Getting Started

Play Control


All of the critical action is displayed on the top screen, which includes walking around, fighting battles, and navigating menus.

The bottom screen is reserved almost exclusively for maps (town, dungeon, world). The only exception to this is during party formation at the Guild Office, when the bottom screen changes to a 4x4 grid of created characters. Touch screen functionality appears to be limited to the keyboard offered while naming characters.


Button Functions
A Select menu options
Confirm choices
Interact with the environment
Increase battle speed (while held)
B Cancel (menu and battle)
Display character status bars (town and dungeon mode)
Walk faster (while held). This is a party skill that must first be learned.
X Toggle map zoom (world mode)
Y Open menu screen
Display character status info (battle)
Sell entire inventory of an item (shop)
L/R Switch between characters on certain menu screens
Select Display game settings/options (while in menu screen)
Start End the party formation task at the Guild Office.
This allows for parties containing less than four characters.

Other notes:
To view party skills, open the menu screen, select "Skills", then press Up to highlight the Party Skills option. Press A to access the screen.

Starting the game

After the introductory movie, you will need to create your first character. The game will present you with a choice of character classes. After selecting the class, you may select from four character portraits. The choice of portrait has no bearing on character stats.
Next, you will need to name your character. Selecting the middle "top tab" (#1) will display the Latin "alphabet" keyboard.
#2 is the cancel button.(this rom is english-patched so this button is now "no")

With your first character ready to go, you will find yourself in the Guild Office with Elan (エラン), the lovely guild master. The first order of business is to name your guild. With this accomplished, you are free to explore, but spending a bit more time in the Guild Office to create more characters would be a good idea.

Other important screens

Guild Office

  1. Create a new character
  2. Delete a character (Be careful!)*
  3. Select Party formation
  4. Rearrange character grid
  5. Exit
  • = Strangely, this seems to be the only way to actually view the status screen of everyone in the guild at once, for comparison etc. Otherwise you'll have to put them in the party first.

In selecting your party formation, you will select your characters from the grid in the bottom screen. After selecting a character, you will need to specify whether the character will be in the front row or back row.


You may press the Start button to end the task if you'd like a party with less than four characters.

Town Map

  1. Document Icon: Quests and Missions
  2. Rolled Parchment Icon: Guild Office
  3. Blue Diamond: Your location
  4. Sword Icon: Weapons and Armor Shop
  5. Bag Icon: Item Shop
  6. Moon Icon: Inn
  7. Mug Icon: Pub
  8. Jar Icon: Pharmacy
  9. Name of current location
  10. Number of remaining dragons

Shop Menu

  1. Buy
  2. Sell
  3. Talk? (needs verification)

Hospital Menu

  1. Status Recovery (need verification)
  2. Resurrection

Quest / Mission Menu

  1. Quests / Missions available (Take an Available Quest here)
  2. Current Quests / Missions (Report a Quests Completion (if done) or Cancel it (if not done) here)
  3. Quests / Missions completed

Inn (Sleep and Save)


As opposed to other locations in town, the Innkeeper prefers to ask you a series of questions instead of offering a menu. The first question asks if you'd like to sleep, with a Yes/No choice ("Yes" is on the left, "No" is on the right).


The second question asks if you'd like to save. If you select "Yes", you will get a "Do you want to overwrite your previous save?" warning. Select "Yes" again. A green "Saving your game" dialog box will appear on your screen for several seconds. When in doubt, look for the katakana for "save" (セーブ).

Other Info


You will see this screen when something quest-related has just happened. The text differs slightly between "Quest Available" and "Quest Completed", but both always start with the same katakana for "quest" (クエスト). Remember that once a Quest is available, you have to actually take it from the quest centre! Similarily, report back when you've met the quest's requirements to actually get the main reward.

Note: screen shots were taken from this video.

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