases by +1, and at Lv.5 it increases by +5.
If you have multiple Healers with this skill, the bonuses all add up. Having four Healers with Great Worker Lv. 5 will let you harvest 20 more times before needing to rest.
This takes effect immediately after you raise it. If you ever run across a Harvesting Point and you can't harvest any more times, and if you also happen to have SP laying around, you can raise this skill and start harvesting as many times as you raised it.
This skill will not take effect if the Healer has run out of LF.
This might see some use if you find you want to harvest more times before heading back to town, but once you have the best harvesting skill, you might find that you can harvest enough times without needing this skill.
You could let a Healer that you use exclusively for exploration learn this skill, and switch party members as you feel like it.


A Healer will recover your LF, and your MN if you want them to. Vessel of Miracles can be used to instantly bounce back from the brink.
Enemy Sense protects you from getting ambushed, which fragile parties will benefit from. If you don't have a Samurai with you, you can explore more easily with Invisibility.
They can recover status ailments for your party, which not many other jobs can do. Their Resurrection is the only way to revive party members besides items, which you will only get at mid-game and later.
With a Healer, you can feel safe no matter what happens (until the Healer goes down).
With Healing Mastery, their recovery skills will come out pretty fast. Cure All will still be slower than the single target Cures.

While your Healer can recover status ailments for other party members, when they get hit by Confusion or Petrification, then they won't be able to do anything for your other party members.
They also can't cure Skill Seal and Charm unless they use EX on Vessel of Miracles.
You should still take a few status recovery items with you in case any of these happen.

If you have a Knight or a Fighter with Attack Kill, then you might be able to do without a Healer.
Items can do many of the things a Healer can, but they will eat up at your inventory space. With a Healer, you won't have to worry about how many items you have left.
They can lower your encounter rate and recover your entire party's MN. Those two things make them worth including in any party.

The weapons they can use are really powerful, but they don't have the DEF to stay in the front row. They also don't have a Mastery skill to increase the ATK of the weapons they equip, so their damage will be low.
As a damage dealer, they'll have to spend a lot of SP on POW Bonus, then on Swing Crush (and Earth Breaker if you want it). It can be really hard to get a Combat Healer going.
Knights and Princesses can deal more damage and can heal, so if you want a damage dealer that can also heal, you might use those jobs instead.

If your party's fine on LF and you've got some free turns, then you can spend your turns using either Venom skills or Craft Mana.
Using Craft Mana can let a Mage keep casting spells. If you have a Fighter, then you can have him use Element Follower with the Mage.

Character Making

Recovery Type

Orthodox: Cure Lv. 5 -> Resurrection Lv. 5 -> Vessel of Miracles -> Craft Mana Lv. 5
Mana Recovery: Cure Lv. 5 (or Cure Lv. 1 and Cure II Lv. 1) -> Craft Mana Lv. 5 -> Resurrection Lv. 5 -> Vessel of Miracles

First, you need Cure at Lv. 5. It will cure 60 or so LF for 2 MN, which is really good for what you get.
Cure II will recover more, but costs more MN.
You can stop Cure at Lv. 5, and around mid-game get Cure II to whatever level you need to cure most of your allies' LF.
Even at the end of the game, Cure Lv. 5 will still heal a good chunk of LF.

If you really want to save every last SP you can get, you can skip Cure (even though you save just 5 SP).
If you want to recover small amounts of LF, use items or recovery skills from other jobs.

An orthodox Healer will get both Resurrection and Vessel of Miracles.
Before you can buy resurrection items, having Resurrection will be quite useful. The Recover spells you need for Resurrection will also help.
After you get Resurrection to Lv. 5, get Vessel of Miracles right away. That skill can be the difference between getting out of a battle and a Game Over.

If you're having your Healer be the one to recover MN for your party, then you'll need Craft Mana.
You might have to let Recover and Resurrection wait if you want to get this right away, but at the beginning of the game you won't have any good items that can cure status ailments or revive party members.
If you have a Mage, then this is more worth it.

After this, raise Cure II to Lv. 5 while getting Dead Man's React for boss fights.
Once you've got both of those, start raising Cure All. You'll want it at around Lv. 6 if you can, but at least at Lv. 3. If you need more healing, level Cure II when you need it.

Enemy Sense isn't really needed, but if you can put a point in it if you want some extra protection.
If you don't have a Samurai, you'll want to get Invisibility.

If you have 8 SP laying around, you can get Cure II from Lv. 5 to Lv. 10 in one go. The MN cost decreases from 7 MN at Lv. 9, to 5 MN at Lv. 10.

Early Game Healer

Craft Mana and Vessel of Miracles both need you to spend lots of SP on other skills before you can take them.
If you don't want to spend the early part of the game getting your skills to that point, you can focus on skills that make you useful immediately.
If you need them later, you can use a skill reset and get them then.
You can focus your skills like so, if you want to pick them up:

Maxing this to will last you until around Lv. 40. Once you reset your skills, stop this at Lv. 5.
Until then, you can keep Recovery Mastery at Lv. 1.

Venom skills
It deals a fixed amount of damage each turn, but it completely ignores resistances and weaknesses.
Getting this to Lv. 10 will inflict Poison at an okay success rate.
If your party has other attacks skills, this might not be that useful, but if you use Venom Amplif, the Poison damage will start to get pretty high.
You can keep Venom until the end of the game if you find you need more damage.

Enemy Sense and Invisibility
These are always useful. Exploration becomes easier, and these can prevent Surprise Attacks from getting you Game Overs.

Great Worker
If your team is focusing on exploration and material harvesting then this will make both of those easier.
You'll need POW Bonus at Lv. 3, though.

To get both Craft Mana and Vessel of Miracles, you'll need 42 SP.
At Lv. 45, you can use a skill reset and make your Healer into a Recovery Healer.

You might still have some trouble at early game even with this set up.
Venom Healers will need 15 SP to get Venom Amplif, and it costs 7 MN, which is high for the beginning of the game.
You won't be able to heal while you're using Venom Amplif, so you'll have to rely on another party member for healing.
Venom Healers are pretty hard to use, and might only be found in parties that are planned around it.

It takes 28 SP (Lv. 22) to get Cure Lv. 5, Venom Amplif Lv. 1, Enemy Sense Lv. 1, and Invisibility Lv. 1.
For the same 28 SP, you can have Cure Lv. 5, Recover I and Recover II Lv. 5, Resurrection Lv. 5, and Vessel of Miracles.

Combat Healer

Cure Lv. 5 -> Recover I Lv. 5, Recover II Lv. 5 -> Resurrection Lv. 5 -> Vessel of Miracles -> Cure II Lv. 5, Dead Man's React -> POW Bonus Lv. 5 -> Swing Crush Lv. 5 -> POW Bonus Lv. 10 -> Earth Breaker

It's hard to get this to work, and it might only be in the end of the game where you can get a Combat Healer to be useful.

The ultimate weapon for Healers gets them a POW bonus to come close to most front liners.
The ATK of the weapon is more than most other jobs' ultimate weapons, but they don't have a Mastery skill to increase its ATK.

Healers have low DEF, and this can't be overcome with just POW bonuses.
At the end of the game, you'll come across two pieces of equipment with high DEF that any job can equip (except Knights, who can't equip one of them).
Having at least one of them on your Healer will increase his DEF so much that he might be able to be put on the front row.
Until you get them, you will have to put your Healer in the back row. This will reduce the damage he does by half, so put off raising POW Bonus until you get your other skills.
You'll have to wait until you can go into the front row to deal any damage.
After you've gotten all your skills, you can put more points into Swing Crush, or focus on healing.

Your damage will lag behind most other front liners, but it's not that you're a front liner - you're a healer than can support your front line's offense.
You might need someone who can reduce the damage your party takes. A Sword Fighter with Attack Kill or a Knight can do this.

Harvesting Healer

POW Bonus Lv. 3 -> Great Worker Lv. 5

You want Great Worker maxed so you can harvest as many times as you can before you need to rest. You won't be really useful besides this.
Harvesting Healers might be good if you're raising a second party.

You can max Great Worker at Lv. 8. If you've got other party members that can protect you, you can bring your Healer along to any dungeon you want just so you can harvest more.
If you've got the SP, you can get Cure, Enemy Sense, Invisibility, and other skills that will help out the rest of the party.

If you've got a party of 4 Harvesting Healers, then you'll want one of them with Invisibility.
In the latter half of the game, though, you'll have as much money as you need, so you won't need to harvest just for that.
Putting your Healer in a party that can keep him safe might be better.

Job Combinations

Every other job can benefit from Craft Mana. With this skill, other jobs can use their more MN consuming skills and not worry much about running out of MN.
Your Healer will have to use up turns to recover your party's MN, though, so if you need to heal LF, you won't be able to heal MN.

Healer and Fighter

Sword Fighters can reduce the damage any of their party members take with Attack Kill.
The Healer has low DEF, and might need the extra defense.

Character Making
A Healer with Recover spells might let the Fighter save on Endorphin.
The Healer's Recover spells can do cure the same status ailments that the Fighter's Berserk can. If you only want Berserk to cure status ailments, then you can use Recover instead. Recover won't prevent those status ailments from hitting like Berserk can, though.

Healer and Knight

Healers have low DEF, and Knights will either reduce the damage they take, or prevent attacks from targeting the Healer.
You can use Dead Man's React to get your Knight back up as soon as he goes down. If he's a Guardian Knight, and everyone was at 50% LF or less, then this will really be helpful.

Provoke (Knight) + Resist Element (Healer) -> Parrying (Knight)
If you're not sure whether to use Parrying or Mana Parrying, you can use Resist Element on your Knight while he Provokes.
Physical damage will be nullified by Parrying, and magical damage will be decreased by Resist Element.

Healer and Rogue

Dagger Rogues can heal the damage they take with Vampire. Your Healer can focus his healing on other party members.

Healing spell (Healer) + Replace First (Rogue)
If you need your heal to come out as fast as possible, you can use Replace First instead of EX.

Scorpio (Rogue) -> Venom Amplif (Healer)
Scorpio inflicts Poison more often than Venom will, and you can use Venom Amplif to increase the damage the Poison does.

Healer and Samurai

Dead Man's React can be used to instantly revive your Samurai. If he's using Jinka no React, then you can bring him back up even if he takes too much damage.

Healer and Mage

Character Making
A Mage with Pharmaceuticals can use Heal Aeros instead of Cure All to heal 100 LF, and Hyupno Crystals instead of Resurrection to revive a party member for 200 LF.
Your Mage will have to stop casting spells, but if you need to do many things and don't have the time to do it, the Mage can be pulled off offense to help you get the party back up.
If your Healer goes down, then the Mage (with Pharmaceuticals) could use a Hyupno Crystal to get your Healer back up with most of his LF, if not all of it.

Healer and Princess

Character Making
Song of the Moonlight and Craft Mana both do the same thing, and both can use Cure and Cure II.
The Princess might focus more or less on healing depending on what sort of Healer you want.
If you've got a Venom Healer or a Combat Healer, then your Princess can get Cure and Cure II, and heal when the Healer isn't. For MN recovery, the Princess should pick up Song of the Moonlight.
If you've got a Recovery Healer, then the Princess might only need to get Cure.
A Healer with Craft Mana can let the Princess focus on just Evil Voice or Whip skills if you want.
Only one of those jobs needs to take their MN recovery skill. If you have both, then your MN recovery will shoot through the roof, but that might be overkill.

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