This is a list of things I wanted to know about the game before I bought it.

Q: How many characters can I make?

You can create up to 16 characters in the game. Each character must belong to one of 7 jobs, and each job has 4 character designs you can choose from.

You can have up to 4 characters in your party at once. To switch characters, delete characters, or add characters, you must go back to Kazan (the starting town) to do so.

If you're just getting into the game, it's easiest to start off with a 4-person party. Having one healing character and two attackers is recommended.

Everyone with pointed ears (male) or cat ears (female) are part of the Rushe race. The male Rushe are found in the Knight, Healer, and Rogue classes. The female Rushe are the Princess, Fighter, Samurai, and Mage. This means you can have Team Cat-Ears, but not Team Pointed-Ears unless you have two of the same design in your party (or have less than a four person party).

Q: Do I really only have one save?


Q: What are skills, and how to I get them?

Skills are actually divided into two categories: Guild skills and Character skills.

Guild skills are basically things that let you take certain actions on the field, no matter who you have in your party. There are skills that let you gather materials from the field, languages that let you understand certain books or NPCs, and ones that let you travel certain places.

Character skills are special actions you can take during battle or while on the field. A few of these are passive and will always be active. They're pretty much what you know and love about most RPGs now.

Q: What's Exhaust?

Every character has a stock of 3 EX (Exhaust) they can use, and this gets replenished when you rest. You can use EX and take action in the same round. Using EX will have a number of effects on whatever action you take. Some of them are:

  • You'll pretty much go first.
  • You'll do more damage with attacks. (150% damage)
  • Recovery skills heal more.
  • If you use a skill with a status ailment attached to it, the status effect will go off more often.
  • You can use special EX skills that you've learned, which can't be used normally without spending EX.
  • You can run with a higher chance of success.

You won't lose EX unless you actually are able to act that turn, so if you fired out some EX but didn't get to go, you won't have actually used up one of your three EX stocks.

Q: Are certain character combinations more effective than others?

Many characters have skills that mesh well with other jobs. For example, the Samurai's Zeppa-Uchi can keep enemies from using their own skills, but this effect doesn't go off often. A Fighter with Balance Kill lowers enemies resistances to status ailments, though, making Zeppa-Uchi more likely to inflict its Skill Seal.

Q: How do I get SP?

First, new characters start with 3 SP. Each level you gain will give you 1 SP. Also, at levels 75 and below, every fifth level will give an additional SP on top of that (so every fifth level up to 75 you gain 2 SP, and every other level you just gain 1 SP).

Q: What's the maximum level in this game?

100. You'll have 117 SP by that point.

Q: What level do most people complete the game at?

By looking at the Japanese wiki, most people clear the game at mid-60's. At level 60, you'll have 74 SP.

Q: I heard that dragons can wander into a fight you're already in…?

If you have a map of the dungeon you're in, dragons will be marked on the map. When you get into battle, you might notice a number pop up on some of those marks. When that many turns go by, the dragon will join the battle. This can be bad, but this means you can spend time before the dragon shows up to prepare things like stat enhancements that you can't do on the field.

Q: Some people mentioned Furowaro, and I have no idea what they're talking about.

Those are the flowers that are on the ground. Stepping on them twice (they're 2x2 panels big) will cause them to disappear, but will drain some LF from your entire party. The Knight's Safe Walk skill can reduce this, and you can buy items that will do this at around mid-game.

Q: I was stomping on flowers when all of a sudden, I get into a fight with a crystal looking thing that ran away before I could do anything!

Rarely, some Furowaro will give of a strange bell-like noise and won't disappear after just 2 steps. If you keep stepping on them, they'll go away, but sometimes they'll cause you to get into battle with a Furowaro Seed when they disappear. These things are scaled to your level, and give out loads of Exp. when you defeat them. They usually take just one hit. Use EX so that you go first and beat them up.

Q: What's this about gathering materials?

You can gain Guild skills to gather materials from the environment.

First, you need both a Guild skill to be able to find gather points, and another Guild skill that will let you do the actual gathering. Once you have that, you can see points on the field which give off a small shiny spark. These are Gathering Points. Examine them (with the A button) to start gathering. Different spots will contain different materials, and what you get is determined in part by chance.

You can only gather a certain amount of times between rests (stays at an inn). Healers have a skill that allow you to gather more times before needing to rest.

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