Bonus Dungeon

What is the Bonus Dungeon?
The Bonus Dungeon (Also known as the Shadow of the Crimson Spire) is a dungeon filled with the hardest enemies and bosses the game can provide. It can be accessed by completing the game, watching the ending and killing all 666 dragons in the game. This doesn't count the dragons in this dungeon and final boss.

Where is it?
If you fly towards the Crimson Spire you'll see a long shadow stretching from it towards the north east. Touch the window part of the shadow to enter the dungeon. Bear in mind if you haven't killed all the dragons you won't be able to enter.

Any tips?
Most people recommend using a Knight, Fighter, Healer and Mage for this dungeon. Its an easy party to use plus its capable of handling every single enemy encountered. Must-haves though are skills that raise Resist, skills that can lower the damage you take (Either by lowering ATK or raising DEF), and of course lots of Hypno Crystals. Bosses don't respawn so feel free to exit the dungeon and save before moving on to the next one.

What do you get for completing it?
An alternate version of the credits. Nothing particularly special.


Random Encounters

Name LF Exp Drop
Devil Lady (デビルレディ) 560 1485 Blue Wing (深青の翼)
Dalmation (ダルメシアン) 700 1584 Huge fang (巨大な牙), Killer’s Meat (キラーズミート)
Sphere Drake X (スフィアドラグυ) 4000 7920 Sphere Dragon’s Wing (球竜の翼)
Trikeros X (トリケロスυ) 4300 8640 Trikeros Frill (角竜のフリル)
Tower Drake X (タワードラグυ) 2500 8640 Tower Drake’s Limb-bone (塔竜の肢骨)
Pteranosaurus X (プテラノザウラυ) 2800 8640 Dakteisaurus’ Wing (翼竜の翼)


Name LF Exp Res Drop
Mennohon(?) Dragon (メノホーンドラグ) - - - JyrHorn Drake’s Claw (長角竜の足爪)
Rib Draconique (リブロドラゴニカ) - - - Draconique Fly's Wings (虫竜の羽)
Dragonzera (ドラゴアンゼラ) - - - Sky Dragon Gold(?) (天竜の金髭)
Canon Dragon (カノンドラグ) - - - Tower Drake's Tune (塔竜の曲角)
Bitora Draconis (ビトラドラゴニス) - - - Vitra Draconis’ Black Horn (甲竜の黒角)
Dragon Bullet X (ドラゴバレットυ) - - - Dragon Bullet's Small Fang (弾竜の小牙)


Name LF Exp Res Moves Drop
Mountain Phantom (幻視山脈) 15000 18000 - “Calm Payment” – Random damage three target, “Grand Crush” – Single target damage, “Tail Parring” – Negate Damage and counter, “Soul Press” – Decrease all party health by half Eye of The Earth (地帝竜の眼球)
Bird King Phantom (幻視鳥王) 9000 18000 Resist: Thunder “Bolt Wing” – Full party thunder damage, “Shock Bolt” – full party thunder damage and chance of paralysis, “Blink Switch” – Swap Party formation (very annoying), “Wind Cutter” – Single target damage Invisible’s Skull (空帝竜の頭骨)
Flame Phantom (幻視焔喰) 15000 18000 Resist: Fire, Weak: Ice “Flame Veil” – Counters phys attacks for 5 turns, “Flame Breath” – Full party flame damage, “Rock Cannon” – Attacks target and damages members on either side, “Magma Wave” – Flame damage to party and recover Flame Eater’s Wing (炎帝竜の赤羽根)
Black Shadow Phantom (幻視黒影) 10000 18000 Weak: Fire, Ice, Thunder “Diamond Dust” – Ice damage to all, “Ice Javelin” – Single target ice damage, “Torporal Edge” – single target physical damage and sleep, “Complete Darkness” – Party wide death Dead Black’s Missing Shard (黒帝竜の欠片)
Emperor Dragon Phantom No6 (幻体真竜No6) 15000 18000 - “KIRISU Rush” – single target damage, “30mm Engine Shot” – Random damage five target, “Repair” – Self heal, “Antibody” – Status resistance up, “Magic Shell” – Magic resistance up Haze’s Point (装真竜の切先)
Three Ray Phantom (幻視三光) 12000 18000 Resist: Fire, Ice, Thunder “Unlucky Rainbow” – Chance of instant death, “Mana Storm” – Damage all, “Panic Flame” – single target fire damage and chance of confuse, “Cold Sleep” – Ice damage to all and chance of sleep, “Shock Paralyze” – single target thunder damage and chance of paralyze, “All-Reset” – debuff, “Surprise” – surprise! Tricoloured Skin (虹帝竜の皮)
Warship Phantom (幻視戦艦) 15000 18000 - “Shell Shot” – Single Target damage, “Mana Storm” – Party wide mana damage, “Sealed Wind” – Full party chance of skill break, “30mm Engine Shot” – Random damage five target, “Repair” – Self heal, “Charge Energy” – self-explanatory, “Moving Wave Shot” – Damage all only useable two turns after Charge Energy Dreadnought’s Fang (艦帝竜の牙)
Dragon King Phantom (幻視竜王) 13000 18000 Resist: Fire, Weak: Ice “Last Split Claw” – Damage front row, “Worsening Malice Passing” – Damage to single target and damage increase with turns passed, “Bite” – Damage single target Red Emperor Dragon’s Scale (赤帝竜のウロコ)
Emperor Dragon Phantom No3 (幻体真竜No3) 15000 19800 - “Pride” – Single target non-elemental damage, “Envy” – Curse all, “Gluttony” – Full party damage, “Greed” – Random fire damage three times, “Sloth” – Casts regen (heals 200 for 5 turns), “Wrath” – Null physical damage and counter, “Lust” – debuff (doesn’t remove switches or reacts) will always follow with HYAKKARYOURAN, unlike the final battle, this doesn't do Flowaro dependant damage. It does around 100 damage to all allies -
The Mother Dragon ND (母なる竜『ND』) 7500 - - “Peony” - Single fire elemental damage, “Chrysanthemum” - Single ice elemental damage, Damejiaruke - Single thunder elemental damage, “Enkereteia” - Attacks random targets mutliple times, ??? - Ice damage on the entire party and inflicts Poison, ??? - Fire damage on the entire party and inflicts Fear, ??? - Thunder damage on the entire party and inflicts Paralysis, ??? - Does 2100(!!) damage to the entire party. -
Konohanachiruhime (コノハナチルヒメ) 5000 0 - “Bisect” - Single non-elemental damage and inflicts instant death, “TSUTOMO TSUYOSHI” - Raises a single enemy's attack, “Willow(?)” - Inflicts sleep on all allies -
Konohanasakuhime (コノハナサクヒメ) 5000 0 - “Mai Zan” - Attacks twice and inflicts curse, “Recover” - Restores around 263 HP, “Kamaitachi” - Attacks all allies -
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