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Run by a crazy man with a DS, a kanji dictionary, and too much time. Occasionally updated by a girl with a strange obsession with the dragons who also seems to have too much time on her hands. Feel free to edit with information/things that need to be cleared up. Some sections could use work, so please edit in information as you get to it in-game.

Thanks to pentarou for job description translations.

Japanese wiki links:
セブンスドラゴン@wiki (w/ Google Translate)
http://kumicyou.sakura.ne.jp/7thdr/index.html (no longer available)
http://aethergames.net/nds/7thd/ (no longer available)

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2023/10/31 "update": It's been over a decade since this wiki was last updated, so I, someone who recently started playing this game, am taking the liberty of fixing some things up. This includes changing the names, terminology, etc. translations to those used in the translation patch, editing the strangely-worded text translated from the Japanese wiki above so it reads better, and fixing some formatting issues. There's only so much I can do about that last point, however, given that I don't have admin access and therefore can't change the site's CSS directly.

Also, I have ADHD, so it's possible that I might not finish fixing everything up; if you're reading this in the future and some things look inconsistent, that's probably why. Sorry! This game is good, though, so I'll try to do as much as I can.

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