Natural-born warriors, using their finely honed bodies to manipulate gigantic weapons
with the sole purpose of fighting the enemy. Their job is to overwhelm with brute force.


Universal Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
POW Bonus (POWボーナス) Raises physical attack and defense. - 2 10
SPD Bonus (SPDボーナス) Raises agility and evasion. - 1 10
INT Bonus (INTボーナス) Raises magic attack and magic defense. - 1 10

Sword Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Sword Mastery (ソードマスタリー) Increases the ATK of equipped swords. Higher levels required for higher sword skills. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10
Keen Edge (キーンエッジ) Medium damage to an enemy. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 1
Rush Edge (ラッシュエッジ) Medium damage to an enemy, also attacks the enemies to its right and left for small damage. 5 (lv1~5), 6 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 5
Blood Blade (ブラッドブレード) Small damage to an enemy and a small chance to cause Bleeding. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 3
Attack Kill (アタックキル) Small damage to an enemy and decreases target's ATK. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 3
Fang Blade (ファングブレード) Medium damage to an enemy and causes Paralysis. Only usable in Offensive Switch. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 5, Offensive Switch 3
Element Follower (エレメントフォロア) Attacks simultaneously with any ally's attack spell with elemental damage of the same type. Only usable in Defensive Switch. Similar to the elemental chasers in Etrian Odyssey. 5 (lv1~5), 6 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 5, Defensive Switch 3
Grand Buster (グランドバスター) Medium damage to all enemies. 8 (lv1~4), 9 (lv5~7), 10 (lv8~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 8
Hexa Spike (ヘキサスパイク) (EX Skill) Extreme damage to one enemy. 0 (EX) 3 1 Sword Mastery 10, Unlocked by completing the Quest: Funeral Sake and Toast.

Axe Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Axe Mastery (アクスマスタリー) Increases the ATK of equipped axes. Higher levels required for higher axe skills. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10
Power Crash (パワークラッシュ) Large damage to a single enemy. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Axe Mastery 1
Balance Kill (バランスキル) Small damage to a single enemy and decreases target's resistance against status ailments. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Axe Mastery 3
Defend Kill (ディフェンドキル) Small damage to a single enemy and lowers target's DEF. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Axe Mastery 3
Stun Bash (スタンバッシュ) Medium damage to a single enemy and inflicts Stun. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Axe Mastery 5
Shield Axe (シールドアクス) Greatly reduces damage to the Fighter for one turn. Only usable in Defensive Switch. 2 (lv1~5), 3 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Axe Mastery 5, Defensive Switch 3
Arrow Follower (アローフォロア) Attacks simultaneously with any ally when he uses any bow attack, doing large damage. Only usable in Offensive Switch. Works like Etrian Odyssey's element chasers, only with arrows. 3 (lv1~5), 4 (lv6~10) (the MN cost displayed in-game is miswritten) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Axe Mastery 5, Offensive Switch 3
Purge (パージ) Large damage to a single enemy, inflicts instant death without fail if target is below a certain percentage of its Max LF. 5 (lv1~5), 6 (lv6~10) 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Axe Mastery 8
Tidal Wave (タイダルウェイブ) (EX Skill) Extreme damage to a single enemy with a high chance of inflicting Skill Seal. 0 (EX) 3 1 Axe Mastery 10, Unlocked by completing the Quest: Funeral Sake and Toast.

Miscellaneous Skills

Name Effect MN Cost SP Usage Max Level Prerequisites
Double Attack (ダブルアタック) Occasionally attacks twice when using a regular attack. The probability increases as this skill's level increases. - 1 (lv1~7), 2 (lv8~10) 10 Sword Mastery 5, Axe Mastery 5
Offensive Switch (オフェンシブスイッチ) Concentrates on attack power and increases ATK. Works like a stance. 5 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5
Defensive Switch (デフェンシブスイッチ) Concentrates on guarding and increases DEF. Works like a stance. 5 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5
Maxing Call (マックシングコール) (EX Skill) Increases each party member's Max LF by +20% of their original Max LF. 0 (EX) 3 1 POW Bonus 10, Unlocked by completing the Quest: The Great Adventurer.
Berserk (ベルセルク) Raises ATK by a large amount and self-inflicts Bleeding. 5 1 (lv1~5) 5 POW Bonus 3
Endorphin (エンドルフィン) Removes all status abnormalities on self. 5 (lv1), 4 (lv2), 3 (lv3), 2 (lv4), 1 (lv5) 2 (lv1), 1 (lv2~5) 5 INT Bonus 3
Genocide Task (ジェノサイドタスク) Greatly increases the attack power of the entire party, but makes them uncontrollable. Your entire party will only use regular attacks until the battle ends. 2 (lv1~3), 3 (lv3~5) 1 (lv1~5) 5 POW Bonus 3, SPD Bonus 3
Killing Reaction (キリングリアクト) The React status lasts for 5 turns. While the React is active, the Fighter gains an extra turn if he deals the killing blow to an enemy. 3 2 1 SPD Bonus 1
Meat Eater (ミートイーター) Receive status increases when you eat an enemy's meat. They're there until you next stay at an inn. - 3 1 INT Bonus 1


Sword Mastery

Keen Edge

130% damage at Lv. 1, 165% damage at Lv. 10.
With speed proration, this goes off slightly faster than a regular attack. Its hit rate is good.
It's pretty easy to save this for cannon fodder fights - its MN is low enough to allow that.
The biggest problem with taking this skill is that other skills… get harder to obtain, especially Fang Blade which does the same thing for more damage and MN (and requires a stance change).

Rush Edge

Does some damage to your main target (130% at Lv. 1, 165% at Lv. 10), and some minor damage to the enemies to your main target's left and right (70% at Lv. 1, 120% at Lv. 10).
This goes off faster than Grand Buster, but slower than a regular attack. This might be able to go before some faster enemies.
As long as you've got some decent MN recovery, the MN cost can be offset rather easily. If you're thinking about raising Keen Edge, consider raising this instead.

Grand Buster

Damage all your enemies. Like Keen Edge and Rush Edge, this one does 130% damage at Lv. 1, up to 165% damage at Lv. 10.
You can clean sweep your opponents with this skill, but it activates so slow, they'll probably all act before you can beat them down with this.
If you really want to beat them down before they can act, then a Rogue's Replace First might be just want you're looking for.
You'll want to raise this only when you think you can spare the extra MN cost for the damage you do.
With a good weapon, stopping this at Lv. 4 won't cause too many problems for most purposes.
It's also easier to use than Rush Edge - you don't have to worry about who you want to take out first, where he is, or if he's on the edge of the screen or not.

Blood Blade

125% damage and 25% chance of Bleeding at Lv. 1, 150% damage and 45% chance of Bleeding at Lv. 10.
The Bleeding will sometimes hit, sometimes not depending on your target's resistance to Bleeding.
Bleeding does 3% of the affected's Max LF per round, so for long dragon fights it's pretty useful. Cannon fodder don't last long enough for this to be useful.
If your battle strategy doesn't conflict with inflicting Bleeding, feel free to pick this up.

Attack Kill

Reduces the target's ATK for 10 turns.
110% damage and -10% ATK at Lv. 1, 132% damage and -32% ATK at Lv. 10.
As you can see, there's not much difference in the damage from Lv. 1 to Lv. 10, so use this solely as a way to lower the damage an enemy can do.
It's usually easier to lower an enemy's ATK than raising your entire party's DEF, so there's no harm in taking this skill.
If your enemy's not resistant at all to the ATK drop, then it'll go off 100% of the time. Using EX will not affect the amount of ATK that is lost.
Of course, the attack has to hit before you can kill ATK, so on enemies with high evasion, this might be hard to use.

Fang Blade

130% damage with a 20% chance of Paralysis at Lv. 1, 180% damage with a 32% chance of paralysis at Lv. 10.
If your party's lacking some punch when it comes time to face off against dragons, this is a skill you probably want to take (except if you want to take Element Follower).
This applies to other skills than just Fang Blade, but EX'ing this skill will make the Paralysis go off with much more regularity.

Element Follower

You need to be in Defensive Switch with a sword equipped to use this skill, and an ally must use magic or an item that casts magic.
The damage bonus is 130% at Lv. 1 and 165% at Lv. 10. Also, you'll do an extra 30% of the damage done by the magic that activated this skill. The elemental of this attack is the same as the one used to activate this skill, and non-elemental magic (Mana Bullet, Heaven's Press) will also activate it. You'll have to be in Defensive Switch though, so you can't fire this off on turn 1.
If the magic was enhanced by an EX or Mage's Concentrate, then the damage on this will be pretty obscene. You'll want to pick this up if you've got a Mage in the party.
Full party spells and items will also make this attack every enemy as well.
This will not activate on any physical attack with elemental damage, or any Veil's counter spells.
This will activate as many times in a single round as there are spells or items that fire it off.
The damage of this attack is affected by EX, and won't be countered by enemy Veils or counter attacks (Tail Parrying, etc.).
Even though this deals elemental damage, increasing the Fighter's ATK (for example, with a Princess' Scorching Rhyme) will also increase the damage of this attack. Damage will drop if your Fighter's in the back row.
This won't activate on spells or items that miss their target, but the hit rate of this attack is really good (it won't miss even when the Fighter's stuck with Blind).
Items seem to hit more often than casting spells, so if your enemy is good at evading or if you're Blind, then you might want to use those items instead.

Hexa Spike

This attack does 150% damage before the effects of using EX are factored in. At the very least, it's pretty flashy.
It doesn't do anything else other than damage, so EX'ing your other skills is probably a better idea.
About the only thing this can do that other skills can't, is not use MN or not use as much SP as maxing other skills. This might be good for some inexpensive damage if you haven't taken Keen Edge or Fang Blade and want an easy way to up your damage that doesn't cost a bunch of SP.

Axe Mastery

Power Crash

The basic damage skill for Axe Mastery, but Purge is more powerful. 130% damage at Lv. 1, 165% damage at Lv. 10.
You can leave this at Lv. 1 for the low, low MN cost of 3 and the instant damage increase if you want to focus on the more MN eating Purge instead.

Balance Kill

110% damage at Lv. 1, and status effects have a good +10% to their success rate. At Lv. 10, damage increases to 132%, and the success rate of status effects increases to +22%.
Needless to say, if you need to inflict status ailments and have a Fighter on your side (and you're finding it hard to inflict those status ailments), then have him pick this skill up.

Defend Kill

110% damage and -10% to the target's DEF at Lv. 1, 132% damage and -25% to the target's DEF at Lv. 10.
The cheap MN cost means you can just fire this out whenever you want. You can also use this to cancel your enemies' DEF increases.
If your party relies on physical damage, this will be really useful in long fights.


130% damage at Lv. 1 and instantly kills enemies with a LF less than a base 15% of their max LF. At Lv. 10, the damage increases to 180% damage, and the base LF threshold is 45% for the instant death effect.
It appears as though the LF threshold for instant death effect depends both on the target's remaining LF and the difference in level between you and your target.
However, you can think of the instant death effect as icing on the cake, and just expect massive damage from this skill.
Without burning a turn to take up Offensive Switch, this skill alone is the best you can get for sheer damage potential.
This skill is incredibly slow, however, and even with SPD Bonus maxed, it can be hard to get this to go before your opponents.

Shield Axe

-50% damage taken from an attack, with around a 33% chance of nullifying it completely at Lv. 1. At Lv. 10, the damage reduction goes to -72%, and the damage nullification effect goes off around 50% of the time. Works against both physical and magic attacks.
This is essentially Super Guard. For comparison, regular Guard will reduce damage you take by 50%, but against magic attacks, it will only reduce damage by 30%.
Your survivability really skyrockets at Lv. 10. The only bad thing is that you can't Provoke.
The MN cost is pretty low, so feel free to use this instead of Guard.

Stun Bash

125% damage and 64% chance of Stun at Lv. 1, 160% damage and 100% chance of Stun at Lv. 10.
Even if there isn't any speed proration attached to this skill, Fighters can be a little sluggish, and enemies will tend to go before they can use this. You could burn some EX to get around this.
Maybe you could use this as a way to Stun dragons, and make sure your party always goes before them.

Arrow Follower

The obvious combination skill with a Bow Rogue.
130% damage at Lv. 1 and 165% damage at Lv. 10. You'll also do 30% of the damage the bow attack did on top of that. This probably does blunt damage.
The MN cost listed in game is miswritten. It's 3 MN from Lv. 1 to 5, and 4 MN at Lv. 6 to 10.
Using EX on the turn a Rogue's Falling Star goes off, then using a regular Bow attack on the same turn will allow this to fire twice in one turn. You can fill in the time until Falling Star hits with the necessary Offensive Switch.
This is probably the most damaging thing an Axe Fighter can fire away. A Bow Rogue with the Casual Behavior skill (行住坐臥) and a Samurai will increase damage even further.
Combining this with Head Shot might be a good idea. If you use it with Sleep Shot, your Arrow Follower will do extra damage if the enemy is put to Sleep. Keep this in mind if you've got a Princess who wants Angelica Cage.
This will ignore counters just like it were a projectile attack, so you can avoid Veil counters with this. Moving to the back row will reduce the damage this does, though.

  • With Dual Shot, this will only activate once. If you're a React Bow Rogue, this won't go off during your extra turns unless the Fighter has an extra turn as well.

Tidal Wave

160% damage and 75% chance of Skill Seal.
EX Purge or EX Arrow Follower will outdamage this, but the nice skill sealing works well with the Fighter's own Balance Kill or a Princess' Angelica Cage.
This is a good EX skill to have around. If you need to stop your enemies from using skills, fire it off. If you're not worried about them, let them have it with EX Purge or EX Arrow Follower.


Double Attack

10% chance to attack again after a normal attack at Lv. 1, 23% chance at Lv. 10.
If the first attack downs your target, the Fighter will aim his next attack at another target. This is great seeing as the Fighter usually kills what he swings at. You might be able to pull off two kills in one turn if your luck is good enough.
Against random encounters, this will obviously speed up their destruction. Against dragons, this can increase your overall damage.
This isn't exactly the Fighter's lifeline, but if you've got no way to recover MN, then there's no harm in picking this up.
This will, unfortunately, go off even when the Fighter is Confused, Charmed, etc.


+5% to your ATK at Lv. 1, +15% at Lv. 10. This will inflict Bleeding on the Fighter. If you lose Bleeding, then Berserk will end.
Bleeding has priority over (and will overwrite) Blind, Paralysis, Charm, Confusion, Sleep, Poison.
Bleeding does not have priority over Curse, Fear, Skill Seal, Petrification, and Knocked Out.
With its high priority, Berserk will make the Fighter immune to some status ailments, while curing others.
If Bleeding does work because of some other status ailment (Curse, etc.), then Berserk won't go off.

Offensive Switch

+5% to your ATK at Lv. 1, +15% at Lv. 10, much like Berserk. This is a stance, you can benefit from Berserk at the same time. This won't be cancelled by ATK Downs.
This is needed for Fang Blade and Arrow Follower.

Defensive Switch

+10% to your DEF at Lv. 1, +30% at Lv. 10. Again, this is a stance and can't be dispelled by DEF Downs.
This is needed for Element Follower and Shield Axe.

Maxing Call

The party's Max LF is increased by 20% for 5 turns.
Party members already at max LF will have their current LF increased with their Max LF.
If the party member's already taken damage, then only his Max LF will increase. This makes it useful in conjunction with Punishment Princesses.


You can use Berserk to cure some status ailments instead of healing them with this, so there's no pressing need to take this.
However, against those skills that Bleeding has lower priority over, this skill can see use, especially if you don't have a Healer (or if he can't be pulled away from doing something else to cure you).
Good for getting rid of Curse and Fear. In the beginning of the game, when items are relatively expensive, this can be used to cure Poison and Paralysis without much fuss.

Genocide Task

+30% to the party's ATK at Lv. 1, +80% at Lv. 10. The entire party won't accept commands and will attack, attack, and attack until the battle ends.
If you get nailed with the wrong status ailments, or if a dragon decides to pop into the battle, this will probably not end very well.
This skill does have some use if your party composition's right. Without Healers or Mages, this is a good auto-battle button for random encounters and might find some use in dragon encounters (maybe at the tail end of them). The damage is great if Double Attack goes off, too.
You'll lose the ATK bonus if you get hit with an ATK Down, but you still won't be able to give commands to your party. This means you'll just have to sit and watch as your team goes about trading blows with whatever you're fighting until one side gives. It goes without saying, of course, but pick your targets carefully with this skill.

Killing React

Gives the Fighter an extra turn if he kills something. The React lasts for 3 turns.
If your entire party's filled with attackers, then this might be overkill.
Unless your Fighter's beefy enough to plow through enemies in a single thwud, you'll have to plan your turns pretty carefully so that your Fighter will have the killing blow on some enemy. It's probably easiest when you use this with Rush Edge or Grand Buster.
With the Princess' React, you can have your quicker Princess whittle down your target while the slower Fighter finishes him off.

Meat Eater

If you've got meat in your inventory, you can have your Fighter throw them down and get various stat bonuses.
If you don't take this, then there'll be no use for all those things of meat you'll eventually rack up, and they'll start to eat at your inventory space instead.
The effects will wear off after you rest at an inn, and you can only have one effect up at a time. Previous food effects are canceled whenever you slam down new meat.
Dragon meat usually will give stat bonuses around the same level as a Stat Bonus skill at Lv. 10.
If you don't want your Fighter losing the stat bonus, you can have him leave the party before you stay at an inn, then bring him back to the party afterwards.
Status ailments can be pretty nasty right from the beginning of the game, so Grass Meat is considered to be one of the most effective meats.


The Fighter is a front-liner with good defense and skills which debilitate your enemies.
The Sword Fighter has Attack Kill and multi-target physical attacks, as well as the mighty Element Follower. It should be noted that no class can deal multi-target physical damage just out of the blue like the Fighter can. Knights need a party member to drop to 0 LF, and Samurai only have one EX skill that can do that.
Attack Kill can be used in place of the Knight's Defense Shift against single enemies.
Element Follower… just read the description above. It attacks all the enemies if the spell or item attacks all enemies, Mage's Concentrate can be used on the spell for metric boatloads of damage from both attacks… it's just awesome.
Defensive Shift increases your DEF by a sweet 30%, which is about the same as Defensive Shift.
If you don't have a Mage with you, then you can dish out great damage with Fang Blade.

Axe Fighters don't have the multi-target attacks of the sword skills, but they can really give it to single enemies.
Defend Kill or Berserk or Offensive Switch -> Purge can blow an unfortunate foe away in no time at all.
They also mesh very well with other jobs with Balance Kill. That skill helps Masked Pain Rogues, Status Ailment Rogues, Poison-type Healers, Evil Voice Princesses, and a host of others.
A Bow Rogue can spend 1 EX to cover two attacks with Falling Star, each attack firing off Arrow Follower.
Offensive Switch, Berserk, and Defend Kill all take turns away from your main damage dealing skills, so can't always all be used. A little bit of thinking might be necessary with Axe Fighters, which usually boils down to how best you wish to thwump around your enemies.

You can also prevent and recover from status ailments with Berserk.
Confusion pops up a lot in the bonus dungeon, and Berserk can prevent it from happening.

Character Making

Sword Type

Sword Mastery Lv. 3 -> Attack Kill Lv. 1 -> Defensive Switch Lv. 3, Element Follower Lv. 1 (if a Mage is in the party) -> Sword Mastery Lv. 10 -> Attack Kill Lv. 10, Element Follower Lv. 10 (if a Mage is in the party)

(Translator: Sword Mastery gives a bonus to your sword's attack. It may be better to level it only after you've got some good swords.)

Enemies you encounter will largely rely on physical damage, and lowering ATK with Attack Kill will help from the beginning of the game to the end (actually, the reduction is paltry at the start of the game~ but it does help somewhat against dragons at least).
The ATK Down always goes off if the attack hits, so it will be effective even at Lv. 1.

After you learn Attack Kill, your next skills will depend on whether or not you have a Mage in the party.
If you have a Mage, you're going for Element Follower.
If you don't, then go straight for Mastery skills, Fang Blade or Rush Edge.

There isn't any must-have skills besides Sword Mastery and Attack Kill (and Element Follower, if you got it). Get them to Lv. 10 and think about other skills after that. (although, if the party is lacking in multi-hit skills, Rush Edge should probably be given some priority over others. Although those with Mages need not apply.)

There's always Meat Eater, if you want some stat bonuses and get a lot of meat.
For random enemies, you could go for Rush Edge and Grand Buster.
If you really want to, you could max POW Bonus, though the return on damage isn't that great (it will help reduce damage slightly, though).

Depending on your party composition, you could get Genocide Task for random encounters and weaker dragons.
Pick up Offensive Switch and count on spending a turn to throw out Fang Blade.
The list goes on and on, so just pick something you like and go with it.

Sword Fighters get the advantage of being able to play with 2-handed swords that none of the other sword wielders can touch (and of course, Balmung). They hence get a notable upgrade once you can retrieve the Claymore from the liberation of Kazan.

Axe Type

Power Crash Lv. 1 (if you want it) -> Defend Kill Lv. 1 -> Arrow Follower or Balance Kill (whichever you prefer, or both) -> Axe Mastery Lv. 10 -> Purge Lv. 10

After this, you can spend SP as you wish. (Translator: Again, holding off on Axe Mastery until you find axes that make the +2% ATK per level worth it might be a good idea.)

If you're in a party where you can't come up with nice skill combos, then you should max Defend Kill. Your battle strategy will be the simple Defend Kill to lower DEF, then Purge to take them out. Simple and effective.

Axe Fighters are team players and excel working with other jobs, though, (using Balance Kill and Arrow Follower) so you should really try to set them up with a team where they can help out their teammates. Their effectiveness falls a bit if they can't do this, even if they can stand on their own.

There are two ways you can have your Fighter help: physical damage, or status ailments.

If you have a Bow Rogue in the party, then you really ought to take Arrow Follower and concentrate on dealing some massive damage. The Follower will go off right after the Rogue's bow attack, so you can get around the slow SPD of the Fighter using that skill. The two skills will also deal two types of damage, piercing and blunt, so one of them is bound to go through any of your enemy's physical resistances.

The Follower itself is a physical attack, so it is affected by Scorching Rhyme just like the arrow shot if you have a Holy Voice Princess. It does require some preparation, so you won't be able to rain down damage from the get-go, but once everything's up, you'll be doing damage on par with a Samurai. The only difference, your damage is blunt.

If you want to help inflict status ailments, then Balance Kill is the skill to look at.
This helps out with a Rogue's Panic Shot (Confusion, which also stops enemies from using skills) and Sleep Shot (attacks do 130% damage to Sleeping enemies). You might be able to help Fear Princesses keep Fear up. Venom-type Healers will always welcome the increased chance of Poison.

Job Combinations

Fighter and Knight

Attack Kill will further reduce the damage your enemies can do. Provoke and Guardian Knights will take less damage when they cover for your party, and Shield Knights will further reduce damage.

Attack Kill (Fighter) + Defense Shift (Knight)
Your party will just not take damage.

Defensive Switch (Fighter) + Defense Shift (Knight)
Defensive Switch and Defense Shift make your DEF shoot through the roof. If you really don't want to take damage, use Shield Axe.

Fighter and Rogue

Balance Kill will help for Masked Pain and status ailment Rogues. Combined with Panic Shot, the enemy won't use his skills against you, and will start attacking enemies.

Balance Kill (Fighter) + Masked Pain (Rogue) -> Scorpio or Tarantella (Rogue) + any status ailment inflicting skill (other jobs) -> Masked Pain (Rogue)
Balance Kill will decrease an enemy's resistance to status ailments, which will help in racking up Pain Counters.

Sleep Shot (Rogue) + Arrow Follower (Fighter)
The Follow itself will do more damage if Sleep Shot puts the enemy to Sleep, but you should count on the enemy being awake after the Follow hits.

Falling Star (Rogue) -> (wait two turns) -> EX Arrow Follower (Fighter) + any bow attack (Rogue)
You can get two EX Arrow Followers in one turn with this. For damage, use Dual Shot or Head Shot.

Fighter and Samurai

Attack Kill may help the fragile Samurai take hits, but the damage he takes might be too small for Jinka no React to go off.
Blood Blade might not be needed if the Samurai doesn't might blowing EX for Futatsu Tsubame against targets with lots of LF.
Sword Fighters will probably be able to follow a Samurai's elemental attacks (not tested).

Character Making
Tidal Wave might make Zeppa-Uchi less critical, though having both just to make sure probably won't hurt. Zeppa-Uchi can also be used when you're not willing to spend EX.

Balance Kill (Fighter) + Zeppa-Uchi (Samurai)
This will give you the highest chance you can get to inflict Skill Seal without using EX.

Fighter and Mage

Attack Kill will reduce an enemy's ATK so that he doesn't damage your Mage as much.
Defend Kill will increase the damage of spells. Magic defense is half DEF, half INT.

Character Making
The End of World has the same Skill Seal as Tidal Wave. If you don't think you need both, that might save SP for one or the other.

Defensive Switch (Fighter) + Mage's Concentrate (Mage) -> Element Follower (Fighter) + any attack spell (Mage)
Fill in the time it takes to set up Element Follower with a Mage's Concentrate.

Fighter and Healer

Attack Kill will reduce the damage enemies can deal to the Healer.
Balance Kill will help Venom skills inflict Poison more often.
Craft Mana will help any Fighter a lot. With MN recovery, the Fighter can use as many skills as he wants without worrying about running out of MN when he really needs it.
Rush Edge, Grand Buster, and Purge are the three skills that need MN recovery most.

Fighter and Princess

All types of princesses work well with the fighter. Either they buff the fighter (Lovely Voice) or they help her inflict her effects (Evil Voice and Whip Princesses etc.)
Again, Attack Kill will reduce the damage that enemies can deal to the Princess.
Song of the Moonlight helps everyone, especially the Fighter. He doesn't have much MN, so he can't use his skills that often unless he can recover it.

Character Making
Blood Blade and Falling Leaf Shriek both do the same thing, except Blood Blade will do damage to one target and has a smaller chance of inflicting Bleeding.
You probably only need one or the other if you want to inflict Bleeding.

Balance Kill (Fighter) -> Evil Voice skills or Training Whip (Princess)
If your Princess relies on getting status ailments on enemies, Balance Kill will help her do it. Helps with both Fear and Sleep based Princesses.

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