Cast of Characters

7th Dragon has many colorful characters. Below is a listing of the main characters in the game. How do we know they're so important? They're the only ones who have portraits! This page contains massively massive plot spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Portrait Name Hometown Info
elan.png Elan Kazan Lovely guild master.
menas.png Menas Kazan Head Quest Officer. After the invasion of Eden he becomes acting President of Kazan. Devoted to Doris, he refuses to become President until Doris' spirit says farewell and urges him to take the vacant post
doris.png Doris Kazan President of Kazan. During the invasion of Eden he remains in Kazan and is slaughtered by the Wounded Emperor Dragon. His soul was saved by Aitelle, and he later binds his soul to the Doris Sword made from Haze in order for your guild to defeat the Tri-Coloured and gain access to the Crimson Spire
p8.png Emerade Miross The much loved Queen of Miross. Kind and compassionate your guild helps her sneak out of the castle to visit Miross town. She wishes nothing more than for her kingdom to be the best that it can be.
p10.png Voulg Miross Kight; aide to the Queen. While nowhere near as kind or compassionate as Emerade, also wishes the best for Miross. He is very protective of the Queen, to the point of intimidating others into doing certain things so that Emerade sees Miross how she wishes it. He gets called out on this during the Miross's Queen sub event and apparently stops this behaviour.
p9.png Griff Miross A young knight in service to Miross. Devoted to both Miross and Emerade, but trained by Voulg. He is very much by the book, although does ask your guild for a small favour when Voulg is exiled.
nowari.png Nowari Rolakka Woods, Pleroma A scientist studying Frowaro. Works for the Pleroman government, and after the invasion of Eden he returns to Pleroma to help Emelle. After Emelle is imprisoned, Nowari takes over as ruler of Pleroma.
p7.png Sougen Aizhen Emperor of Aizhen. A true aristocrat, lavishes his attention on the wealthy of Aizhen while the poverty quarters and outer towns of the region fend for themselves. Mends his ways after a meeting with Rikken and Shion
p5.png Rikken Aizhen A Lord in Aizhen. Loves every part of his country and would do anything to protect it. Eventually corners Sougen about his disregard for most of the kingdom. An honourable man.
p6.png Shion Saimon Resistance Leader. An intelligent youth who wishes to take back Aizhen from the aristocrats. Initially a champion of a revolution, after meeting with Rikken Shion champions him as a new ruler. He is shown by Rikken that change can be accomplished through passion and negotiation, rather than action.
emely.png Emelle Pleroma Ruler of Pleroma. During the coming of the true dragons Emelle begins acting up and appears to know Niara. It is revealed that Emelle is from another world that fought the dragons but lost. She had come here to try and prevent the same thing from happening again. Emelle is then locked away in the jail out of distrust by the people of Pleroma. Cool and collected, she is the older sister of Aitelle.
faro.png Faro Pleroma A bright young scientist
kingRushe.png King Rushe Nevanplace The warrior king of Nevanplace. During the thousand people cannon cut scene, he helms the cannon and is subsequently killed.
bantorowa.png Bantorowa Nevanplace Princess of Nevanplace
jake.png Jekke Nevanplace The irresponcible prince of Nevanplace. Enjoys tormenting his younger sister Bantrolowa and generally being young. Has a huge burded placed on his shoulders when he is suddenly forced to become the king of Nevanplace
miner1.png Gaian Melright A smithy; Bernard's teacher. Participates in the Thousand people cannon and is killed in the assult.
miner2.png Bernard Melright An excellent smithy
p12.png Stace Marlleaire Queen
p13.png Sandra Marlleaire Queen's aide
p14.png Aitelle Masukami One of the last survivors of Tokyon. Sweet and shy, like Emelle she came to Eden to try and save it. A powerful mage, she rescued the soul of Doris and kept him alive at Masukami. She is frequently found in Masukami, watchign over Takehaya. Aitelle was romantically involved with Takehaya during the war and kept him alive, though sealed, in the back room of Masukami.
p2.png Zes Hyrein Sword Saint
p3.png Fagotto Fagotto Mansion Old Scholar
p4.png Takehaya Masukami The Hero of old who fought the Dragons. A skilled warrior who defeated many dragons, however they were able to overcome him. The emperor dragons tried to integrate Takehaya, and when you meet him he is half man and half dragon. After defeating him, Takehaya is able to use the last of his strength to give you the Dragon Chronicles, a book filled with information on powerful dragons - and how to kill them.
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